David Khoo Apps

Emoji 2048 1.0
David Khoo
Emoji 2048 is the simple 2048 game, butinsteadof boring numbers, it has different Emoji pictures. A gamethat willbring a smile to your face, once you achieve a certainlevel.Simple, nice cute emoji pictures make the game moreinterestingand fun than just plain numbers. Enjoy hours of funswith thisaddictive game. Change your mood while playing the game.Changefrom angry to smiling mood. Enjoy the game and treasure thecompanyof people around you.Play Emoji 2048 and feel relief from stress. Bring thesmileback.
Merry Christmas 1.0
David Khoo
Merry Christmas. Enjoy this Christmas withtheextremely simple yet addictive game - Merry Christmas.Fun features:1.Simple without having to crack your mind.2.Stationery, unlike Pokemon Go, that requires you to movetodifferent area.3.Suitable for young children. Complexity grows with levels.4.Also comes with Frame features, so your can capture yourpreciousmoments with gorgeous ready made frames, and impressyourfriends.Design concepts:We focus on Simplicity;We focus on Analytic building;We focus on bringing fun contents to our young audience;About Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas is a two apps in one. It is a game app,extremelysimple yet engaging.it is also a Frame apps, allowing you to capture thosespecialmoments with 50 beautifuly designed frames to suit thisholidayseasons.Have a Merry Christmas with the Merry Christmas apps.
Christmas2048 1.0
David Khoo
Enjoy your favourite 2048 with achristmastwist. Celebrate Christmas with the new Christmas2048.This simple and yet addictive game is a classic. TheChristmastwist, give it a fresh new look, instead of boringnumbers.Play Christmas 2048 - Also included is the Memory Game,andChristmas Jackpot.Enjoy Christmas 2048.