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Strategy for League of Legends 4.3.2
This app provided the information about Leagueof Legends which includes- Match Record- Weekly Free Champion- Champions Information- Champions Skin- Champions Guide- Spotlight Video- Items Information- Spells- Jungle Timers- Masteries- RunesYou can know more about each champions and find match record fordifferent server, which are Korea, North America, Europe West,Europe Nordic & East, Oceania, Brazil, LAS, LAN, Russia, japanand Turkey.Supporting Language: 中文, English, 日本語, Italiano, Español, Deutsch,Português, Română, Czech, Greek, French, Vietnamese andTurkishWe are looking for translators. Please send a mail [email protected] for League of Legends isn’t endorsed by Riot Games anddoesn’t reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyoneofficially involved in producing or managing League of Legends.League of Legends and Riot Games are trademarks or registeredtrademarks of Riot Games, Inc. League of Legends © Riot Games,Inc.
白猫の協力 1.1.4
唯一的ANDROID APP,為白猫玩家尋找或交換協力碼的程式!為求快捷方便,簡單易用功能。具有快捷顯頁,讓你不用從程式間轉跳!找玩家:選取星數,輸入房間號碼,送出找房間:按重新整理式拉下清單,找出你想進入的房間號碼,回遊戲**按右上角選的【快捷顯示】能在遊戲內使用,不用出遊戲的喔~**按右上角選的【列表顯示】能選出你想要的星數協力碼~The onlyANDROID APP, for white players to work together to find or exchangeprogram code!For the sake of convenient, easy-to-use features. With a quickdisplay page, so you do not turn to jump from among program!Looking for players: Select the number of stars, enter the roomnumber, sendFind room: pull down the list according to rearrange the formula tofind the number you want to enter the room, back to the game* Press the top right corner of the selected display [shortcut]can be used in a game, not a game Oh ~* Press the top right corner of the selected display [list] canselect the number of stars you want third-party code ~