Fantasy Flight Games Apps

Elder Sign: Omens 1.5.0
“GAME OF THE WEEK” - G4TV.comTOUCH ARCADE - 4.5 out of 5148APPS.COM - 4.5 out of 5GAMEZEBO- 4.5 out of 5BOARD GAME GEEK - 3 out of 4The tense excitement of Elder Sign is now available for Android!Elder Sign: Omens places you in control of up to four intrepidinvestigators, as they fight to keep all-powerful Ancient Ones frominvading our world through a museum’s arcane exhibits!*Build a team of unique investigators**Explore an ever-changing museum**Face challenging arcane tasks**Save the world from absolute destruction**Expand the horror with two exciting in-app purchases*Can you stand against the impending arrival of a malevolent AncientOne?While Elder Sign: Omens brilliantly conveys the spirit of the ElderSign dice game, a few noteworthy differences were adopted tooptimize the mobile play experience:-A limited number of available Ancient Ones streamlines the gameplay experience while offering adjustable levels of difficulty.Face Yig in normal mode, Azathoth or Tsathoggua in hard mode, orCthulhu or Ithaqua in very hard mode (in-app purchases required toface Cthulhu and Ithaqua).-A number of subtle changes increase the peril of defendinghumanity. For example, the random negative effects drawn everymidnight are more challenging, and the frequency of “no effect”results has been decreased. Monsters have likewise been altered tomake them more difficult.-Finally, there are no Ally cards in Elder Sign: Omens, whichfurther streamlines play while increasing the overallchallenge.
XCOM: TBG 1.2.1
The XCOM digital companion app is afreetooldesigned for use with XCOM: The Board Game. In XCOM:TheBoardGame, you and up to three friends assume the roles oftheleadersof the elite, international organization known as XCOM.Itis yourjob to defend humanity, quell the rising panic, andturnback theescalating alien invasion coordinated by thegame’sinnovative,free digital companion app.
Star Wars™ Dice 1.3.3
Launch your Star Wars (TM) gaming experiencesinto hyperdrive!The Star Wars Dice app is the ultimate accessory for FantasyFlight Games' Star Wars games, supporting Star Wars: ImperialAssault, Star Wars: Armada, the X-Wing (TM) Miniatures Game, andall iterations of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. Thiscomprehensive application allows you to quickly and convenientlyselect and roll custom dice for FFG’s Star Wars games, and evenincludes an assortment of standard dice for all your gamingneeds!The Star Wars Dice app includes:A comprehensive dice roller that can be used to roll custom dicefor an FFG Star Wars game, or standard polyhedral dice in seventypes for any gameFeatures eight iconic Star Wars backgrounds and six distinct soundpacksJump right in with an intuitive radial menu and interactive helpguide
BattleLore: Command 1.2.2
EPIC FANTASY BATTLESCommand valiant warriors and vicious demons in BattleLore: Command,based on the board game BattleLore Second Edition. Lead the nobleDaqan army as they fearlessly defend their homeland from theinvading hordes of the Uthuk Y’llan– demon-blooded barbariansspreading chaos and destruction wherever they go. Or, lead theUthuk Y’llan and channel their fury into military supremacy.PREPARE FOR WAR: Muster armies suited to the mission at hand andsupport your strengths as a commander. Deploy them strategicallyand order them unit by unit.TAKE THE FIELD: Use the 360º view to see the battlefield from anyvantage point.WIELD ARCANE POWERS: Lore powers give each army unique tactical andmagical advantages you can use to surprise the enemy and turn thetide of battle.FIGHT A HEROIC CAMPAIGN: Take charge of the Daqan army in amulti-mission single-player campaign to vanquish the Uthuk Y’llanand save Terrinoth.SKIRMISH AGAINST A FRIEND OR AGAINST THE COMPUTER: Challenge yourfriends or the CPU in multiplayer matches: Online, LAN, Pass &Play or vs. CPU!YOU ARE IN COMMAND.***BattleLore Command is a graphically demanding game and designedto run on newer devices. If you are not sure that your device meetsminimum specifications, please refer to our technical FAQ on ourwebsite***
Hey, That's My Fish!
