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Fury Saw: Bloody Butcher 1.0
Only yesterday he was an ordinary pork. He enjoyed life,didn’tcommit any foolishness, and did not suspect that he wouldmeet witha cruelty butcher. But today the fate has prepared reallyhard andpain test for him! Will the pork deception cruelty butcher,andsave his guts from the downfall on the grill? Will he breakdowntheshackles, and survive the pit of saws and deadly traps? Orsomeonefor lunch will eate a juicy steak or bacon? All this youwill findout in a game - Fury Saw: Bloody Butcher!This game is not for boy, only for real man:1) We challenge you – can you survive in this bloody hell?2) The endless downfall and dangerous traps3) Save the pig from the terrible fate of becoming a dinner.