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Schwimmen Deluxe (card game) 2.3
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Schwimmen Deluxe, that’s the German card gameSchwimmen. It is similar to Thirty-one, Big Tonka, Nickel Nock orBlitz. It can be played against up to eight computer players.Moreover you’re able to see statistics about your wins. In-gamehelp is provided. This game is made by the developer ofCrabby31.RULES OF THE GAME:Your goal is to score as many points as possible with a hand ofthree cards. In doing so, an ace counts eleven, king, queen andjack count 10, and the other cards count face value. You can add upthe score of the single cards, if the cards are of the same suit.The highest score possible amounts to 31, which is called a"blitz". It can be achieved, for example, by an ace, a king and aten of the same suit. Besides, three cards of the same rank (e. g.three jacks) count as a score of 30 ½.At first, the dealer chooses to put her cards face-up on the tableor to keep her cards. In the first case she gets new cards from thestack. In the second case she puts three new cards from the stackon the table.Then the game starts. The players take turns and have the followingoptions:1) Discard one card to the table and pick up one card from thetable (choose this option by using drag and drop)2) Pick up all cards from the table and discard all player cards tothe table (Button "Swap all")3) Do nothing (Button "Pass")4) "Knock". The other players have one more turn each and then thegame ends.5) Take new cards from the stock and put them on the table (Button"New cards"), but only if there is a seven, an eight and a nine onthe table. You have one more turn after choosing this option.If all players choose "pass", new cards are drawn from the stock tothe table.The game ends immediately, if one player’s score is 31 (blitz) orif one player holds three aces.Finally all players show their hands. The player with the lowestscore loses the game. If more than one player have the same lowestscore, each of them loses. But if one of the players with thelowest score has knocked, only this one loses the game. If oneplayer holds 3 aces, all other players lose the game regardless oftheir score.At the start of a series every player has three tokens. If a playerloses a game, she also loses a token. Only in the special case oftwo players playing the game and one of them having three aces, theloser of the game has to give up two tokens. When a player has lostall of her tokens, she continues to play on a "free ride". Losingagain, she is eliminated from the series. The last remaining playerin the series has won the series. If she still owns all three ofher tokens, she has "won with crown".