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Web Editor (HTML,PHP,CSS,JS) 1.4.5
Web Editor - HTML,CSS, PHP and JS editor forweb developers!!!!###Suggestion available for HTML.###Web Editor Apps is not a Stable version it is Rolling version.Sodon't be bore if you get any Exception.We will fix soon me to find out by sending an email.Coming Version :1. Indention like prostay with us,our new version will release soon.if you want any new feature or face any problem that we need to fixplease Email me..we will try to solve problem or attached your new feature in thisversion.I hope you will be listed of VIP user.Features:1. Run without opening browser.2. Save data automatically while writing or changing anybyte..3. create file automatically after typing title and selecting itstype..And it will be store into WebEditor_Grenify folder in yourmemory card as its type..4. Can be open file by clicking on "Open" button5. able to getting absolute path or deleting file Just simply Longclick on File Name..and path will be automatically written inopened file.6.All necessary symbol has given just scroll horizontally..7.Get color code help of color pickerNext Update coming soon with CSS Suggestion and few graphicalchange,customization color,project export and import system,colorpicker for css,line number indicate ..Server Configure:click help button and flow the instruction.orinstall any php server and set ip and port.example:Server Address(IP)= sever and enjoy web coding.About Version 1.4.21.Add color picker,undo, suspend for 2 hours when you click.3.more shortcut key4.more attractiveAbout Version 1.4.21.Fixing apps first time opening Crash problemAbout Version 1.4.11. php server configuration2. highlights reserved keywords for js,css,php,html3. Attractive UI4. Fixing apps Crash problem for 6.0 to higher.5. fixing file opening bugAbout Version 1.3.0:Releasing Date : Dec 07 20161. fixing server for php2. highlights reserved keywords for js,css,php,htmlAbout Version 1.2.1:Releasing Date : April 01 20161. fixing space or new line removing problem while opening a file.2. tag and keyword identifying by different color ..3. Open a file by writing its name on title box and selecting filetype by spinner ..4. Adding some keyword.5. Changing color of CLR button to Red.About version 1.2.0 :Releasing Date : March 22 20161. Fixing long click crush bug.2. Adding Suggestion for HTML.3. Changing Text color.4. Changing GUI to more attractive.Thank you for visiting or staying with apps...
Visualize Calculator 1.0.7
It is simple but it can to calculate instanceand able to visualize all process of calculation like child mathbook..Features :1. Visualize all process of calculation, just input and click on'=' button.2. Support back button ( click on back button to return)3. Mission button are indicated by different color.4. Show massage for some mistake or clearing data.5. Support Instance calculation with input new digit or delete anydigit.6. Support multiple operation for both mode7. Nice animation with pressing back button or '=' button.8. After completing all task, it can be exit by simply click onExit button.Thank you for visiting my apps, Stay with this apps for gettingnew update with amazing features.
Bangla Jokes 2017 1.0.3
Bangla jokes 2017 is a collection of banglajokes.