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HipHop Flapy 1.3
HipHop Flapy, A Challenge game !Fly through the sky as bird while avoiding any obstacles, he mayfind on the way.You will find here many obstacles like pipes and enemy birds.Spread wings and fly away in the world of Floppy. Help him toflutter and get as far as possible.The player must avoid the columns by flying them located in the gapto get the highest possible score.How To Play :Tap the screen to flap your wings of a bird and avoidobstacles.Features :-Connect with google play to share your high scores on theleaderboard, or directly to your google plus wall.- One Touch Control.- Lots of fun.- Nice graphics.
Dragon Fly 1.2
Help the Dragon Fly in it’s flight…Game that will engage you with your motor skills to make Dragon Flyand to save it from the enemy in the shape of bombs.
Bird Crusher 1.3
Bird Crusher is a free game.The game is fun, super addictive and a great way to spend free timein your memorable journey such as an airport, on the bus or trainetc.The more Bird you pop together, the higher the score. Theaddiction lies in the fact that it has several levels. Competitivepeople will definitely love the arcade version of this fantasticgame.Bird Crusher is without a doubt a freegame which can help lift any dull moods. The interface isnice and clean and clutter free. The game mechanics aresuperb and flawless. The entire thing runs so smooth that you’llimmediately notice it. This game can be so addictive that it cancause a mania! A mania of Bird popping here and there andeverywhere! You can continue your game to make sure that you don’tlose any progress. This is a neat little feature although since thegame super smooth and flawless, it will almost never have anyglitches. So just sit back, relax and blast away your stressalongside those colorful bubbles.In this game 150 levels, chain blasting and you canblast bird if bird color is red.Bird Crasher Features:-★Super smooth playable game★Advance feature in other crusher game.★Colorful bubbles★Beautiful graphics★Leaderboards★Achievements★High Scoreboard★Simple controls★Free to play gameJust click to download and enjoy ”Bird CrusherGame” today!
Arrow Snake 1.0.2
Download Arrow Snake Game, one of thebest classic game. When was the last time you played the classicsnake game? Wanna give it a try again? This fun game takes youback to the time when games was at infant stage on mobile, yetaddictive. So, if you are a fan of retro games or just in search ofa simple game to keep the clock ticking, get this free ArrowSnake Game and enjoy!Eat eggs to increase size of your snake. Avoid blocks they willcause game over . Try to keep touch on screen to play and move yoursnake.To be on top of ladder board make higher score.Arrow Snake FEATURES:-★ Simple and attractive user interface.★ Easy to play , Drag your finger to move snake★ Global ladder board★ supports all android 4.2+ and above devices★ Amazing HD Graphic★ Nice Game Play★ Retro Snake and Arrow Game inspiredEnjoy best game ever ...!
Jungle Squirrel Attack 1.4
Defend your planet against green superpowerful dragon and his devil minions.Upgrade your hero and unlockspecial abilities to defeat these evil villains, with the play youwill get the special powers to defeat your enemy, don't avaoid yourenemy it will not let you go, if are the warrior of jungle.You needto protect it with your superpower.
4096 Challenge 1.1
This 4096 game is a simple, fun, andaddictivenumber puzzle game. Join the numbers and get to the4096tile!HOW TO PLAY:Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When two tileswiththe same number touch, they merge into one. When 4096 tileiscreated, you wins!Start play this 4096 game, compete with your friends to see whocanmake the best score.Start fun on 4096 puzzle!
Space Tracking 1.1
There is an object which is running betweenthepipes, lets control that object and have fun.
Crack The Bubble 1.1
Crack the bubble is a free game forallage. The game is fun, super addictive and a great way tospendfree time on an airport, on the bus or train etc. The morebubbleyou pop together, the higher the score. The addiction lies inthefact that it has several levels. Competitive people willdefinitelylove the arcade version of this fantastic game. CrackTheBubble is totally deferent to another bubble games.Soif you enjoyed the Crack The Bubble then shouldalsorecommend to your circle.......!In This game 150 levels, chain blasting superbgamewith great UI...............!Crack The Bubble Features:-★Super smooth playable game★Advance feature in other bubble game.★Colorful bubbles★Beautiful graphics★Leaderboards★Achievements★High Scoreboard★Simple controls★Free to play gameit fresh your mind and highly mind blowing game. itstuckyou until you reach the end……..!
Words Skill 1.1
"Words Skill" is a game in which there isaword which is wrongly spelled .You have to find the character and place it in correct place.There are two modes in the game, timer mode and arcade mode.In timer mode you have to find maximum number of words in30sec.In arcade mode there is four different levelsOne Swap - In this level two characters are wrongly placedTwo Swap - In this level more than two characters arewronglyplace.Three Swap - In this level more than 3 characters arewronglyplace.Four Swap -In this level more than 4 characters are wrongly place.How To Play :Select one character and then another one to swapFeatures :Attractive UILots of words to enhance your skillDifferent modes to play
Ambulance Rescue Pro 1.0
Play as a rescue ambulance driver and runintothose in need on challenging roads. Hurry a patient want yourhelp,drive fast to reach at hospital. Beware of other vehicle andmainholes, also take some power to boost your speed, And makepatienthealthy.Ambulance Rescue Pro Features+ Modern Ambulance Vehicle+ Attractive Graphics+ Well Animated+ Simple and easy controls for seamless driving+ Intelligent Traffic system+ Realistic city environments+Realistic Hill Station environments and beautiful 3Dgraphics+ supports all android 4.2+ and above devicesEnjoy the new journey to be a drive likeambulancedriver.
