Digital Fluency, Inc Apps

Inception Button 1.2.1
Play the cool horn noise to add intensity toany activity. Simply tap the screen to hear the horn.
NFC Wallet 1.1.1
Quickly store and retrieve URLs for sendingover NFC. Add your personal URLs or business websites, and then tapyour phone with another NFC-capable device to quickly send websitesusing NFC.This app requires NFC capabilities!Coming soon: Contact / file sending
OpenGL Frame Rate Test 1.0
Use a simple OpenGL mesh and lines to identifyand test the graphics capabilities of your device. Every 300 framesthe application reports the FPS (frames per second) of therendering.
MineMapi Minecraft Map 1.3.1
See the map from our semi-public Minecraftserver. This map is updated regularly with the things that we arebuilding, and the world that we find as we continue to explore.Coming soon: map autobuilder integration
HexSLayer - Territory Control 1.0.19
HexSLayer is a territory control game wheretheplayer's goal is to take control of the entire map.You start as the green player. Each turn, each hex you controlonthe map gives you 1 gold and stores it in the local village. For10gold, you can click on a region you control and purchase avillagerby dragging and dropping from the shop in the lower righthandcorner. Villagers can only be placed in squares within, oradjacentto a consecutive region.Upgrade your villagers by dragging another villager on top ofanexisting villager. Villages upgrade into Wizards, WizardstoSwordsmen, and Swordsmen to Knights. Be careful, as upgradingyourunits increases the upkeep in the region.In order to attack a hex, or any adjacent square such asavillage, you need to have a unit of 1 level higher. Wizardscankill villagers or villages, knights can kill wizards, etc.Avillager cannot attack a square containing or protected byanothervillager.
OccamScan - Save on Groceries 0.10.291
OccamScan was built to save you money.Follow a simple three step process and instantly compareyourfavorite stores.1. Scan Receipts2. Learn about your own buying habits and options3. Save money!We will make comparisons from your purchases to those ofothers,and let you know when we find comparable items, and thepricedifferences between them. This information will you to makebetterdecisions.Currently OccamScan only supports English receipts fromUS-basedstores!