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Inspirational Quotes 1.0
Using Feels!, you can literally quote yourmind.You can choose from a variety of emotions from AGE, ANGER, etcto SUCCESS, SCIENCE, WAR, etc.Find the wise words of the most successful and the mostinfluential people in human history.- Martin Luther King's words may inspire you.- Buddha's words may liberate you.- Gandhi's words may make you wise.- Mark Twain's words may make you think.- Winston Churchill's words may hit you.Let people like these motivate you.!Choose from a great collection of famous and inspirationalquotes.Install, Enjoy and spread the energy using any of the socialnetworking apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google+, etc.
Virtual Guns 1.0
Great Gun Sounds with great Quality! Playwiththese awesome Virtual Guns for free!This app provides you with an arsenal of SIX different gunsofdifferent caliber.Are you fascinated by Guns?How could you not be!It is a rare invention whose EVOLUTION took over aCENTURY,whereas its ADAPTATION took just SECONDS!Fire away at your friends and scare the **** out of them.Have fun.Updates coming soon with FLASHBANGS, GRENADES and ofcourse,MOREGUNS!