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Meet MyRoll Gallery, the fastest growinggallery app for Android and the first ever gallery for AndroidWear."MyRoll is a smart and well-designed gallery replacement forthe built-in phone gallery"-TechCrunch"...an intelligent mobile gallery app that displays all yourbest photos"-The Next Web"The genius of MyRoll, however, happens under the hood, wherea robust personalization system learns which photos mean more toyou"-Business InsiderThe only gallery chosen by Business Insider as one of the Top100 Apps worldwide, MyRoll Gallery is a free, next generation photogallery that’s a complete replacement to your nativegallery.With MyRoll Gallery, you can:ORGANIZE YOUR GALLERY• Automatically organize all of your photos and videos according toyour events, date, time, and location.• For the classic photo gallery feel, the Gallery view has all ofyour photos and videos in one slick gallery view.• Use the Moments view for a more unique, collage like view basedaround events, date, and location.SHARE• Easily share groups of photos and videos from your gallery, withjust a tap!• Share with ease to all of your favorite social networks:WhatsApp, Facebook, G+, Line, Kakao, WeChat, and more.• The easiest and fastest way to create Facebook albums, on thefly!HIGHLIGHT GREAT SHOTS & IDENTIFY SIMILAR PHOTOS• Smart Mode - Create a more personalized gallery that highlightsthe best photos in your photo gallery, identifies similar shots,and centers photo thumbnails around smiling faces!• Intelligent notifications - Have MyRoll Gallery help yourediscover those photos from your trip abroad last month, yourkids’ birthday last year, or any important memory that’s been lostin your gallery.KEEP ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS & VIDEOS SAFE IN ONEPLACE• Keep your photos & videos safe & secure with MyRoll's50GB Cloud. A gallery that's not backed up is a sad photogallery!• Integrate MyRoll Gallery with your Google Photos so you can viewand manage all of your photos & videos in one gallery.VIEW YOUR GALLERY ON YOUR WRISTMyRoll Gallery offers the first ever photo gallery created forsmartwatches. With MyRoll Gallery on Android Wear, you can:• View or Delete your gallery photos - all from yoursmartwatch!• Share photos directly to Facebook, on the fly.• Photo Notifications - Easily access your latest photos from yourgallery with just a tap.About our permissions:Calendar - MyRoll Gallery asks for permissions to read yourcalendar so that we can auto-title your moments based on yourcalendar events. We do not use this information for any otherpurpose.About Privacy:Your privacy is important to us! MyRoll Gallery does not copy orstore your photos and videos. Only the photos & videos whichyou have specifically chosen to share from your gallery will beuploaded to our secure servers.Follow us!Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myrollgalleryTwitter: https://twitter.com/myrollgalleryFor more help, contact us at help@myroll.comFAQWhy replace my native gallery?MyRoll Gallery is the only photo gallery that works for you - goneare the days of endless scrolling in your gallery in search oflife’s best memories. MyRoll Gallery is the only gallery app thatlearns about you the more you use it.How does MyRoll Gallery work?MyRoll Gallery has a strong technological difference from othergallery apps. The MyRoll Gallery Curation Engine (GCE) usescomputer vision and big data to understand what makes a greatphoto.MyRoll Gallery then organizes the photos and videos in yourgallery into moments that can be easily relived and shared.Keywords: gallery, galery, photo gallery, photo galery, myrol,gallery app, gallery apps, photo viewer, image viewer, photoalbum