Frozen Vortex Games Apps

Life Simulator 2017.6.5
Life Simulator allows the player to takecontrol of their own, virtual life. You can go to school, get a joband buy cool things to make your life better!Complete challenges to earn cash bonuses, speeding up yourprogress!Compete with friends on the Global Leaderboards and see who can bethe best!Complete activities, such as: getting a job, going to school,working hard, going to the gym, reading books and so much more tobe able to have the best life possible!Manage your statistics to maintain a healthy lifestyle!Earn money the risky way with the casino!Get buff by visiting the gym!Work your way up in life by going to school and getting aneducation!Impress your boss for a raise!Chat with others whilst playing in the global chat, or create yourown channel to talk to friends!and so much more!----------Life Simulator is very early in the development process, we try tofix any bugs before an update is released. Should you find any besure to send us an email, we'll be sure to fix it!
Candy Dodger 1.0
Make it as far as possible while dodgingthecandy! Get as far as you can and beat your friends!
The Era 0.1
The Era is an idle-clicker game currentlyindevelopment by Frozen Vortex Games. Tap your way throughhundredsof different levels: killing monsters, collecting DNA,upgradingyour weapons and becoming the ultimate hero!Level up your world by reaching high stages - killcountlessenemies to upgrade your weapons, evolve through time tochange yourgame!This is the alpha version and very much a work in progress.Allfeedback should be sent to [email protected] not leave a rating based on the current state of the gameas itis in alpha and many things will change.
The Slicer 1.2.1
In The Slicer you must tap the circle in themiddle of the screen without getting caught by the Slicer!Each time you play you earn points, these points can be redeemedfor new themes!More themes and customisation options will be introduced as timegoes on!
Jumpy Cube 1.1
In Jumpy Cube you must jump from block toblockby sliding your thumb across the screen.The idea is simple, don't fall!Collect gems to unlock future cosmetics to make your gameevenmore fun!Challenge your friends to get the highest score!
Life Simulator: Game Developer [Idle Clicker EA] 0.6
Life Simulator: Game Developer is our firstexpansion to Life Simulator 2017!In Life Simulator: Game Developer, you must work your way up fromthe bottom, to have the greatest dev team out there!Hire & Manage staff to make development quick and easy!Hiring staff also allows you to develop better games to make moremoney!Upgrade your office space by hitting earnings milestones!and Much More Coming in later updates!Your feedback is important to us! So be sure to contact us onTwitter or Join our Discord server to help us improve!