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Armed Heroes(BGI) 5.01.05
An amazing real-time 3D MMO Role-Playing Gameyou cannot miss!After centuries of peace, the darkness falls, having the landswallowed by blood and chaos. Lords of old days disappeared oneafter another, leaving man trembling and moaning in hopelessshadows.The Lord of evils opens his eyes in the dark, he is waking,he is waiting. … Where are the heroes, the long been selected ones?… Will they appear before everything is too late? … Are you THEONE?Join hundreds of thousands of online gamers here to experience areal 3D MMOARPG, to enjoy fabulous real-time 3d actions and to makea difference on your own or with other online players on this novelland!- CHOOSE WHO YOU WILL BE -Six heroes of different classes are available for free choice:Warrior, Archer, Wizard, Necromancer, Assassin and Knight.Each class owns his/her particular attribute and dozens ofactive/passive skills:learn and upgrade new skills wiselyPossessing life skills to have more fun: fishing, cooking,disenchanting, forging…With more than 150,000 pieces of equipments to collect, inlay andenhance, you can continuously upgrade your heroes’ power and changetheir appearances as long as you like.Create up to 6 different characters to play: experience differentclasses with different fabulous sound/skill special effects.- FIND YOUR WAY TO BE A HERO -Clean and clear UI ensures smooth and easy controls.Follow the legend to complete series of mainline/ sideline quests:challenge your bravery through numerous dungeons by yourself orautomated teaming-up with other players.Perform your best actions against evil monsters & achievehigher Quest Rating to discover and collect rare equipmentsincluding helmet, shoulder, necklace, ring, breastplate, leg guardand costume…Enjoy real time online battle in the arena: person to person, orclan to clan, challenge for the glory of heroes.- ENJOY REAL-TIME ONLINE BATTLE -A real Massive Mutiple Online RPG! You can fight as long as you canconnect internet! Enjoy the fun of battle at anytime, anywhere withyour friends!Hundreds of PVE maps are waiting for your exploration! Challengethe terror demons with people through the online worldtogether!Here are really creative PVP gameplays!Never tried TD,dota andarena in a MMORPG? Come on here to get start!- MONTHLY EVENTS & FREE UPDATES -Always free to update new versions.New weapons, new monsters and new dungeons will continue toadd.