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Targu Mures App 1.0.2
Târgu-Mureș is the seat of Mureș County in thenorth-central part of Romania. It is the 16th largest Romaniancity, with 134,290 inhabitants as of 2011.This application was developed for the visitors and citizens ofTârgu Mures and serves as a tourist guide for them.For any suggestions please contact us via e-mail: [email protected]
Transport Mures 3.2
Această aplicație a fost dezvoltată pentru avă ușura călătoria pe raza orașului Tg. Mureș.Vă aduce informații mereu actualizate privind transportul depersoane pe raza orașului și în România, cu plecări/sosiri în Tg.Mureș, atât cu mijloace de transport în comun cât și transportul înregim de taxi.În cazul eventualelor modificări a orelor de plecare/sosireaplicația va fi actualizată.Pentru orice informație utilă sau nelămuriri contactați-ne !This application wasdeveloped to ease your journey across the city Tg. Mures.You always get updated information on passenger transport acrossthe city and in Romania, with departures / arrivals Tg. Mures, bothby public transport and taxi transport.If any changes to the hours of departure / arrival app will beupdated.For any useful information or questions please contact us!
Taverna Diavolului App 1.0.0
Taverna DiavoluluiMonday-Thursday:10:00-23:00Friday-Sunday:10:00 - 00:00P-ta Trandafirilor 55Manager: Ördög ZsoltTel. manager: 0722218379Tel. restaurant: 0727758063Developers :Barabási Csongor0757396782Ferencz András0751844361
Play & Vote President 2k16 USA
This application was created to have funwhilethe 2016 USA election is happening.You have the chance to support your favorite candidate byvotingonce per day, or even more, if you win or buy votes. Pleaseenjoyour PresiJump and 2k16 games in the app, and you will havethechance to get more votes.At the same time, to show your addiction to yourfavoritenominee, you can buy votes too.The votes of the candidates who will leave the debate willbetransferred to the one(s) from the same party which willcontinuethe competition.To help us in development, please rate our app throughGooglePlay or share it with your friends.Thank you for enjoying Play & Vote President 2k16 USA
Guess Words
This game is based on the Activity game. Itcanbe played by 4 teams at a time, and each team has to have 2members.On of the teams member has to hold the phone on theforehead,theother has to help his teammate to guess the word bydescribing it oracting it out.This game was created to let people test their knowledge and alsotolet you bring in your pocket the game you always wanted to play.It was created by Ferencz András.Special thanks to SlopeDaBeat for music!https://soundcloud.com/slopedabeathttps://www.youtube.com/user/ArtisticExtolcomIf you have any problem, question please do not hesitatetocontact us via E-mail or Facebook!Thank you for choosing to play this game!
Marosvásárhelyi Rádió 0.9.9
Értünk van, rólunk szól! – AMarosvásárhelyiRádió Erdély leghallgatottabb magyar nyelvűközszolgálati rádiója.A Marosvásárhelyi Rádió telefonos alkalamazása azértkészült,hogy a hallgatók az okostelefonjaikon is követhessék arádióműsorait és híreit.Az alkalmazást egy fiatal marosvásárhelyi programozó, FerenczAndráskészítette el a magyar szerkesztőség felkérésére.Szívesen vesszük a felhasználók javaslatait azalkalmazásfejlesztése érdekében.Kapcsolat: Ferencz Andráshttp://ferenczandras.rohttp://[email protected] have about ourselves!-The Radio Targu Mures Transylvania's most popular Hungarianpublicradio.The Targu Mures alkalamazása radio telephone is designedtoprovide students with the smart phone icon also follow the newsandradio shows.The application Tirgu Mures, a young programmer, AndrewFerenczprepared at the request of the Hungarian editorialstaff.We welcome to our customers in order to developtheapplication.Contact: Andrew Ferenczhttp://ferenczandras.rohttp://[email protected]
Free Jump! 0.9.9B
Firstly developed addictive game ,actuallynota daily need. But what about the gray days you would like to"jump"out? Now you can. Jump now gains a new sense, being a tinyandsimplistic game you can say good bye to boredom.What is Jump's purpose?First of all just as in your real life you have to run andcollectcoins. Sounds easy, but the main reason you will jump is toavoidthe direct attack with some rocks.Furthermore there aretrickylevels, camp mode so once you start playing you will getaddicteduntil you beat you beat your High-Score, that must behigher thanyour friends' score.So you better run and jump!