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Stellar Dive Experience VR 1.3
Explore worlds in virtual reality!Choose your Stargate and after crossing, you are teleported intoanother world to discover (Moon, Mars, space station ...).To fully enjoy the experience, you will need:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> A fairly powerful smartphone (quad core processor, 2GB of RAMat least 5 inches full HD screen).   We have successfully tested on LG G2 LG Gflex Xperia ZUltra, Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy S4.   It seems there is a problem with Motorola Razr X, someGalaxy S3.   We are optimizing the app, thank you for yourpatience.> For the 3D VR immersion:     - A VR helmet, like : Durovis Dive, GoogleCardboard, Refugio3D, VReye GO,       Samsung Gear VR, Homido,ImmersiON-VRelia GO or other similar (home made...)> To movements and actions:      - A compatible gamepad with yourphone.(for example a PS3 controller connected with OTG cable works finewith all our devices)> Using a headset will immerse you even more!