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Blipfoto for Muzei 0.1
A Blipfoto extension for Muzei.Install muzei : http://get.muzei.coDisplay Top rated photos from the awesome blipfoto ( on yourwallpaper.Thanks to +Roman Nurik for Muzei : an awesome , extremly welldesigned and easily extensible app!
Tweetr+ for Twitter 1.74
Tweetr + offers a richer experience oftwitter, providing a unique user experience allowing you to seelivetweets from your favorite city or neighborhood , yourfavoritehashtags and users and lets you save tweets into yourowncategories and lists.No need to search for the same hashtag or tweets from alocationeach time anymore, add your preferences to a watchlist onceandeverything will be displayed in your custom timeline.Features :Follow hashtags , users or locations ( cities ... ) and haveacustom timeline composed ofyour watchlist.Timeline personalized with your interests ( hashtags ,locations,users .... )Saved tweets organized into categories.View lists of tweets by category.Make a voice tweet with voice recognition.Translate your tweet to another language.View images in the application.Receive notifications for your watchlist.View the profile of a user.View profiles, followers, subscribers.
Tweetr+ PRO for Twitter 1.78
Cheikhna Mouna
Tweetr+ PRO offers a richer experienceoftwitter , packed with some awesome features :- High resolution user profile images- High resolution and pre-processed images to show themostimportant part of images inline on your timeline (using aspecialserver just for that).- Push notification (No more battery draining twitterclient!)- Fastest timeline and smooth scrolling experience- Adding watchlists of hashtags , places or users- Custom timeline that you tailor and edit according toyourtaste- Multi-recipients Direct messages- Autocompletion of mentions- Favorite, retweet, quote, save tweets from anywhere- Save tweets using labels and read them later (offline oronline)in your twitter client- Save categories of tweets, add locations , users, hashtagsaswatchlists, attach photos/videos.And much more.....Enjoy !!Tweetr + PRO Offersaricher experience of twitter, packed with awesomeSomefeatures: - High resolution user profile pictures - High resolution and pre-processed image to show theMOSTsignificant share of inline images on your timeline (usingaspecial server just for that). - Push notification (No more battery drainingtwittercustomer!) - Fastest timeline and smooth scrolling experience - Adding watchlists of hashtags, squares or users - Custom timeline That You According To tailor and edityourtaste - Multi-recipients Direct messages - Autocompletion of entries - Favorite, retweet, quote, save tweets from anywhere - Save tweets using labels and read 'em later (offlineoronline) in your customer twitter - Save categories of tweets, add rentals, users, hashtagshavewatchlists, attach photos / videos. And much more ..... Enjoy !!