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Tic-Tac-Toe 1.0
The essence of the game is that you need toput the noughts and crosses on the line with Android, depending onwhich figure you play. "Tic-Tac-Toe" is difficult to perceive as aserious game, rather it is just a pleasant pastime. At the sametime, this game is able to train on concentration, improve."Noughts and crosses" a puzzle that can improve thinking, theability to see a combination of moves and keep in mind the multiplesolutions, anticipating the enemy.We hope you enjoy our work and from time to time you play it!
FreeCell 1.0
And in each deck should be flush. Time in thegame FreeCell limited to ten minutes. You have four free cells,where you temporarily can "throw" inconvenient maps. Attach thecard can be used only if it is in order of seniority from theprevious card, to which the "catchy" and still another color.Actually, this feature and gave the name of the game. Tapeworm nomore than special stands out and is a typical representative ofsolitaire. Good luck! And what could be more interesting and easierthan the Solitaire to play for free? If we are talking about asingle game, it will choose in almost all cases. No need to searchfor opponents, it all depends on the case, a successful scenarioand savvy player.