City Gold Hunt Apps

CityGoldHunt 1.3.5
The first real live treasure hunting contestis now available on your phone. Compete against people in your cityto find the gold coin we’ve secretly hidden somewhere nearby usingthe clues provided. It’s simple. If you find the coin before anyoneelse, you win a prize*.Visit our Facebook page for the latest scheduled treasure hunts- does it work?* You can download the app and enter the contest for free* The app detects your location and displays the nearest scheduledtreasure hunt* You join the treasure hunt and wait for it to start. We’ll notifyyou when it does.* Everyone who has joined the hunt will receive the first clueimmediately* You must use the clues to help search for the hidden coin locatedsomewhere in your city.* Each clue is timed for 60 minutes. After 60 minutes is up, thenext clue is shown.* If you want to purchase in-app coins to speed the timer/clock andreceive the next clue faster, you can do so.* Whoever finds the hidden treasure (coin) first, wins the treasurehunt*.* The winner will receive a cash prize announced on Facebook beforeeach event* Everyone who was playing is notified through the app, and a newtreasure hunt is scheduled.For questions, comments or problems with the app email us [email protected] or send us a message on Facebook.*See Official Rules for details.