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Bass Booster PRO - Music EQ
FULL VERSION - Bass Booster Pro will amplifyyour bass at a maximum and provide you with a better quality soundwherever you are! Just turn on your music player and open BassBooster Pro. Click on the “speakers” icon and adjust the bass levelas you like. You immediately get a clearer and stronger bass sound.Moreover, with the Pro version, you can customize your musiclistening experience even more thanks to two sound effects:• a virtualizer to give you an audio live concert feeling in justone clic.• and an equalizer to adjust bass and trebles frequencies of allyour favorite songs.Click on the icon, control and enjoy! In order to have an optimizedmusic listening experience, use headphones or externalspeakers.You can also change the color of your Bassbooster :- galactic blue, on fire, army... choose the color that matchesyour style!- create you own color thanks to the special customizationtool!Tester reviews:- “I was skeptical at first, but when I hit on the speakers, Ireally heard the difference. This bass amplifier rocks!"- "Wow, love it! I can emphasize either bass or treble sounds withthe equalizer or just use the bass boost slider to amplify bassvolume easily."Features:✓ a Bass Booster: click on the speakers icon to boost your bassvolume at a maximum and enhance the quality of your sound✓ the Dooper Virtualizer: Dooper will transform your sound givingit more depth and echo and make you feel like you’re at aconcert.✓ the Wave Equalizer: Play with your music frequencies thanks tothis equalizer. Adjust both bass and trebles as you like and enjoya customized music listening experience.✓ App customization: change the background color of your app as youplease✓ A very simple and intuitive interface for powerfulsensations.✓ Media volume control✓ Widget available for the three effects (bass boost, virtualizerand equalizer)✓ Can run in backgroundBass Booster - Music Equalizer - Sound Volume BoostMore Bass, More Sensations1GB RAM minimum recommendedContact: [email protected] are not responsible for anything that might happen to yourphone, your audio device or yourself! Do not listen at full soundvolume or with bass boost for too long. This app can damage yourdevices or hearing. Use it wisely!This software is provided by the copyright holders and contributors"as is" and any express or implied warranties, including, but notlimited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitnessfor a particular purpose are disclaimed. In no event shall thecopyright owner or contributors be liable for any direct, indirect,incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages arising inany way out of the use of this software, even if advised of thepossibility of such damage.When downloading this app, you agree that we decline anyresponsibility as regards as the consequences arising of the use ofthis software.
Equalizer + Pro (Music Player)
Discover Equalizer + Pro, the premium versionof the new standard music player, Equalizer +! A must have tolisten to your music!The premium version natively includes:-BASS BOOST: to boost the volume of your bass like neverbefore!- VISUALIZER: watch your sound spectrum move. You can choose amonga great choice of audio wave shapes.- “DJ MODE”: to ensure a smooth string of music-‘SAVE’ option to record your customized frequency presets-Possibility to edit and/or delete your presetsGeneral characteristics:- 5 bands equalizer (from low bass to highs to enhance the qualityof your songs)- Audio player (directly available in the app)- Unlimited access to your native music library (you can order yoursongs by album / songs / artist or playlist)- Background play mode (to keep playing your songs while youconsult other apps or while your device is in stand-by mode)- Contextual Music search available by songs, album, artists andplaylist- 8 equalizer presets based on different music genres- Double-clic option to quickly and easily reset the volume of thefrequency filters of your songs- Visible music progress bar for an easy navigation within thesongs you're listening to- Possibility to add songs to the queue- 'Repeat' function to keep listening to your songs over and overagain (3-status button: repeat one song, repeat a whole playlist,no repetition)- 'Shuffle' function: plays your songs in a random order- Media Bass volume control- Vintage and refined design- Professional sound rendering- Simple and friendly user interfaceBoost and improve your sound quality thanks to Equalizer+ Pro!Equalizer + Pro is both a music track player and a frequencyequalizer. Access your own music library directly from the app. Setthe frequencies you like for your songs and save your presets.Equalizer + Pro enables you to control 5 different bandfrequencies. Adjust each filter to bring out the best in yourmusic. More to the mow frequency filters, you’ll have thepossibility to amplify even more your bass sounds thanks to theBass Booster option.Rediscover your music thanks to the new equalizer app! Plug in yourheadphones or turn your speakers on, and listen to your songs as ifyou were in a studio. Enjoy volume at its best! There’s nothinglike a good equalizer to boost your parties or just boost yourmusic listening experience.The available presets are:- Acoustic- Classical- Dance- Electro- Flat- Hip-Hop- Jazz- Pop- R&B- Rock1GB RAM minimum recommendedContact : [email protected]:
EQ PRO Music Player Equalizer 1.0.4
