Chimoru Apps

Keep Floating 2.1
Globly is an experiment designed toKeepFloating. Help him by tapping left and right on the screen sohecan eat bubbles and consume more air to stay afloat. Yourscorekeeps going up as long as you Keep Floating!WARNING: This game is extremely addictive, so be prepared toplayit for a long time.-Beautiful graphics-Randomly generated gameplay-Bubbles to collect-Cool power ups-And much more!
Picnic Attack 2.1
You thought a peaceful picnic on thebeachwould be nice. You thought wrong!Use a colorful beachball to defend your picnic from hordesofseagulls. Bat the seagulls away by dragging the ball aroundthescreen with true-to-life physics and fun graphics. Watch outforcrabs looking to pop your beach ball!See how your picnic protection skills stack up againstotherplayers in GameCircle!.
Crystal Collector 1.1
You're an astronaut on a mission: You willbedeployed in an asteroid field to retrieve precious energycrystals.Use your jetpack to get back to the ship after you'vecollected allthe crystals. But be careful, if you drift too far offthe radaryou'll be lost in deep space!