The international bestseller is now availablefor Android! Engage in a cutthroat competition to collect thelargest stockpile of delicious fish while outmaneuvering otherpenguins on a rapidly shrinking ice floe.Hey, That’s My Fish! brings the classic strategy board game ofravenous penguins searching for sustenance to Android phones andtablets! Play against the computer or compete with up to threefriends in a fun-filled race against time.With a variety of maps to choose from and nearly infinitestarting setups, Hey, That’s My Fish! offers endless hours of fun.Can you supply your colony with enough food to win the day, or willyour cunning opponent leave you drifting out at sea?CRITICAL RESPONSE"As a casual strategy game, Hey, That's My Fish! is easy torecommend." 4/5 stars from"Fast-paced and well-suited for the touch screen"4/5 stars from"Whenever I've introduced the game to friends they've all walkedaway impressed."4.5/5 stars from Android Game Reviews
Road to Legend 1.4.1
Road to Legend is a companion app for theDescent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd edition board game. When you playwith Road to Legend, the app assumes the role of the overlordplayer, controlling monsters and inviting you to explore thedungeon in entirely new and unexpected ways.At its heart, Road to Legend introduces a fully-formed, cooperativeway to play Descent, freeing you and your friends to all play asheroes and defeat the darkness in Terrinoth. With a series offully-formed quests and the ability to incorporate your entirecollection of physical Descent expansions, Road to Legend providesa thrilling new variant on the classic Descent experience!*Due to the extensive number of Android devices and operatingsystems, we cannot guarantee Road to Legend's compatibility on allplatforms. Please contact our support team at:[email protected] if you experience issueswith Road to Legend on your device.
Mansions of Madness 1.4.3
*A companion app for the Mansions of MadnessSecond Edition board game from Fantasy Flight Games.Mansions of Madness is a cooperative board game of investigationand horror inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. During eachgame, one to five players explore a location to unravel amystery.This companion app guides you through the haunted halls and mistyalleyways of Arkham in stories of varied length and difficulty. Inaddition, investigators need to overcome various challenges,including fending off terrible creatures, befriending non-playercharacters, and solving puzzles.
Legend of the Five Rings Dice 1.0.1
The Legend of the Five Rings Dice app istheultimate accessory for your roleplaying experience!Thiscomprehensive application allows you to quickly andconvenientlyselect and roll custom dice for the L5R roleplayingsystem andincludes an assortment of standard polyhedral dice forall of yourgaming needs!The Legend of the Five Rings Dice app includes:•A comprehensive physics-based dice roller that can be used torollcustom L5R RPG dice or standard polyhedral dice for anygame.•Create custom presets for any combination of dice.•Manually change die faces, group dice, display total results,andexplode dice.•Features 16 custom backgrounds for your favorite clans andheroesof Rokugan.•A suite of settings to toggle visibility of die results,presets,audio controls and shake sensitivity.
Star Wars: Imperial Assault app
Imperial Assault: Legends of the Alliance is acompanion app for the Star Wars: Imperial Assault board game, ascenario-based game of tactical combat. When you play with Legendsof the Alliance, the app assumes the role of the Imperials, whileyou and your friends form a team of Rebel heroes fighting to bringdown the Galactic Empire.Legends of the Alliance introduces a completely cooperative way toplay Imperial Assault, freeing you and your friends to worktogether to overcome challenges set before you by the evil Empire.With a full campaign featuring exciting new missions and theability to incorporate your entire collection of physical ImperialAssault products, Legends of the Alliance provides a thrilling newway to experience Imperial Assault!*Please try restarting your device after installation if the apphangs at startup.
Genesys Dice 1.0
Genesys Dice is the ultimate companion foryourroleplaying experience! This application allows you to quicklyandconveniently select and roll custom dice for the Genesysroleplayingsystem and includes an assortment of standardpolyhedral dice forall of your gaming needs!Genesys Dice includes:•A comprehensive physics-based dice roller that can be used torollcustom Genesys RPG dice or standard polyhedral dice foranygame.•Create custom presets for any combination of dice.•Manually change die faces, group dice, display total results,andmore!•Features 15 custom backgrounds.•A suite of settings to toggle visibility of die results,presets,audio controls and shake sensitivity.