Zombie Hunt 1.1
Here hero some weapons and using thatweaponshero need to kill all the zombies.There are a lots of hurdlewherehero need to be care full and zombies also keeping theweapons, sohero will have to doge those weapons and clears thehurdle and needto cover as much way it can cover.
Border Fighter 1.2
Border Fighter is a full action game, Getready to fight with enemies, sole surviving commando is ready foraction. Thrilling action game with full of adventures .Hurdle is on every footstep with complete deadly missions. Whereyou have to fight against very dangerous enemies, which are almostspread all over the way. Smooth game play will take you to the reallife battle zone. This game contains different missions, multiplelevels and many attractive environments."Border Fighter" is looking real life fighting game.Attractive Features in Border Fighter Game:-- Good graphics- Addictive and realistic game play- Realistic shooting game- Smooth game play- Real gunner challenge- Adventurous mission- Engaging sound effects- Addictive sound track- User friendly UI and controls- Efficient weapon controls and amazing movements- Smooth ground air attack- Supports all android 4.2+ and above devicesDownload Border Fighter game and enjoy forever……….! giveyour feedback and support to improve our game!
Space Battle War 1.1
Space warrior is a game where a space shipisfighting against the army of enemies, this space ship getthedifferent powers and save the planet.
Traffic Car Mania 1.1
This game will showcase you many cars whereyou can choose a car, this car is running dangerously around theroad s and street you need to control that and keep it withdisciplined.
Crazy Truck On Road 1.0.1
Here a Truck is running on the dirty road,takecare of it.Road is not in good Condition and a lots of trafficisgoing on. Fuel and all other requirement will be filled onruntime.Show your passions of driving and controlling, if don'thavethat, lets learn that. deliver product on time and makesureproduct are being safe in entire journey.
Turbo Bike 1.0.2
Become a bike racer and drive throughobstacleat crazy speeds.Turbo bike is a new category of limitless arcade racing game.Haveyou ever felt that there is need for speed in you life.Drive your dashing and beautiful car through highway inultimateracing game which will test your skills and determinationto be thebest driver on the world.Features:-- Attractive 2D graphics- Tap to speedup- Release to slow down- Automatic speed ups- Collect coins,powers- Make highscore- Drive car through town, beach, and city
Commando On Mission 1.5
Wake up Call…For…Commando in you…One of the best Commando On Mission games that you will comeacross. It is a mission game that will sharpen not only youraiming skills but at the same time your survival skills too.How to Play:-It makes you learn to survive and kill your enemy. With every enemybeing killed; your energy bank boosts up whereas your energy drainsout with every hit you take on to you.Aggressive Game Features:-- Addictive and realistic game play- Realistic shooting game- Smooth game play- Real gunner challenge- Adventurous mission- Engaging sound effects- Addictive sound track- User friendly UI and controls- Efficient weapon controls and superb movements- Smooth ground air attack- Real time war arena- Full action game- Supports all android 4.2+ and above devicesEnjoy the game…. And… Let the Mission begin….
Ball In Circle 1.0.2
It is Incredibly addictive Ball InCirclegame, where one ball is still and another ball is movingaroundthe circle, user need to tap on screen whenballs aremeeting, in every turn ball speed and startinglocation will bechanged.Simply keep the ball bouncing inside the circles.Game Features:-★Leaderboards★Achievements★High Scoreboard★Simple controls and beautifully design★Free to Play GameDownload Ball In Circle and enjoy forever
Cookies Eater 1.0.1
Cookies Eater is a mind game where youcancheck your attention and catch the cookies speed. Do youenjoycookies eater then you should definitely download this freeeasycookies game where you can create and bake your ownEatercookies. You can play cookies eater game with your kidsandfamily.Download Cookies Eater game and play with your kid.Thisgame is help to increasing your attention levellogicalthinking!.How To PlayIt is the game where cookie is moving around the circle, userneedto tap on screen when cookie comes near to player, everyturncookie speed and starting location will be changed.Cookies Eater Game Features:-- Amazing cookie game- Easy to play- Realistic cookies game for all ages- Decorate your own eater cookies- Observation skills- High score- Leaderboard- Achievements- Clear and Simple UIDownload this game and become a mastercookieeater.
Word Mania Pro 1.3
Welcome to Word Search Game - thelargestcollection of word search games .Our word search game contains over 4 categories of variousgenresand we are adding new categories every few days!In each category 60 level.How to play: Game is simple to play, Simply find all the wordsfromthe list as fast as possible!
Ocean Fighter 1.1
Here you will get the enemies in the ocean,youneed to destroy that enemy to save the ocean creature.
4096 Puzzle Plus 1.1
It is the logical Puzzle game where youwillreach the magic number 4096, the challenge is you have to uselesssteps and score more, here you will get the number and byadding(Plus) those numbers you will generate score. Let’s playwithnumbers in the number world.Explore deep challenge for your mind!-How To Play-Move up or down, left or right trying to join two equalnumbers.When two equal numbers are in touch, they merge into one.When a4096 tile is created, that mean you wins 4096 Puzzleplus!-Game Feature-+ Nice graphics+Smooth animations+ Beautiful and simple UI+ Easy Animation controls+ Easy share with friends option+ supports all android 4.2+ and above devicesDownload 4096 Puzzle Plus game that lets you spend your time,anddevelop logical thinking.
Plants Skill 1.0
Here you will get a lots of word where youcanenhance and check your knowledge about plants.you need to makethespelling correct all of these words some without time limitandsome in limited time.