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Fantasy Cricket 4.0.0
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Most popular mobile fantasy cricket game forAndroid gets ready for the Indian T20 bonanza!!Game Rules:For every Cricket match, select your team before the start of thematch.You score according to how your players perform in the actualmatch.Your points from all the matches of a tournament are added forTournament Rank.Top performers in a match/tournament will get Fame points.Scoring rules are explained here: up and go on war. Fantasy Cricket style!! Gang up with theGamers around the World, declare war on enemy gangs and beat them,with your fantasy cricket team.High profile T20 tournaments this season:Indian Premier League (IPL) 2016You can play on our website too. You canmake your selections in the website and follow scores on yourmobile phone.There are no prizes. The app is for fun & thrill. When youare watching a cricket match, open this app and follow your fantasyscore for even more thrill.Liked Fantasy Cricket? Do not forget to check out our newCricket card game Battle of Stats!Disclaimer: We are not associated with IPL or BCCI or anyCricket boards. This game respects the copyrights owned by IPL,BCCI, BPL, Ram Slam and other Cricket boards and does not infringerights. The app does not contain Official Logos or Names. This gamehas no similarities with any other Fantasy games.
Fanzy Cricket - Old 2.0.6
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Everything CricketCricket Live scores.Fantasy Cricket.News. etc.,Here is what our users are saying about the app:* It creates interest in ipl and intense excitement* Am feeling the pressure wen am selecting the players and it'svery nice one!!!* Its fantastic have our own team and play* Its a real challengable entertainment....* The best app of ipl entertainment
Battle of Stats (For IPL) 0.9
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Remember the Cricket and Wrestling cardgamesyou played in childhood? This game is an exciting new take ononeof our favorite card games with a fast paced multiplayer game.Each player gets 7 cards (with equal chances of winning).Thereare 7 turns and one stat will be highlighted for each turn.Youhave to strategise to your players strengths and outsmartyouropponent to win the game. Remember this is not a luck game butamind sport. The game tests your skill, intuition and timing,allunder a minute!!Thanks everyone for the wonderful reviews and suggestions.Thegame has proved too tough with highest trophies not reaching400.Can you become the first player to cross 400?We have written a basic strategy guide for winningmultiplayer: the blog covers the basic strategies and tips, playershavedeveloped wide array of strategies and outgrown the tips wehavewritten so devise your own strategies for outsmartingtheopponent!Game-play:1. Played between 2 players.2. Each get 7 cards.3. Each card has 4 statistics (Ex: Runs, Sixes, Fours,Fifties).(that's why "Battle of Stats"!!)4. 7 turns. 15 seconds per turn.5. In each turn, a stat is randomly selected. Each player hastoselect a card. Card with the better stat wins and the player getsapoint.6. Player with highest points at the end of 7 turns wins.Overall batting stats of players till the end of IPL 8isconsidered. (IPL 2016 is underway but will not be consideredfornow).The game gets over in a minute (Faster than you can cookanyinstant noodles!!). So you must be extremely fast in analyzingthesituation and playing to your strengths.There are three types of cards. Platinum, Gold and Silver.Thereis one platinum card for each statistic. Example: Suresh Rainaforruns, Chris Gayle for Sixes, Andre Russel for strike rateandGautam Gambhir for fifties. Each user gets one platinumcard.Cards distribution is random but fair. Each player getsequalnumber of platinum, gold and silver cards. player has tostrategisewhen to use the platinum card or sacrifice a silvercard.User Nehal Darji, who is currently at the top of theleaderboardhas written a strategy guide and his experience to thetop:!/strategies:strategy-guide-by-nehal-darPlay against users around the world in the epicmultiplayerbattles, win trophies and make it to theLeaderboard.It is a brand new game from the makers of Fanzy FantasyCricketand we are still working out to polish the game. We wouldlove tohear feedback from you. Since it is new, go easy on thereviews;)