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Peace Jumpers 1.2
Eduardo Ortiz
-Play This fun and challenging game,pacifiesall the bombs you find along the way !!-Unlock All characters !!Controls:-Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen.-Pink-Button = "pinks" Jump.-Blue-Button = "blues" Jump.-Purple-Button = All jumpInstructions:-The Pink blocks can only be pacified by pinks-The blue blocks can only be pacified by blues-Do Not hit the black blocks.-Say no to warPeace and Love.Credit:Testing: Martin OlguinMusic: Manuel Bolaños Gomez
The Blue 1.1
Eduardo Ortiz
Blue is inside a maze, looking for the keytoget out of there, he needs your help to find it, the placeisdangerous and hard to get out alive. In there will be manywaysthat Blue will be attacked, help to avoid them. Put Blue in hisboxwhen necessary or run away and find the key in the indicatedtime.Fully created by an independent developer, this is a uniqueandinnovative game, inspired by a story told by a cat. This gameisonly suitable for people who are attracted to challenges.