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Chessify - Scan, Analyze, Play 2.97
Key features👉 Scan chessboard from printed or digital sources👉 Local Analysis (Stockfish 8, Komodo)👉 Cloud Analysis at 25,000 kN/s (free)👉 Top games live streaming with powerful analysis👉 Play vs Computer from the initial scanned position👉 Search the given position in 6M positions DB👉 Chess clockChessify is a must-have tool for chess lovers. It allows toscan and digitize chess diagrams from books, journals, pdf files,or other sources at 99% recognition efficiency, which makes itsscanner the best chess OCR tool (optical character recognition) inthe market.The app also allows the users to analyze the digitized positionseither locally or on cloud servers for free. The strongest chessengines are used for analysis, such as Stockfish 8. Thecloud Stockfish engine can be used for free at about 25.000 kN/sspeed for 10 seconds.If you want to play or analyze interesting chess positions andpuzzles, Chessify is a perfect and free app for you.Notably, you can also save the needed positions (FEN) in the app’sstorage and share them with other chess applications.