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Игра с въпроси ( куиз ) 0.0.2
Онлайн играта е разделена на 3 рунда. Всекирунд има по 10 въпроса. За всеки коректен отговор вие ще получаватепо 100 т. плюс бонуса за време на база това колко бързо отговаритена зададеният въпрос. Ако отговорите на всички въпроси вярно всъответният рунд, точките ви ще се удвоят.Вие разполагате с 40 секунди, за да отговорите на всеки въпрос, аковремето ви изтече вие няма да получите никакви точки и следващиятвъпрос ще се появи на екрана.Има различни видове въпрос такива с текст и с текст и картинка.Отговорите могат да бъдат - избор между няколко възможности или даизисква да въведете правилният отговор на български език. Броятигри , които можете да направите на ден е ограничен.The online game isdivided into 3 rounds. Each round has 10 questions. For eachcorrect answer you will receive a 100 point bonus plus time basedon how quickly matched your question. If you answer all thequestions correctly in the corresponding round, the points will bedoubled. You have 40 seconds to answer each question, if your time isup you will not get any points and the next question will appear onthe screen. There are different question types such text and text andimage. Answers may be - choose between several options, or cause toenter the correct answer in Bulgarian. The number of games that youcan make per day is limited.
Belote classic & coinche 11.0.46
How to play Belote----------------------Aim of the game:===========================Belote Multiplayer presents classic Belote.Belote is played with 32 cards: The 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s, Jacks, Queens,Kings and Aces.In order to play, 2 teams of 2 players are needed.In each game, there are several rounds. During each round, a teamneeds to score 82 points to complete the “contract”.The aim of the game: is to be the first team to reach 500points.The game is comprised of 2 parts: the pass/accept and thetrick.Step 1: Pass/AcceptThe game begins with the distribution of 5 cards to each player. Acard is then placed in the middle: this is the proposedtrump.Each player, in the same order as the cards were dealt, may eitherpass, or accept the card if the color is of interest. It isrecommended that you pass the card if you do not possess any of the3 master cards of the trump suit in your game: the Jack, 9 orAce.If nobody takes it, the card goes round a second time, and eachplayer is able to select their trump suit. If after a second time,nobody has taken the card, all cards are redistributed. As soon asa player takes the card, this determines the trump suit (Diamonds,Hearts, Spades or Clubs). Once a player takes the card from thecenter, the rest of the cards are distributed.Each player has 8 cards in total: the game may begin!Step 2: The TrickTo begin, the trump suit must be distinguished from the othersuits.This is the suit that will dominate the other 3 in a round.The difference is seen in the value of the cards.For the Trumps, the Jack is worth 20pts, the 9 = 14pts, the Ace=11pts, the 10 = 10pts, the King = 4pts, & the Queen = 3pts.The 8 and the 7 score 0 points.For the other suits: the Ace is worth 11pts, the 10 = 10pts, theKing = 4pts, the Queen = 3pts, & the Jack = 2pts. The 9, 8 and7 score 0 points.Each player places a card in turn following the dominant suit or byusing a trump card if they do not have a card of the suit beingplayed. The highest scoring card wins the trick. This player thenplays the first card of the next trick.If the player has neither a card of the suit or a trump, they canplay any card of their choice regardless of suit.A player must place a trump card higher than that played (except ifthey do not possess a higher card or their team-mate is currentlywinning the trick).When your team-mate is winning the trick, you can place down anycard (except if the suit played is the trump).Step 3: ScoringThe round ends once all cards have been played. The points of eachteam are then counted to determine who wins the round.The team who chooses the trump must score at least 82 points.If the target is not met, the opposing team scores 162points.If a team wins all of the tricks in a round, they score a bonus of250 points.When a player has the King and the Queen of trumps in their game,they may place them in any order they wish, and score 20 points:this is called Belote and Rebelote.In the case of Belote-ReBelote, the 20 points won do not counttowards the “contract” for the winning team (these are counted inaddition, if 82 points are scored). These 20 points are lost if theteam loses the round.
Brain Trivia Quiz 0.0.1
Brain trivia quiz is a quiz game that allowstoplay in a single game. The game has 100,000+ trivia / quizquestionsin 12 categories . You can set your nickname ( viaFacebook) tocompete in a global ranking. Compare your scores withwith the worldusing integrated global score boards.One game consists of 5 rounds with questions. You'll have tochoosea category at the beginning of each round . For everycorrectanswer you will get 100 points plus a time bonus, based onthe timeit took you to give the actual answer. You score will bedoubled ,if you answer on all question right. You will have 40seconds foreach question - if the timer expired before you give ananswer ,you will not get any points and the next question will bedisplayedon the screen. There are different types of questions -text onlyand text with picture. The answer options may vary as well-multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank. All of the writtenanswersmust be given in proper English