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3-Minute Composition musicLine 2.5.1
musicLine has come out in Android atlast!musicLine is a dreamlike composition app that allows anybody toeasily create music within 3 minutes.Children to adults, beginners to professionals; let’s all composean original piece that only exists in the world!Nowadays, it is a time in which anybody can become acomposer.【Features in musicLine】▽More than 100 types of Instruments▽  You can use different kinds of instruments, such as familiar onesfrom the piano, guitar, trumpet, violin, to rare ones like themusic box, tremolo, ocarina, and bagpipes!▽A new way of Composing▽You can create songs as you wish in an easy way that was notpossible ever before, so You can create songs as you wish in aneasy way that was not possible ever before, so it can berecommended to beginners who do not have knowledge of composing! Itcan also be easily used by people who want to copy the notes thatthey are listening to, and moreover, it is created so thatprofessionals will be able to use it comfortably as well! Pleasetry it out▽ automatic creation of drum ▽For advanced users you can easily create automatically a drumpattern that matches the genre rock, metal , and punk , did not puta hand on the drum is reliable !▽Sharing is possible in one touch▽Music that you have created in musicLine can be sent to friendsimmediately from the menu! Let’s compose enjoyably, and widen thecircle of music with people around the world!【Introduction of Functions in musicLine】▽A List of functions for Composing★Change of Key (The tone of music)★Change of BPM (The tempo)★Change of Rhythm without changing the interval★Control of volume for each instrument★Replay of solo parts▽ composer Tools List★ Pen toolIt is possible to create a note by swiping touch screen .★ Smudge toolIt is possible to change the pitch of a note .★ Eraser toolIt is possible to turn off the notes .★ Selection toolIt is possible to copy , paste phrase .▽Functions nice for Beginners★ Scales shown on top of notesThe scale C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C is written on top of each keyboard andnotes, so you can understand quickly even if you cannot readscores! It is perfect for searching for pleasant scale patterns,and training one’s sense of pitch, so please use this for anintroduction to composition.★Level of CompositionIn musicLine, the level is set up for you to continue composing.Your level of composition will improve as you continue composing inmusicLine, and new instruments, drum patterns, and functions forprofessionals will be able to be used. Let’s always learn aboutcomposition pleasantly, and get better as a composer!▽Functions for Professionals◎These will be available when your composition levelprogresses.Creation of Harmony (A Chord)+We will continue renewing so that new functions will be availableaccording to levels. In this app, SlidingMenu, NewQuickAction,ViewBadger are included, which are distributed by the license ofAPACHE2.0. Please give us your opinion and requests.Any inconvenience and questions should be sent to thedeveloper.