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9 Ball Pool 2.21
THE BEST 9 BALL POOL GAME IS NOW ONANDROID!!!Play Ginger Ale Gaming's 9 ball pool with tens of thousands ofplayers everyday and become the best 9 ball player on theinternet!1. BATTLE OTHER PLAYERS ONLINE!Every day, tens of thousands of players play 9 ball pool againstreal life opponents. By choosing "Play Online", you will be matchedagainst players with similar skills and you can beat them to wintheir chips and respect!2. PLAY GAMES WITH YOUR FRIENDS!You can also set up private rooms and play 9 ball with your friendsreal time. To set up private rooms, simply click the "Play WithFriends" button, enter a unique passcode that only you and yourfriend knows and start playing!3. IMPROVE YOUR TRUE SKILL!Currently, our game is the only mobile game that monitors yourperformance and record your Accu-Score, an internationallyrecognized true skill for pool players. By making more accurateshots and less mistakes, you will improve your Accu-Score and getmatched with more skilled players in the future!4. LEVEL UP AND GET MORE ITEMS.When you level up, you automatically unlock more items. High levelcues possess more power, longer extension line and more spin. Highlevel avatars are always wayyy cooler and cost very little chips toget. Purchase these items to gain an edge on your opponent and showyour flares!5. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.If your network connection is temporarily down or you don't feelparticularly competitive today, you can always practice by yourselfor against robots. These games don't cost any chips nor would theycount towards your stats so you can fool around or practice newmoves without worry. Have fun!