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Donut Slinger 1.0.0
Have you found your calling in life? If itinvolves driving a bright pink truck and throwing donuts atpassersby, you’re in luck. Meet our very first mobile game, DonutSlinger.You’ll follow the journey of a food truck driver destined tobring happiness to people all across the country by way of sugarand sprinkles. To play, all you have to do is sling donuts at yourcustomers. Simple enough, right?Each strategy-based level brings you to a different city withdifferent objectives, power ups, obstacles, and bosses unique tothe location. From the grey skies of Rochester, NY to the sandstorms of Phoenix, AZ, it’s up to you to give the people what theywant.The donuts are coming!Features3 Unique Levels (And More Coming Soon!)Each with their own objectives to conquer, power ups to achieve,and bosses to beat.- Rochester- Seattle- Phoenix3 Game-Play Modes- Arcade- Story- PracticeSocial Integration- Share high scores on Facebook- Interactive leaderboards
PictoBlanks 1.7.0
Create wacky sentences by translating wordsand emojis. Play PictoBlanks to impress others with yourcreativity. It’s family friendly and easy to learn!PictoBlanks features:Use hundreds of emojisPlay with your friends or random playersTwo ways to play PictoBlanks: Basic mode and Judge’s FavoriteCollect coins to win prizesFind emojis fast with our built-in emoji searchShare your completed games on FacebookWarning: PictoBlanks may cause uncontrollable smiles which, if leftuntreated, will turn your face into an emoji.Connect with us:Facebook: