Good Thoughts Affect Apps

Cross the Maze 1.00
*Amazing 3D runner game.*Colorful levels with difficult routes.*Dynamic gameplay with easy controls.*Show all your skills to pass the challenging levels.Outstanding maze runner game with lots of obstacles ineachcolorful section.Avoid the traps and try to reach the end.Compete with your friends or try to beat your own records.But remember…Every time you hit the wall you have to start over. Are you abletocross the whole maze? Show it!
Spy Mission 1.0
-High-tech weapons and outfit!-Persecutions and shootouts with enemy agents in terrific3Dgraphics!-Secret missions which test secret skills of your agent!Your dangerous mission consist is that you need to eliminate alltheenemyagents. Would you cope with this difficult task? Performsecretmissions, useyour secret tactical skills for elimination opponents,commitassaults andkill enemies of accurate shots! You are waiting for anincrediblyenthrallinglife of a secret agent!
Galaxy Surfer 1.00
Dynamic runner game.Different complexity modes.Records table!Nice 3D graphics and easy controls.Try yourself as a space surfer, looking for the great wavetunnel.Collect coins, upgrade your hero for more speed, fasterreactionand better results.Tricky pipe maze won’t let you surf easily. Prove you areagileenough and to pass the challenge! Push the speed button forevenmore burst and evade the lethal gaps! Compete with your friendsandtry to hold the first place in the records tab!IAP keywords:Space,galaxy,surf,surfer,wave,gap,giant,reward,agility,fast,evade,compete,3d,easy,record,controls,5
Avenger From Future 1.0
3 terrific game modes:"Story": Each new level - is a new battlefield and anewrival!"Arcade": An unique opportunity to fight with whoeveryouwant!"Survival": Kill as many enemies and try to stay alive!Magnificent sound effects and realistic graphics make the gameevenmoreexciting!You will have to fight with the most evil enemies in thethreefamous gamemodes! You are waiting for a tense gameplay and furious battles!Youcan improveskills of your hero that will be useful to him on battlefields.Usedevastatingand deadly combinations of punches for the destruction ofenemies.Get ready tomeet face to face with the most ruthless villains!
New Santos Gangster 5
*Dynamic 3D action game.*Gangs and cops confrontation.*Great arsenal of advanced weaponry for your choice.*Tricky tasks and best rewards.Welcome to the New Santos. You arrived at the right time. Thestreet war is on between gangs and police officers.Join in and find yourself a place. Get the best guns and fight foryour life.Get crazy tasks and complete them to earn more cash. Steal cars,defend your friends and destroy your enemies.Live the life of a street bandit on fullest.Be fast, be smart or be dead.
Mine Block Race 1.0
Dynamic runner game!Block graphics.Endless levels.Speed-up button!Simple controls.Try yourself in this exciting runner. Maneuver betweenobstacles,hit as many targets as you can. Earn points and beatrecords! Pushthe speed-up button for even more speed and harderchallenge! Howfar can you get until your health bar dropsdown?
Falling Man 1.00
*Exciting cube field runner.*Nice graphics and visual effects.*Vigorous tracks!*Easy and intuitive controls.*Suitable for all smartphone models.Alone on the field you are by yourself. No one will help youevade the unstoppable falling from the skies blocks.Keep all your reflexes sharp and try to avoid this deadlythreat.Watch your steps because you can fall any moment.The hardest trial for your skills.Set new records by getting as far as you can.Be the best or be smashed!
Pacific Blitz 1.00
* Warship simulator.* Cool 3D graphic and special effects.* Dynamic combats vs many enemies.* Excellent upgrade system.The Pacific ocean once again became a battle zone. You justrecently became the captain of the battleship. The cries ofseagulls and the sound of sea waves relax, but fights among theislands are full of surprises. At the next island you can fall intothe trap. You may upgrade mobility,speed,destructive power, armoror rate of fire. Quick mission completion gives you more coins.Turn the enemy naval force into feed of fishes.
North Sea Battle 1.00
Cool warship simulator.Excellent 3D graphic and special effects.Dynamic combats vs many enemies.Cold wind, the icy ropes. Nordic missions for severe sailors.Donot miss the iceberg, Captain, your ship is called the"Guardian",rather than "Titanic". Join the battle vs enemy navalfleet. Ifyour mechanics are skilled, they repair the damage fromenemyshells directly into combat. You can gain bonuses for rapidproblemsolving and upgrade ship speed, mobility, cannon or minigunpower.Shoot accurately and ocean waters will become a grave for theenemybattleships.
Real Warships 1.00
Cool warship simulator.Excellent 3D graphic and special effects.Dynamic combats vs many enemies.Different missions.Sea freedom, the salty breeze. Sailor life is full of romance.And the life of a warship captain also replete with dangers andchallenges. Destroy the enemy fleet. Execute an sabotage operationof destroy the dams. Destroy the enemy fort. The command will notleave you unrewarded. But you must execute the orders quickly andexactly. At start you greenhorn on a frail ship. Complete missionsand upgrade your ship. Choose your way. Powerful cannons and heavyarmor or agility and speed. Join the battle and turn the enemynaval force into feed of fishes. Become an old salt.hips
Police Fighter 1.0
* You are waiting for tense combat actions ofa policeman with criminals!* Use a vast arsenal of powerful weapons and outfit!* Use special fighting skills of a policeman on variousbattlefields!The gang of ruthless offenders appeared in the city. Help police toget rid ofvillains! You have the opportunity to equip your policeman withexcellentfirearms, magnificent armor and different belongings of policemen!Eliminatecriminality in the city! After all, soon as you are capable protectpeople fromthe evil!
Fly a Plane 1.0
* 3D flight simulator.* Cool graphic and excellent physics.* Easy to control airplane.You are a pilot. Discover the world of planes. Try tomakeaerobatics maneuvers: rolls, spins, eights, normal orinvertfigures. Or you may just complete missions and collect rings.Feelthe open air freedom and only rope can hold you on land.
Z Vegas 1.0
* Heavy action helicopter simulatorgame.* Fierce battles vs outnumbering undead force.* Multiple weapon upgrades.* Rich 3D graphics and realistic air combat physics.Las Vegas captured by zombies. Get ready for amilitaryoperation, where you control an advanced helicopter! Youhave givena chance so don't lose it. Survive under fire ofdifferent enemies,shooting soldiers, zombies and much more… Strikeprecise, use allyour weapons and try to avoid enemy bullets. Makeair tricks andmaneuvering between buildings to stay alive and getthe opportunityto destroy your foes!
Duty Plane 1.0
3D flight simulator.Cool graphics and excellent physics.Easy to control airplane.Your plane now on duty. Different missions await you. If forestfirebegin you must pick up the water on board and fly to saveanimalsand humans. If the border broke by terrorists on the truckyou mustinstall on the plane machine gun and fly to destroy them.If inaerodrome came authorities you will have to practice upsandlandings or make aerobatic maneuvers: roll, spin, eight, looporsplit. Earn a points and win a prize.
Plane vs Trucks 1.0
3D flight simulator.Cool graphics and excellent physics.Easy to control airplane.You was a pilot and explored the world of planes. But now toyourcities approaching trucks with dinamit. Tries to makeaerobaticmaneuvers: rolls, spins, eights, normal or invert figureswill bewaited. On your plane installed a machinegun at last, andnow youcan kill saboteurs. If bullets reserves are over you mayreplenishit on airfield. It’s hard work, but you can deal with it.And afterthat you can feel the ambience of free flight and nothingcan holdyou on land.
