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Bubble Shooter 2
Have a great time playing this BubbleShootergame for FREE!Our 1000+ puzzle levels will keep your engaged for hours. Wewilladd more levels on future updates.===================================Features:1. Puzzle Mode - 1000+ fun levels of saga puzzles2. Arcade Mode - The bubbles will go down gradually so you needtoshoot quickly to avoid deathShoot Bubble Deluxe Game games free has 1000+ levels to play,andmore free, fun and addictive levels will be added to thisbubbleshooter free download game!Bubble Shooter graphics suitable for kids, toddlers.You cancontinueyour game to make sure that you don’t lose any progress.So just sitback, relax and alongside those colorful bubbles.===================================How to play:1. Tap on the screen to shoot the bubble in thatdirection.2. Make formations of 3 or more bubbles to knock them down.3. Clear the current puzzle level to unlock the next one.4. You can even choose to play previous completed levels.===================================