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InstaSquare:size for instagram 3.6
Instasquare: the best app for post full square size photo with nocrop on Instagram.Instasquare have size、collage function, withblur、shadow、gradient color effects; also it provide with twentyfilters、tens shots、hundred backgrounds、hundred photo collagetemplates。InstaSquare you deserver it!Features:- InstaSquare is a powerful size maker which we is aquick and easy way to share the square photo to social network.- Provide some effect for you include shadow blur and so on .Most of people love it!- Include all the background what you need.- Collage function record every moment of yours- Lots nice color and background patterns- 20+ fantastic filters for your size/no crop photos.- Round Corner/Drag & Drop / Zoom In & Zoom Out/Rotate- Easy to share on instagram、Facebook、twitter etc.InstaSquare is what you deserve for post fantastic size squareno crop or photo collage with beauty photos for your Instagram toget more like.Enjoy to use InstaSquare and have a nice day! Anything pleasecontact us, you are so welcome, our best friends!
Insta bokeh : blend camera 2.15
Bokeh,light:by using "Instabokeh",you can addthese beautiful effect for your photos.Insta bokeh : blend camera is a wonderful app that you canchoose your favorite bokeh and blend effect to your photo. Thereare four function for you: romantic sky / tender night / dreamworld / favorite text. All of them are amazing !!!How cool it is to share a photo with different bokeh&lighteffects!On Instagram, it helps you get more "like"!Features:★ camera with bokeh effect .★ Add different bokeh&light effects to your photo,and will keepupdate.★ Adjust the transparency to different bokeh&lighteffects.★ Drag & Drop / Rotate to different bokeh&lighteffects.★ Share photo on Instagram or other social network.Enjoy it and please contact us by mail: [email protected], if youhave suggestions or problems:)
Shape Insta Square Snap Pic 2.91
Shape Insta Square Snap Pic is amazing photoeditor for Shape Photo, Insta Square, Pic Collage , Shape Snap Pic,photo art for Instagram.Shape Insta Square Snap Pic let you cut out your photos withdifferent shapes so that you can share them on social network.youcan feel how cool it is to share a pic with shape.on Instagram, ithelps you get more "like".Shape Insta Square Snap Pic can help you snap text with shapeeffects, show artist to Instagram friends and fans.Shape Insta Square Snap Pic can quick Insta square you photowith no crop, with blur and patterns background, one Tap share toInstagram.Shape Insta Square Snap Pic can do collage photos, to record andshare moments for instagram and facebook.Features:~ Shape Insta Square Snap Pic with shape and frame shape~ Frame shape is a shape collage effects for pic collage~ Add different shapes to cut out your photos and make adifferent design,like circle, triangle, hexagon, rectangle,heart,cross, drop, rhombus and many more shapes.we have over 20 kinds ofshapes,and will keep update.~ frame shape will provide some effect with shape for yourphoto.~ Shape Insta Square Snap Pic collage module can do 1-9 photocollage~ Shape Insta Square Snap Pic square module can quick instasquare for~ choose the backgrounds and colors for your photos.~ 30+ filters for your photos.~ Drag & Drop / Zoom In & Zoom Out /Rotate /RoundCorner.~ Share photo on Instagram or other social network.Enjoy it and please contact us by mail: [email protected],if you have suggestions or problems:)