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Status For Fb and Whatsup 1.0
This completely free app and you can useoffline and get new status and quotesThis app conatins large collection of new status and quotes with 15types of differnet categories.You can copy satus and quotes by clicking copy button, and you canset your fb and whatsup statusyou can share this with your friend to show what is running in yourmind
Floppy King 1.1
how to play?control floppy bird with one touch control, collect more coinsandavoid obstacles from enemyit has 100+ level with good graphic backgroundAnd make your best scores
BPMA Surat 1.3
BPMA (Bombay Market Punagam MedicalAssociation) is a medical organization which is found on 2008 insurat. and registered in govt. 2013Bombay Market Punagam Medical Association was formed in the year2008 with very few members . now in more then 350 doctors areconnected in this organisationBPMA Surat provide all information about doctors which isrelated to this organization.BPMA Surat Facilities:-BPMA Surat shows all Events , Sponsered and CME list.BPMA Surat allowed user to search all contacts information ofdoctors which are related to BPMA Surat.3.User can search doctor list as per criteria like doctor name ,degree ,etc.4.Users can see them profile and also can edit it like profilepictures , name , mob. no. ,etc.5.It's shows notification for each birthday and events which arerelated to BPMA Surat.6.If you forgot password than you can reset your passwordthrough adminCriteria\vision of organization\trust1) All kind of medical services & help to society, neededpeople and poor people.2) Arrangement of different kind of kemp, Awareness programs& presentation.3) Arrange CME, conference & lecture on latest news\researchin medical field.4) Helps in national or state level national programs & inmedical emergency in society.5) Entertainment & cultural activity for members.6) To prepare society for organ donation.7) To upgrade knowledge By CMEs Programmes8) Recreation programmes , entertainment & culturalactivities9) Various sports activities.10) Encouragement to students
Geometry Ultimate Runner 1.0.1
Are you ready for Ultimate challenge?Download this free game and have hours of fun!Can you win the game?Take the triangle out on the line and show everyone who is thebosshere!Jump trough the game. Use the your magic finger power and testyourskill. Get the high score and beat your friends. Go in totheultimate geometry and get till the end!Thousands of different obstacles, Thousand of crazychallenges,ultimate puzzles, hours of ultimate challenges
Jungle King Runner 1.0
Jungle king lion is running in jungle and youhave to save lion from enemy and obstacles coming on the way.It has unlimited level and you can set maximum your highscorekind can also enjoy this games.It is good experience and adventurous playing the jungle king rungameIt is easy to play and control. you just click on anywhere onscreen for jump lion and save lion from clashing