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Trentino Meteo Widget 1.3
This app provides you with the forecasts for Trentino downloadedfrom presented in theform of a widget. Forecasts and images shown in the widget belongto the respective owners and not to the author of this application.Images shown are downloaded from the Meteo Trentino site and theyare not distributed along with the application. Forecasts areautomatically updated or their update can be forced by the userwith the update icon on the widget. By clicking on the forecast'simages or day's names you can quickly open the Meteo Trentino site.DISCLAIMER ABOUT FORECASTS: the synthetic forecasts downloadedby the widget are usually updated late in the morning by MeteoTrentino, so it is common to see not-updated forecasts until10am/11am in the morning. Today forecast downloaded by app providesonly max temperature for the current day.WIDGET UPDATE POLICY: widget updates the weather forecasts in anintelligent way, increasing checks only in the hours in which theforecasts are usually updated, i.e. between 9am and 1pm. During therest of the day the widget looks for updates only if it could notdownload the forecasts before. The widget update procedure does notwake-up the device if it is in stand-by, so power consumption isvery low.Information about REQUIRED PERMISSIONS for theapplication:- android.permission.INTERNET: required to download updates- android.permission.WAKE_LOCK: used to avoid the stand-by duringthe widget update- android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: used to establish thefirst widget update after the phone boot- android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: used to check fornetwork availability for updates' download
SIM Locked Notifier 1.6.2
This application is meant to notify you withsound and vibration when the phone asks for a PIN or PUK code toenable the SIM card. This usually happens only when you power onyour phone, so what is the reason to develop this tool? Simple, myphone, a new HTC One X, sometimes asks again for the SIM PIN code(maybe a radio bug triggered when there is bad radio signal) and ifyou don't notice it, you risk to miss calls and messages. It may beuseful also if you like to test unstable ROMs which restart withoutwarning.The app allows you to customize the notification type (ringtone,vibration or both) and frequency, along with other settings.REMEMBER: launch the app at least once after installation toenable SIM State Locked Notifier. You must do this only once, thenit automatically works even after you reboot the phone.If you find bugs or have suggestions for me, use the feedbackfunction within the app before complaining here on the Google Playmarket.DISCLAIMER: This application has been built with HTC One X inmind, and I've tested only on this platform and on Android ICS andJelly Bean. The SIM state change system notification isvendor-dependant so it may work or not on other phones, just tryand test it, and let me know if it works.ABOUT PERMISSIONS: the android.permission.WAKE_LOCK permissionis used to keep the CPU active only when there is an ongoingnotification, otherwise the app does not use any CPU at all.