The Sea Battle Ships 1.00
* 3D warship simulator.* Cool graphic and special effects.* Dynamic combats vs many enemies.* Excellent upgrade system.Your ship under the rapid fire from enemy cannons. Upgrade yourspeed, mobility, armor or damage. Find targets between the islands,send the enemy battleships to the bottom and win this naval battle.Dominate this sea.
One Last Flight 1.0
*Intense aerial dogfight simulator.*Top edge 3D graphics and realistic physics.*Simple and intuitive controls.For the centuries humanity made wars on our planet.Untilnow.Today we are standing on the verge of abyss. The aliens invadingourhome and the only hope we have left is our advancedaviationforces.Lead the attack on ufo and destroy those uninvited guests rightinthe skies. You will have to show everything you got becausealienships are fast and nimble. Land your strikes right on the hullandtry not to be torn apart first.
The Ocean Battles of Warships 1.00
* 3d warship simulator.* Cool graphic and special effects.* Many enemies and dynamic battles.* Good system of upgrades.Flags were waving in the sea wind. Battleships of your enemyhavetotal naval supremacy, but you can upgrade cannons to firesmoredistant and precisely. Destroy enemy fleet. The ocean tosecludeshipwrecks from public gaze.
Taz Race 1.00
-Strategic driving - overcome all theobstacles!-Enthralling gameplay: earn points for the passage of varioussections of the road!-Accomplish the mission: get to the finish line without loss!Check yourself! It's your game, don't be afraid to venture! Ifyou're a real driver, you could finish the mission! Everything isup to you!
Survival Z 1.00
* Survival fps game.* Cool 3D graphic and special effects.* Craft system.* Lots of weapons.It’s age of undeads. Find anything in environment andcraftuseful tools, campfire and traps. This stupid zombies areafraid offire, steel and bullets, but they are deadly dangerous andcarrydeath and doom. Kill everyone in this damned town. Enjoy thezombieslaughter.
Miami Rope Hero 2 1.1
*Sequel of sensational game with millionsofdownloads.*Top edge 3D graphics and game physics.*Advanced AI system for more realistic combats.*Great selection of weaponry and cars.*New skill upgrade system.Miami heat is melting your mind and body, bikini girlsbeautybeaches and of course crimes!Meet the new adventures of rope hero in this big city. Carthefts,robberies, murders, military outrage and mafia gangriots.You are the last hope of the citizen to survive this madness.Mafiais planning to take over control so don’t loose yourtime.Get the best weapons at the reworked shop, new realistic guns,checkout all of them.Find the secrets hidden on the map, such as military tank or evenahelicopter. Fly above the city and feel full freedomofactions.No one can stop the rope hero!
Battle of Warships 1.00
* 3D warship action game!* Exciting naval battles.* Realistic pirate sailing ships.* Rich graphics and colorfull effects.* Upgradable vessel and weapon.Take the battle in the high seas with raging pirates. Maneuverbetween reefs and rocks in search of your bounty. Command yourbrave warship and lead it to the victory in every battle. Unlockall the upgrades and become the devastating terror of theseas!The vast world of adventures awaits for you. Face the pirate fleetand destroy it with your firepower! Join this glorious warship gameand become the ultimate captain!
Real Gangster Crime 1.2
Exciting auto thief simulator.Rich 3D graphics and special effects.New map and quests!Best guns and ammunition. Try out all the weapon arsenal!Reworked tank and helicopter.Destroyable cars.This game brings you to the streets of New Vegas full of gangsters,cops and special force soldiers. Show no mercy to everyone whostands on your way! Unlock all the weapons and find secrets hiddenon the map. Dominate the city with a devastating firepower ofadvanced military vehicles or upgrade your hero to knock downenemies in a few kicks!New quests with a light notes of humor will help you to orientateon the streets and get some starting cash! Can you complete all thetasks? Killing, rubbing, stealing, destroying things. Drive theftcars reckless, shoot your enemies down and tear them apart withheavy artillery. All the best things and much more in this grandgame. Try now!
