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💧 Fireboy🔥 & 💧Watergirl🔥 1.0
Collect gems and complete the differentlevelsin fireboy and watergirl game.In addition, you can play with your friend in multiplayerfashionthis water fire! (Coming soon for a week) ,water,fire,watergirl,fireboy .Water or watergirl tracking fireboy.You must help your fireboy fireboy to collect the diamond inthejungle and to not be cached from the watergirl, Just run as fastasyou can and pay attention to watergirl directions, she willbebehind you to die in front of the obstacles in yourworldadventure!.Enjoy the new funny and crazy adventures in Fireboywatergirlworld.the fire muss be faster with a high level of concentration, youaregoing to find more water obstacles and also turtles so becarefulfire, and be the best fire ever in front of the water, atthe end'you' the fire you must win agaínst water.HOW TO PLAY?Levels -Complete by fires and water control-Fire and water should help each other to clear the level- On the other order tracking hand, do not forget to collect allthegems. If collecting all gems from a single plant, you gain 1piecefor the new levels of unlocking order tracking- Think about how you can use physical objects, apply and fixthepuzzle! End the adventureorder tracking!★ user recommendation:Our gaming order tracking system has over 100 freegamesincluding:☆ Brain Games , water , fire☆ Action Games , water, fire☆ Role Playing Games , water , fire☆ ,fire☆ Zombies Gamesorder trackingAnd more And more
poo is flying 1.0
Help our friendly poo reach new heights inthisaction packed new poo is flying adventure in this pouapp.Bounce from platform to platform, dodgya the mean flies,grabeverything you can to get the highest score.can you go the highest in Happy Poo Jump.Now with even more different flavors, characters, hats... oh boy,somany combinations of Happy Poo! Use the pou app to above theroutinecollect in the game to buy cool accessories or charactersin thestore with this pou app.and try definitely to play this pou app..The game jump needs to find his party hat! game jump on theskyrolls to find his hat avoiding candles and collecting coins andhitthe balloons for high jumps.Rules Of Play:Tilt the screen to move the poo.Collect coins for ten points.Avoid fire you and poo.Hit balloons for high jumps .Don't let the poo hit the bottom of the screen or it's this game jump
flapping cock 1.0
Blue Flying cock game is Flappy cock clonegamedeveloped in xgames . Fun and Addictive Game, Best Clone toFlappycock Game with more Features.Show the world your flapping skills by playing the flappy birdandearning achievements along the way. This flappy bird plays liketheoriginal and looks great on phones or tablets so set the cockfreeand Angry Birds Friends test your skills flying around cockalongthe city's edge.> on flappy domestic and one cock to Angry Birds Friendschoosefrom white by tapping the screen on the main menu> Tap to fly the flappy bird , cock> Avoid the green pipes> If you can't avoid the green pipes, cloak the flappybirdcock> Get to #1 on flying bird and Angry Birds Friends> Earn as many achievements as possible with flying> i wish you a good game by flying> font forget to Angry Birds Friends beat the score
Ibi the climber 1
Ibi the climber is a physics-based 2Dgame.Race and ride many mountains with your car. Make acrobaticfiguresor air time to earn coins and pass them upgrade your ibiclimbingcar. Try to go as far as you can and reach the top of thehill.Drive and ride through different scenarios. Change youribiclimbing car and get a new gaming experience.In different vehicles, take on the challenges of uniqueclimbingenvironments. Be cunning and clever to collect bonuses andcollectcoins to improve your vehicle and reach even higherdistances. Butbeware: Bill's robust neck is no longer hischildhood! Not tomention that its good old gasoline crematorium caneasily end updry. with ibi climbing car you could feel moreadventure. Climbing,ibi, collect coins, with ibi .Characteristics :- Many different vehicles with unique upgrades (manydifferentvehicles: bike, cars, truck, jeep, tank, police car,etc.)- Possible improvement of parts: engine, suspensions,ibi, tiresand4-wheel drive- Many stages with several levels to reach (countryside, ibi,,desert, cars, vehicles, roller coasters and the moon! +++)- Share your score with your friends with screenshots!- Graphics Sympa and fluid physical simulation with ibi,vehicles- Designed for correct display on low and high-resolution cameras2d(including shelves) vehicles- Genuine turbo when improving your engine with the vehicles!- Different scenarios in 2d.- Many cars and ibi .- Great physics 2d cars.- Many hill climbing fun and cars!- Different scenarios in 2d with ibi and vehicles.- Lots of cars in 2d.- Great 2d physics (ibi, cars).- Lots of hill climbing fun in 2d vehicles and ibi!One of the most downloaded and addictive ibi driving, climbinggamesever made! And it's free! Cars, climber, vehicles