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Color Scheme Design 1.20.01
Gary Hamrick
A simple tool for choosing 4 or 5 colorstomake up the color scheme for your Android app, web app orothersoftware design3 ways to select your RGB color- Sliders- Color picker- Material design color palettes from Google( the 3 smaller sheets into the large sheet to changecolorsfor all 4Show sample text to see its contrast with the chosenbackgroundcolorChange the color of the text to see a 5th color or set thetextto bold, italic or underlinedShare a color scheme or save it for laterWith Color Scheme Design, you can easily choose RGB colorsalongwith Alpha for mobile app or HTML color schemesWhile I hope many designers find this app useful, it'sprimarypurpose is to showcase my abilities as a developer. I didthedesign as well so please excuse the "design by programmer" lookandfeel. It's optimized for a 5" phone but should be acceptableonsmaller phones & tablets as well. If this app becomespopular,I will make improvements to the design. See more aboutdevelopmentbelow.Features used in development:ActivityFragment (with an interface for inter-fragmentcommunications)DialogSharedPreferencesGestureDetectorDragEvent (drag & drop a View)GridViewArrayAdapterViewPagerSeekBarCustom View (extend the View class)