Cryo Speed Industries Apps

Sensory Exchange 1.0
Sensory exchange is a game in a vibrant worldwhere everything plays music and everything flow. Here's the catch,things can only be seen and heard through a sonar type system.Waves of energy will constantly be flowing out from you, and whilethings are charged, they will play music and be visible, but thingsconstantly lose their energy. Enemies will stay active withoutenergy, but will still lose visibility.This game is trippy and beautiful. Built for virtual realitywith the oculus rift, the game was meant to immerse you in adifferent world with sights and sound unique from our own. Now theworld is in your hand, but when the rift comes, you will be init.The game controls like a typical platformer, if you have acontroller. If you do not have a controller, touching the left sideof the screen will create a virtual stick for moving where touched,and touching the right side of the screen will make a stick formoving the camera. There is also a jump button in the bottom rightcorner and a pause buttton in the bottom center.The goal is simple, gather all 14 points from two lands, butremember: the fun is in the journey, put on a good pair ofheadphones, jump through a portal and relax. There are no deathsand no lives, falling it getting hit just re spawns you at thebeginning.Push your phone to the limit with the help of this game. Do notlet the simple nature of the game fool you, it is very intensive onsmartphones. I built this on a tegra 3 powered HTC one X, and itstill lags in world two. This will push your phone to the limit andshow you just how powerful your phone really is. Although it runson nearly all PCs, even with alot more detail, this is more thanthe average smartphone can take.
Blown Away: I'm Touched 1.0
Blown Away: I'm Touched is a laid back arcadegame with cutting edge graphics. Push around enemies by touchingthe screen, almost as if you finger was a mighty downdraft orhairdryer. Keep you blob safe from the spike, star, and glowenemies. Can you beat the built in high scores? Shaking the devicewill bring up the settings.Here at CryoSpeed industries, we beleive the music is almost asimportant as the graphics. This game, as all of our games do, hasincredible music. The music in this game is composed by renownedmusical artist Kevin Macleod of Away has the realistic physics and highly dynamic graphicsfor the pickiest of gamers. This game hits all the same standardscryospeed industries set with all of it's other games, such astunnel rush. Try us today, we are free ater all, and only take 15mega bites(MB), a ridiculously small amount of memory.
Syncing Shifts 1.3
Syncing Shifts is a slow paced gravitybendingarcade game. Tilt the world by tilting your phone. Tilt theboxesinto the the point spheres to get points and boxes, but avoidtheevil triangles that will destroy your boxes. The more boxesyouhave when you hit a point sphere, the more points you get. Themorepoints you get, the better medal you receive, from flamingbronzeto Cryo-Plat, how high can you get?Features 6 levels with 6 different layouts, themes,andsoundtracks. Some Levels are even dynamic("I love level 6").It's free, and worth it. It is worth the 48 Mb size.Syncing Shifts has high quality music from renownedmusicalartist Kevin Macleod from This free gamehas highquality visuals and sound throughout the entire product.AlthoughCryoSpeed industries is known for fast paced, frantic,arcadegameplay, this entry takes a step back and pauses to let youthinkand plan, but the game still contains a very arcade likefeel.Syncing shifts requires precision in movement and carefulplanningto keep as many boxes alive as possible.Syncing Shifts is CryoSpeed industries lowest entry levelgame,but it maintains CryoSpeeds high level of standards.#If the game's physics slow down your phone, turn down theCPUsetting and try again. You can always change the settingsbytouching the screen mid game.
Space Graphs 1.0
Ever wanted to graph parametric orsurfaceequations, but could not do it on your old calculator? wellnow youcan. Space graphs is a graphing utility for your androiddevice.This app can be used on any android with open gl es 2 and amouseor touch screen. Even some limited gamepad support isavailable.Unlike some programs that let you choose a position thenitrenders the graph for this point, this generates a model ofthegraph and allows you to move around it freely.This program also supports nearly any type of 3d you canthinkof, cross eyed, side by side, vertical split,and four variantsofinterlaced. This supports 3d using conventional controls onoffsetconvergence and field of view, but also offers a morephysicallyaccurate alternative.The coordinate system can be change, so z can be up, orforward,and any other combination you can think of.To actually put in the equations, this program uses a typeofpolish notation. For example, the surface equation, z = x *y +x^2,would be entered as +(*(x y) x2). All functions can haveacoeficient before them and a power afterward. Thefunctionscurrently supported are sin(), cos(), ln(), e(), +(), and*(). todo division, simply enter *(f() g()-1), where f and garefunctions, as in *(x y-1).Here are a few more examples:a parametric{x= 0.1x-1y=*(x cos(x))z=x2}a surface{z = +(*(x sin(y)) *(y sin(x)))}the limits of range can also have functions put into them,butonly with constant coefficients and in a more traditionalfashion.These are less stable, i would not try anything more thansomeadditions and maybe a pi or e. The number of steps indicatehowmuch to generate, generally more parametric segments canbegenerated than surfaces, and the steps should generally beleftbellow one thousand.To handle the curving and lighting, each of these functionsdotake derivatives. I am happy to give the source code to anyonewhoasks for them.To move, there are controls on the left side, the speedandsensitivity is exponential.You may enter the derivative of any function at any time toseehow it behaves.This app may misbehave if it is told to render a null set.This app implements multithreading to give a smootherexperiencewhile graphs load and are replaced.To function, this program uses several derivatives and highlevelcalculus functions, if anyone wants the source code, or adesktopversion, just email me. I am happy to give away all mymathlibraries to anyone who wants them.Note: although this will run on nearly anything, largerfasterdevices have a huge advantage.You have full field of view control, there is nomoreoptimization I can perform, it is optimized for tablets.
Tunnel Rush 2
Tunnel Rush is Cryo Speed IndustriesfirstGame. Tunnel Rush is frantic, fast paced, adrenalinefueled,avoidance arcade game with beautiful graphics and aweinspiringmusic. Because of it's simple, precise tilt controls, thegame isintuitive and smooth to play. Simply move up, down, left andrightto avoid obstacles as you move through the tunnel, but don'tbefooled, this game is difficult. Each stage you survive, youspeedup. How far can you make it? Every part of the gamefeaturesstunning lighting and rendering effects, even the menus.Justchoose a level hold the phone flat with the screen facingstraightup and tilt to play. To pause, just tap the screen, itdoesn't getany simpler!!The Game features four different levels, or worlds, withfourunique themes and aesthetics.Note (This Game may be fun addicting, and catchy. You mayfindyourself humming the tune to yourself as you lie in bed atnight.If this happens please keep playing until the a therapistwill takeyou seriously.)Oh, and this game uses gravity, gyroscope and accelerometersalot, if that's what you wanted.