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Gemote - Samsung remote 2.1
Greenflow AS
Gemote is a remote control application forSamsung TVs.Supported are all models from C-series to F-series. Thisexcludes 2014 and 2015 modelsLong-press any key to get into configuration mode.This software is also available for more platforms (Win, Mac OSX, Linux) on our homepage:http://www.gemote.orgPlease be aware that this program is developed with Qt and needsto download the Ministro libraries.
AndroChet 1.0
Greenflow AS
AndroChet is nice way to waste timeduringbreaks or bus rides. It trains logical thinking and memory.In a 10x10 grid 5 invisible blocks are hidden. Probes, whichareshot from the edges into the grid are reflected according tofoursimple rules:- probes can ricochet more than once- a direct hit gives a 180 degree reflection- hitting the edge gives a 90 degree reflection- direct hits on the edge makes the probe just vanishBy comparing entry and exit points the positions of theblocksare to be determined. The memory part is to use as few shotsaspossible, i.e. to remember, which path has alreadybeenchecked.Have fun!