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Aoba Jisho 夏祭り
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Aoba Jisho is a Japanese-English dictionaryWord Dictionary• Over 169,000 entries• Option to display kanji contained in words• Extra information included: part-of-speech, dialect, antonym,related word, JLPT level, field• Alternate spellings grouped into main entry• Option to deconjugate verbs (行きました to 行く)Kanji Dictionary• Over 12,000 entries• Stroke, grade, JLPT, SKIP, and Four Corner information availablefor all entries• Colored stroke order diagrams for over 6000 kanjiExample Dictionary• Over 70,000 entries• Terms highlighted in multiple colors for ease of viewing• All words in example sentences are displayed in listAdvanced Search• Specify multiple fields at once, to refine queries.• Separate multiple text entries with a comma or spaceLists• Create personal lists, and combine any number of word, kanji, andexample entries into the same list. Lists are separated by entrytype, for easy browsing.Other• Kanji Lookup:• Find a kanji by its core components. Results sorted by strokecount.• Find a kanji by its SKIP code. See:• Results sorted by frequency• History is automatically tracked, and user-deletable• Kana tables, with colored stroke diagramsThere are no ads, data collection, or other bad things that makekittens sad.
Aoba 2.2
Dennis Bovell
Aoba is a Japanese - Englishdictionary.FeaturesRegular, Kanji, Example, and Name dictionaries.More than 170,000 regular, 13,000 kanji, 60,000 example, and460,000 name entries.Definitions for main entries also available in German.Colored stroke order diagrams for over 6000 kanji.Personal lists. Kanji lookup tool. Kana tables.Material design. Multiple themes to choose from.QueriesUse commas to separate phrases within a single query. Use anasterisk or question mark for greedy or lazy wildcards.Japanese verbs and adjectives are automatically de-conjugated(忙しかった → 忙しい)Kanji within a query will automatically be singled out and allsearched for at once in the kanji dictionary. Stroke order diagramsare available for over 6000 kanji. View them by tapping the kanjiitself in the entry viewer.Searching via romaji is also supported. Please use one-to-one (orwapuro) style.ParserAoba can attempt to parse any Japanese text. The reader will insertfurigana over every word in the text. Color-coding by part ofspeech is also available, and can be turned on/off at will.Each term in the text is also queried for in the regulardictionary, and can be easily accessed from the reader.ListsLists may contain all dictionary elements in a single list. Thereare no limits to the number of lists or entries per list.You can sign in via your Google account, and backup or restore anylists. More functionality regarding lists coming in thefuture.NotesAoba requires internet permissions in order to download thedatabase.Aoba's database requires approximately 100MB beyond that of theinitial download.Aoba collects basic analytic data, but absolutely no otherinformation.