Agent Fighter 1.0
* Unique combat capabilities and variousstyles of a fight!* The secret mission which test secret skills of your agent!* An opportunity to fight with many different opponents!* Various battlefields!Welcome to the world of mystery and intrigue! You will have toplay the role of the secret agent who should fulfill the mission ofdestroying enemies. Use secret fighting techniques on thebattlefields. Your debt - is to save the world from the evil secretorganization!
Gangster Town 1.7
* Dynamic simulator game.* New big town.* New tank and helicopter with reworked controls and weapons.* Destroyable car models.* Updated game physics and optimized 3D graphics.* More quests and bigger rewards!Good old story about a car thief in a dangerous town,lookingforsome easy money.Complete missions, collect rewards, steal cars, bikesandmilitaryvehicles. Unlock best guns and ammunition, demolishthewhole townon a tank or helicopter. Streets are full ofspecialforce soldiersand fierce bandits, dirty cops and raginggangs. Willyou manage tosurvive and get rich!Dive deep in this world of lawlessness and anarchy, theftcarsandillegal weaponry, grand crimes and street fights. Join nowandbenumber one in Las Vegas!
Cop vs Crime 1.0
Action car thief simulator.Rich 3D graphic and special effects.Destroyable cars, motorbikes, tank and helicopter.Lots of lethal weapons.Hello, officer. Streets of the hot Southern Californiafloodedwith sunlight, the entire coast is strewn with golden sandandendless beaches. But you have a work. You receivedinformation,that everybody in the district pushing new crap. It'stotalyholywar. Chief gives you carte blanche. Auto theft,devastatingweaponry, military vehicles - everything is open foryou. In thiscity, all the normal people sit at home, the othersconsume or selldrugs, so you can safely headshot anyone. Completemissions and buya better gun. The store has a bow, AK-47, grenadelauncher and evena gatling gun. You may use fire power of weaponand show who's thecity boss. Aim system will get your in-gamefirefights to the wholenew level.
Angry Space Surfers 1.00
* Dynamic runner game.* Shop with many upgrades.* Nice 3D graphic, easy controls, excellent AI* Different difficulty levels.Now you space surfer on galaxy tournaments. Opponents wanttocome first. Upgrade your speed, maneuver abilities or board. Donotleave your enemies any chances. Entangled maze won’t let youglideeasily. Prove you are agile enough to pass the challenge! Pushthespeed button for even more burst and evade deadly traps.Usethebonuses for fly under abyss or collect coins around.
Miami Rope Hero 6
*Dynamic third person shooter.*Ability to fly with your new devices.*Crazy gunfights and endless enemies.*Rich 3D graphics and realistic physics.Play as a new superhero in a city of crime. Thinkpositive.Prevent the crimes, stop the thieves, help the local policeforces.You have the powers to stop the growing crime level and protect theinnocent citizen.Get your mask on and bring the peace and justice to the town!True superhero always wears mask
Warships Destroyer 1.0
* Heavy action helicopter simulatorgame.* Fierce battles vs outnumbering military force.* Multiple upgrades.* Different weaponry and anti missile gear.* Rich 3D graphics and realistic air combat physics.Get ready for a military operation where you controllinganadvanced helicopter! You have given a chance so don't lose it.Facedifferent enemies, shooting soldiers, warships and muchmore…Strike precise, use all your weapon arsenal and try to avoidenemyprojectiles. Make air tricks and maneuvers to stay alive andgetthe opportunity to destroy your foes!
Grand Truck Race 1.00
Dynamic runner game on a heavyarmedtruck!Variety of enemies.Colorfull levels and rich effects.Different obstacles to pass through!Try yourself as a heavy truck driver, rushing on full speedthroughthe space tunnels. Evade the obstacles, destroy yourenemies,collect gold and survive as long as you can.Bright and colorful levels will keep you entertained in thisgreatouter space adventure. Show everyone you’re hard as a rock andwillride on and on!