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Jay TV 1.1
We are pleased to present ourselves as Jay TVand Q Vasantham in Vellore and Chengalpattu respectivelyconstituting the viewership areas of Vellore district andChengalpattu Taluk catering to the Entertainment and Informationneeds of the people of Vellore and Chengalpattu.We are not just a neighborhood Entertainment Channel but anInfotainment Channel, not just restricting our services toentertainment-based content but also providing useful informationto the people.Our core team has worked in leading Satellite Channels andbrings to the forefront the expertise they have gathered over theyears, focusing on in the battle that every advertiser has to gothrough.We are pleased to present our tariff for Jay TV and Q VasanthamChannel for you perusal and consideration. You can view Jay TVonline 24/7 at www.jaytv.in.
Josephministries 1.1