Cardinal Blue Software Apps

Selfie Grid 1.4.17
You can cake the selfies quickly in grids andeasily retake the previous shot. Make selfies and share the funwith friends and families :)This time, the creator of the popular photo app PicCollagebrings you the most instant selfie camera in the world! Selfie Gridallows you to take several selfies all at once and share it withyour friends right away.Selfie Grid allows you to take selfies in grids, and share themto Facebook, Instagram, or other social network. Easy and fastfeatures:* Choose girds - from 2*2 up to 6*6* Retake selfie in the previous grid just by tapping the backarrow* Switch front/back camera* Share to Facebook, Instagram or other appsTry it out NOW!
Kaleidoscopic 1.2.1
From the creator of the popular photo appPicCollage, Kaleidoscopic allows you to create your own patternsusing your device camera (front and back so you can makekaleidoscopic selfies too!) and share them to PicCollage, Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram instantly!Just point-and-shoot your camera at any object (includingyourself or your friends) and take a snapshot of it as akaleidoscopic image. Create amazing patterns, colors and art justby pointing your camera around the room. Also, try out differentkaleidoscopic filters just by a simple shake of your phone.Discover a new way to observe the world and share it, make ityour own wallpaper, or set it as your background in PicCollage.Experience a brand new form of photography with thisuser-friendly photo-capture app!
Picard 0.0.7
Share a card to your friends and families andwish them Happy Birthday. We've got it ready for you!From the makers of Pic Collage, here comes Picard, an app thatlets you make your photos awesome with instant templates! Whetherfor birthday, Valentine’s day or everyday, there’s always atemplate for your occasion.Just simply choose a template, select photos and share toFacebook, Instagram, or send by Email.Features:* Various template styles for birthday, Valentine's day and NewYear.* Choose photos from camera roll, Facebook album, or Google backupphotos.* Preview the photos in different templates* Save the photo to Gallery, Share to Facebook, Instagram or Sendby Email.
Pic Search 0.0.5
From the creators of PicCollage, PicSearch isa visual browser that allows you to search for collages that havebeen tagged with stickers and images. Discover works of art andusers who have the same interests and styles as you.Tap on the "tag" icon at the bottom of a collage and choose thetag that you would like to see more of. PicSearch opens up a worldof visual expression through stickers and pictures by allowing youto search for things and images that you like just by tapping (notyping)!Explore the world of visual browsing with PicCollage's latestapp - PicSearch!
Here 0.2.3
HERE is the fastest and most fun and visualwayto remember your favorite places. Snap a photo, swipethroughlocation-based templates and geofilters, and share toyourInstagram and Snap Stories, Facebook and Messenger friends. Tapthemap to see your visual "footprints" as you explore thecity!Let people know that you are HERE.
Never Alone
Come create your own ideal couple photosbyyourself! Never Alone is a creative camera app that offerspossibleromantic situations could happen, including the popular“Kabe-Don”concept introduced from Japanese manga oranimation/anime. Withthis app, you can easily experience thespecial romance and createyour own love story with only a few tapsand a selfie. With thisapp, you are not lonely anymore.[All the fun in our main features]* select kabedon mode or feedme mode* choose the style of the hand you like* take a selfie with the imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend* share your customized couple photo to your friend!