CJSC "Computing Forces" Apps

WebMoney Keeper
WebMoney is now always with you!- Control the balance of your purses and cash flow- Issue invoices, send and receive WebMoney- Top up your card or bank account* with your purse and viceversa- Conveniently pay for telephone, Internet, utilities and many moreservices- Buy games, books and other digital products with just1-Click- Chat with friends in a secure chat- Share your photos, audio and other files* You will need to bind your Card or Bank Account on a specialwebsite
PLEASE mail your bug reports only [email protected] , do not post them to comments !We are unable to reply to comments or see you e-mail there to askmore questions.E-num (aka ENUM) is an up-to-date system of authenticationproviding high-level security. A secret access key is stored not onyour computer but on your mobile phone.- PLEASE NOTE!!! If you are getting wrong responses (or emptyresponse) or your PIN is not be accepted anymore - uninstall andreinstall the application and activate it again.Made for WebMoney users!