Perfect your music listening experience withEQ PRO - the universal sound equalizer app. The app is compatiblewith all your favorite music players: Spotify, Play Music amongothers.... Designed for music enthusiasts, this equalizer app willhelp you improve your listening experience by letting you changethe sound level settings of your phone or tablet’s sound output. EQPRO is equiped with a five-band Equalizer shaped in a curve for asmoother use. In option, you can unlock a list of default presets,based on different Music Styles. You'll also be able to create andsave your own presets. Last but not least, the Bass Booster optionwill enable you to bassboost your sound. EQ PRO lets you adjustsound effect levels, so that you get the best out of your MusicPlayer or mp3 Audio Player. What's more, you can change the colorof your EQ PRO and customize your equalizer app as you like!EQ PRO's sober design and smart ergonomics makes it easy anddelightful to use.Note: We recommend to use your EQ PRO app with headphones orspeakers.Tester reviews:- Love EQ PRO! This equalizer app is awesome with special mentionfor the bassboost!- A life-saver and so simple to use! I just plug in headphones,turn any music player on, and I can customize the sound as Ilike!General characteristics:- 5 band Equalizer to play with low pitch and trebles- Universal music player remote control: listen to music from yourfavorite mp3 player and adjust the sound to your expectations- compatible with all your favorite music players: Deezer, RocketPlayer, etc....- you can play/pause or go the next/previous song directly from EQPRO- the EQ PRO is shaped in a curve to simplify the use of theapp- indication of the sound intensity while playing with the EQPRO- a sober and flat design- a simple and friendly user interface- Preset: 9 equalizer presets based on different music genres“SAVE” option to store your customized frequency presetsPossibility to edit and/or delete your presets- Bass Booster to amplify the volume of your bass at amaximum- EQ app customization: Change the background color of your app asyou please.1GB RAM minimum recommendedPlease mail us your questions / feedback at:[email protected] you enjoy our equalizer app EQ PRO, please leave a review inthe Play Store. It really helps keep support and maintenanceup!
edjing London 1.2.2
Having won over more than 30 million usersworldwide, the world's #1 DJ app that transforms your device intoreal DJ vinyl turntables finally releases its new version: edjing5!Create amazing FREE mixes in just a few seconds and liven upyour parties, wherever you are.- Voted 'Best App of the Year' on the Google Play Store, for twoyears in a row (2014, 2013)- Labelled ‘Top Developer’ by the Google staff‘edjing brings together in a neat and beautiful interface allthe essential DJ tools you need for creating mixes on the go’­YAHOO NEWS'The only application to offer real time sound processing, edjingshows you how it feels to be a real DJ.' GQWITH EDJING DJ MIXER, THE DJ IS YOU!With edjing you can benefit for free from the most comprehensivemusic library on the market. Mix your own MP3 but also:- SoundCloud music library: browse your entire SoundCloud libraryand select the song you want among millions of tracks.- Vimeo access: import songs from Vimeo directly on the mixer andlet your imagination run free!- Deezer catalogue: remix more than 30 million songs thanks to adirect access to your Deezer library (for Premium Plus Membersonly).Mix and scratch instantly thanks to edjing's console and itspalette of over 20 DJ effects and functions.Then, share your favorite remix!EDJING 5 HAS FINALLY ARRIVEDWith the new edjing 5 audio system, the result of five years ofR&D, you can benefit for free from the best sound renditionever developed for Android.This revolutionary technology enables you to scratch and mixlike a pro on vinyl turntables, giving you access to:Many new DJ features in a single mixer:- advanced BPM adjustment using the 'Tap BPM' function with beatssynchronization‐ automated audio effects sync on the beats of your songs (Loop,Cue, Seek..)‐ new FX: Roll and Roll Filter‐ a 'Slip' mode that can be activated for Loops and Scratch‐ sound effects can now be adjusted manually‐ option of adjusting the crossfader curveSmart vinyl turntablesIntelligent and unlimited access to any music title:- Browse all the folders located on your device‐ sort your pieces using BPM- metadata edition to modify the data of your songs directly viathe app- Create multisource playlists with all your favorite songs(Deezer, Soundcloud, local, vimeo...)Better mix control with a new user‐friendly mixerinterface:‐ a revised interface for managing your DJ FX, with faster accessto your favorites ones directly from your turntables‐ new, dynamic spectrums‐ a new BPM edition menuAnd also:- automated and precise BPM detection for your songs‐ continuous Sync‐ a wide audio spectrum for optimized beats detection‐ pro audio FX: Flanger, Echo, Loop, Hot Cues, Equalizer‐ ultra precise scratch on vinyl‐ HD recording of your mixes in .wav format‐ share your mixes on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsAppLET EDJING MIX MUSIC FOR YOU WITH AUTOMIX- 'Automix' mode to let the app run your sets for you- automatic sync of the played tracks during the Automix- 'Queue' function: to prepare the next song of your remix inadvance- Possibility to use Automix with your own mp3 as well as vimeo,SoundCloud or Deezer tracks.MORE DJ EFFECTS?You can also improve your audio effects collection by purchasingnew effects in our Store:‐ audio FX: Steel, Gate, Filter, Phaser, Bliss, Reverb‐ rhythmic FX: Beatgrid, Roll, Roll Filter, Double Flipping‐ customized skins for your turntables: Gold, Metal, Neon, Ghetto,Diamond‐ 'Pre‐cueing' function for perfect transitionsABOUT EDJING 5To keep up-to-date on our latest news, follow us : or queries about edjing?Please contact our support team now: [email protected]
