Emergency Roadside Assistance Apps

AAA 1.1.6
Emergency Roadside Assistance is exactly whatthe name implies – an Emergency service rendered by the officialAAA Emergency Roadside Assistance throughout UAE and GCC 24 hours aday, 365 days a year. AAA is a company managed professionally atall levels. Our Operations department, including the centralizedControl Room is manned by qualified, experienced, well trained andabove all customer oriented multi-lingual servicerepresentatives.We are part of the AAA Group of companies with alarge fleet of Multiple Car Carriers, Single Recoveries, MobileWorkshops and Motorbikes. As a quality conscious company, we arealways keen to improve the quality of the services provided. DubaiAbudhabi Sharjah Abu Dhabi, Towing, Battery, Tyre, Accident.
Emirates Insurance strives to deliverthebest-in-class customer service and attractive shareholdersreturn.Emirates Insurance aspires to be the leading force in theinsuranceindustry. Leadership combines professional skills,capitalstrength, and customer focus to generate economicprofitgrowth.
ABNIC 4.0.1
Al-Buhaira National Insurance Co is one oftheleading insurance companies in the region and its reputationissynonymous with reliability and quality. Our leading status intheindustry is the result of visionary leadership,professionalcompetence and continued dedication to ourclients.Al-Buhaira was established in 1978 under the decree of H.H.theRuler of Sharjah. It is registered in the “Register ofInsuranceCompanies” of the Ministry of Economy and CommerceRegistration No.15. Al Buhaira is a UAE Public Share HoldingCompany with a paid upcapital of AED 250,000,000 and assets of overAED2,010,000,000.With effect from 16th February, 2005, Al-Buhaira NationalInsuranceCo has been listed at the Abu Dhabi Securities Market andits shareis now being traded as a premier stock. The company is intheprocess of implementing a well planned growth strategy to meetwiththe ever growing aspirations of our shareholders.The strategic placement of our products and ourfinancialreliability has led to our dominating a competitivemarket. Weunderstand the individual needs of our clients andcustomize ourproducts to cater to specific requirements.Al-Buhaira National Insurance Co’s track record in the industryhasbeen consistently successful owning to the trust and confidenceofour valued clients. The company has progressed very well overthepast few years with premium income increasing from AED24,000,000in 1986 to AED 651,000,000 in the year 2010, an increaseof aroundtwenty seven folds.Having established itself as a leading insurer in the UAEmarket,Al-Buhaira is confidently looking forward to play a largerrole inthe development of insurance industry in the countrybycontinuously updating its range of products and upgradingitsservices.ABNIC introduces Emergency Roadside Assistance App toourcustomers.
AWNIC 1.1.3
AWNIC's Board headed by H.E Sheikh SaifBinMohammed Bin Butti Al Hamed as Chairman and Mr. Rashid BinDarwishAl Ketbi as Dy.Chairman & Managing Director has a clearVisionto take the company to the status of “the choicest insurer”in UAE.AWNIC commands an image of being a professionallymanagedorganisation with innovative ideas and the adaptability tothechanges and challenges of the global market.Now Introducing Emergency Roadside Assistance for ExclusiveAWNICCustomers*.
TradingEnterprises 1.1.3
Trading Enterprises is firmly established asaleader in the United Arab Emirates for automotive sales,servicingand more. We have over four decades of experience andtoday work inpartnership with leading manufacturers includingChrysler, Dodge,Jeep®, RAM, and Volvo.Each of these names has an excellent reputation in the industry,asthey are all known for the quality of both their customerserviceand their vehicles. As an approved partner, we work hard toupholdthese standards every day.You can feel fully supported each time you visit one of our sitestosearch for a new or used vehicle. Our sales executives have asuperbknowledge of the brand they work with and can apply it tomake sureyou find the most suitable model. When you return for aservice,maintenance or repairs our professional guidancecontinues. We workquickly to return your car to the road as soonas possible and withany faults fully corrected.Whenever you require motoring support and guidance, speak toTradingEnterprises. To benefit from the help of our trusted teampleasemake an enquiry through the website or contact any of ourlocationsduring business hours.Now Introducing Emergency Roadside Assistance forourCustomers.