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GoldCleats Soccer Social 1.2.3
Become the next big thing with GoldCleats. Addyour soccer skills video and be discovered by world’s best clubs orinteract with soccer fans!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -GoldCleats is an amazing sports app that helps you discover playersfrom the whole world or to be discovered by agents and scouts.Create your profile and share your soccer skills with ease!CREATE YOUR PROFILE & SHARE YOUR SKILLSThis sports app is created as the number one youth soccer platformwith players from over 181 countries. Offering you the mosteffortless and efficient way to share your soccer highlights andskills, and be noticed from other users of the app. On this app,you can easily create your own soccer profile. On your profile, youcan upload, edit and share your soccer skills and video highlightsfor everyone to see.DISCOVER PLAYERS & GET DISCOVEREDOn this amazing soccer app, you can discover other soccer playersfrom the whole world, view their profiles and see their soccerskills and highlights. Aside from discovering other players, theapp is allowing you to get discovered by other people, as agents,scouts, coaches, clubs, colleges, and other people that are usingthe app.GO VIRAL & USE CUSTOM EMOJIESThe app is offering you to go viral as a user and even match thefootage. On the app are offered many different custom emojis, allrelated with soccer. All the emojis you can use for free anytimeyou want. Go viral and have fun with the soccer emojis offered bythe app.GOLDCLEATS FEATURES- Easy to use youth soccer platform- Create your profile- Upload, edit, and share soccer skills and video highlights- Discover soccer players from the whole world- Get discovered by agents, scouts and other users- Go viral and match footage- Use custom soccer emojis for free- Free for download- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Create your profile on the best youth soccer platform, share yourskills and get noticed for your talent by other people.Download it now for FREE!