Claudio Mariano Carrrazana Apps

Guitar-Effects 1.4.8
Now is open source!Contribute: IMPORTANT: THIS APP NEEDS ANDROID 4.1+. Foroldversionsyoucan enter with Firefoxforandroidhere: (temporarydown)Guitar-Effects is a Digital Amp &PedalboardforWindows,Linux, Mac OS, Firefox OS and Android.Now you can carry your pedalboard everywhere. Pluginyourguitar(or bass), add the pedals you want and startplaying!Effects availables:Digitalizer,Bitcrusher,Flanger-Darkmouth,Flanger-Manhattan,Flanger-Classic,EQ-Low,EQ-Mid, EQ-High,EQ-Peak, Fuxx-Boz, Fuxx-Bit,AutoReverb,Fuzz,Overdrive,Overscream,Chorus-cassic,Chorus-supercharger,Delay-mono,Delay-Stereo,3-BandEQ,Reverb-classic,Reverb-catedral,Reverb-smallroom,Rinring,Convolver, Compressor,Limiter,The-Ripper,The-Bytter,Flanger-Silver, Flanger-Stereo&Sterefy.Tools availables: Analyser-Tuner&Recorder(Firefoxdesktoponly).Amplifiers & cabinets availables:Bassman,EQG,ModernGER,Vintage US, Vintage UK, Clean, Bass, Deep,StereoandAlien.More Effects, Amplifiers & Cabinets very soon.
InternetSpeed5 1.0.1
IS5 is a webapp that allows you to checkyourinternet speed & IP. IS5 is completely written in HTML5tobetter support mobile devices, but is also 100% compatiblewithyour desktop computer.Share result only in internetspeed5.comNotice: discretion is advised with the test results, the datamaynot be 100% reliable, we are working to improve them.
yourFeeder 1.0
Find out about what is happening in theworld.News every minute, from multiple sources.yourFeeder is an RSS news reader, divided intodifferentcategories.Available in English and Spanish.
inTouch 1.1
Get the best score touching only greenobjects.Do not touch any other, or you will lose time!Try it online in your browser now: soon available in Marketplace Firefox and ChromeStore...