Challenger Games Apps

Square Challenger 1.0
It allows people to strength their logic andreasoning cognition through a fun and challenging game. The markethas a growing demand for this kind of games because they can bepresented on a daily basis on their mobile phones. There are manygames on the market for logical reasoning cognition, but very fewoffer fun while exploring logic, persistence and reasoningcognition.The game contributes for the user to train their logical thinking,their ability to concentrate and enables the construction ofstrategy for problem solving, which are skills increasinglyrequired from professionals in the twenty-first century, regardlessof their area of expertise.
The Game of Colors 1.3.8
Game of Colors apresenta um mundo mágico,ondevocê testará seus conhecimentos sobre cores em inglês enquantosediverte. Pegue seus lápis de cor e seus pincéis, pois aaventuravai começar!Game of Colors presentsamagical world where you will test your knowledge of colorsinEnglish while having fun. Take your crayons and your brushes astheadventure begin!
Aventuras em Ecoland 1.6.0
Os aventureiros Planeco e Planeca seaventuramem uma missão ecológica para reciclar lixo. Corra tambémpelas ruasde Ecoland e se junte a eles.The Planeco andPlanecaadventurers venture into an ecological mission to recyclewaste.Run also by Ecoland streets and join them.