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Ramadan Calendar 2017 1.3
Ramadan Calendar 2017 is a free ramzan timetable which shows sunrise sunset time dailyTimings. Ramzan calendar 2017 (paksitan , uk , bangla , india ,ETC) work all over the world.It will show you Ramadan Sehri / Iftar Timings & AccuratePrayer Timings for ramzan.Ramadan Calendar 2017 Pakistan will also show you nearby mosque& qibla direction.We are glad to present you ramzan time table 2017 show that you caneasily manage your timing during sehri and iftar timings.This ramazan time table work for the following countries.Ramadan calendar 2017 uk , uae , usa,Kuwait,Saudi arabia,Bangladesh,dubai, india,oman,Qatar, Singapore.Features👍 sunset sunrise times👍 Ramadan Calendar👍 Sehri & iftar Times👍 Nearby Mosques👍 Accurate Prayer Timings👍 Qibla Compass👍 99 Names of Allah👍 audio quran👍 Tasbeeh Counter👍 Ramadan👍 Ramadan calendar 2017 uk , uae , usa,Kuwait,Saudi arabia,Bangladesh,dubai, india,oman,Qatar, Singapore.👍 6 kalimas of islam👍 Calendar ramzan 2017
AlQuran Alkarim free mp3 2.0
We wish you a Very Happy and BlessedRamadanAlkarim 2017AlQuran Alkarim is a smart mobile application, which aim istospread the message of Allah ,Rasool (SWA) and Holly Quran totheworld in alllanguages offering in an easy to use interface withUrduTranslation, English Translation, Arabic, Hindi, and more than45different languages, and Audio (MP3) Recitation of all Surahsofthe full Quran Kareem in the beautiful voice of 21 plusQa'aris(reciters). The application is embedded with severalfeatures thatare beautifully designed to ensure a pleasant Quranreadingexperience. It is The entire Quran e Kareem withtranslation, andaudio recitation of each chapter and verse ofQuran. The Appteaches you how to learn Quran with Tajweed with thehelp of audiorecitation and transliteration of each word ofQuran.Features:Features of this mobile application are:• It combines all the 114 Surahs of Quran within order andpropersettings• Translation: Holly Quran Application Helps in betterunderstandingthe concepts and revelations of Quran by interpretingthe meaning ofArabic language in almost all languages tofacilitate the Muslimsaround the world. Quran fully translated to:English, Français,Italiano, اردو,Bahasa Indonesia, Deutsch,Español, 简体中文, فارسی. andmany more languages.• Audio Recitation: The purpose of Audio Quran is to make onelearnTajweed of The Quran Al Karim. Audio Recitation lets youlisten tothe complete narration (Qiraat al Quran) of all Chaptersin MP3,MP3 Audio of each verse and chapter can be downloaded fortheusefulness and abundance of recitation at any time andanywhere.• Language: Quran Translation in other languages (EnglishSpanish,French, Chinese, Persian, Italian, Dutch, and Indonesian )is alsoincluded• GoTo Option is to move to a specific Surah of the Holly QuranorAyat of Quran• Search Bar: It allow you to search and choose the desired Surahofthe Holy Book• Day night mode is provided for user to read or recite thehollyquran clearly if it is day or night.• Bookmarks: facility is provide for the Ayah to restoretherecitation from where the user has left lastly.• Font Size: Allows you to show Holly Quran with custom font sizeasper chosen preferences.
English to urdu Dictionary & urdu to English 1.0
Do you have difficulties in English andyouwant to know the meaning of enligsh to urdu and urdu toEnglish?Then install English to urdu Dictionary &urdu toEnglish dictionary for free.This is completely free and offline English to Urdu and urdutoenglish dictionary. This is a Pakistani Dictionary for all urdutoEnglish and English to urdu learners.اردو سے انگریزیانگریزی سے اردوCompletely Free and Offline English to Urdu dictionary.Ithas built in Urdu keyboard which doesn't require anyadditionalUrdu features.Features of English to urdu Dictionary & urdu toEnglishDictionary• English to Urdu translation• Urdu to English translation• Free Dictionary• Offline English Urdu dictionary• Audio pronunciation• Antonyms• Search history• Bookmark• Completely offline english to Urdu translator and Urdu toEnglishDictionary.