Equalizer + Marshall Edition 0.1.5
Equalizer+ for Marshall: Music Player, MusicEqualizer and Bass Booster!(please note that this app only works with Marshall LondonPhone)Equalizer+ for Marshall is the most complete music playerenabling you to adjust your sound tracks with a five-band equalizerand enjoy a powerful bass amplifier! Access your music librarydirectly from the app. Adjust the global EQ to get the best out ofyour music. Get even more bass performance thanks to the BassBooster option.Features:- Supports Marshall London 'Global' EQ - the same EQ for all yourlocal music and supported streams!- 5-band equalizer- Audio player (directly available in the app)- Unlimited access to your native music library (you can order yoursongs by album / songs / artist or playlists)- Background play mode (to keep playing your songs while usingother apps or while in stand-by mode)- Contextual Music search available by songs, album, artists andplaylists- 10 equalizer presets based on music genres (acoustic, classical,dance, electro, flat, hip-hop, jazz, pop, R&B, rock)- Edit and/or delete your own presets- Visible music progress bar for an easy navigation within thesongs you're listening to- 'Repeat' function to keep listening to your songs over and overagain (3-status button: repeat 1 song, repeat a whole playlist, norepetition)- 'Shuffle' function to play your songs in a random order- Add to queue feature- Get loud with BASS BOOSTER: to boost the volume of your bass likenever before!- VISUALIZER: watch your sound.- Record your customized presets with SAVE option
Karaoke games: sing and record 2.1.4
INTRODUCTORY OFFER: unlimited VIP accessgranted for 7 days!Discover Yousing, THE new free musical collaboration app that givesyou access to more than 25 000 karaoke songs and their lyrics torecord your performances and become an idol!Sing in solo, duet, or group with the singers of the Yousing appcommunity!"Perfect your voice with vocal effects, and adjust the songs'instrumental to your taste: guitar, piano, drum...endlesspossibilities!Make friends, and share your passion for karaoke all over theworld!"+25 000 FREE KARAOKE SONGS WITH LYRICSEnjoy an unlimited access to our catalogue of thousands hits,singing has never been that simple! Simply select the song of yourchoice from the musical styles tabs or directly use the searchfeature to find your favorite track among our +25 000 songs.Rap, pop, rock, dance, 80s...and way more! Access the best songs ofall time and record your best performances!Come sing all our hits!SING LIKE A STARLike in a real studio, make musical arrangements during your recordor afterwards to enhance your voice, and perfect yourperformance.Chorus, reverb, echo, distortion, megaphone, studio, and vibrato: awide range of free vocal effects that you can customize dependingon your singing style, and accessible in a click in yourstudio.In addition to the lyrics, if you need help with the musicality,the vocal guide will help you master the song and lyrics.What's more, you can adjust the instrumental of the songs to yourtaste and choose the instruments that match your style!Yousing offers you a perfect audio quality to record all yourperformances, emphasize your voice and truly enjoy your karaokeexperience!SHARE YOUR PASSIONYousing let's you make friends with singers from all over theworld:Share your best performances with the community, get followers andbe discovered!Follow your friends and comment their performances, support yourfavorite singers, find new talent, get noticed...Join the Yousing community and gather round thousands of passionatesingers like you!Now it's time to hear your voice, let's get singing! Game on!SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATIONThe Yousing app game offers a VIP access, that unlocks unlimitedaccess to sing the entire catalogue and fonctionnalities of theapp. And the free trial offers you the first week!1. Payment will be charged to your Google Play account uponconfirmation of the purchase.2. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew isturned off before the end of the current period.3. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renew bygoing to your Account Settings after purchase.4. Subscriptions are non-refundable and may not be cancelled duringan active subscription period.MORE ABOUT YOUSINGFollow us on: or songs suggestions? Please contact our support Team [email protected]
Mixfader SDK Sample 1.0.0
The MixFader SDK is now publicly available.Itis fully documented and usable without restriction.AVAILABILITYCheck it out on GitHub! Happy coding !PERMISSIONSIn order for MixFader SDK Sample to be able to detect and connecttoyour Mixfader, the app needs permission to activate yourBluetooth,and access your location for APIs > 23. This isrequired by theAndroid Bluetooth System.Be sure that we do not actually use your location, we just needitactivated to locate Mixfader around you.Want to know more about us? Follow Mixfader on:- website: Facebook: Instagram: us at [email protected] if you want to getinvolved,have questions or want to chat.