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Candy Annihilation 1.1
Half Mind
Once upon a time in a far away candykingdomthere was endless fighting among the candy population.One day the almighty candy god decided to end the fightingonceand for all.To accomplish his goals, the candy god gave his favourite candyahorrific task.Since you are god's favourite candy you were chosen tocompletethe task.The task:In the wish for survival, you were chosen to assist me,the candy god with the annihilation of all other candies.You will be placed in a candy war zone, where you will havetosurvive as long as possible against the attackingcandies.I will assist you with extra powers, which I willspawnthrough your battle.The more candies you annihilate, the more satisfied Iwillbe.GOOD LUCK
Music Jump 1.1
Half Mind
No music - no life.If you too, are a person who can't go a single day withoutmusic,this is the perfect game for you.This game offers you a variety of songs from various artists,whichyou can choose to challenge and acquire enoughpoints to unlock even more songs which will brightenyoureveryday.As a tiny person with a jetpack, your goal is to collect asmanypoints as you can by jumping on platformsgenerated by the songs beat.But watch out, not all platforms grant points, some aretherejust to make your life harder.Also, throughout the song you will have the chance toaquiredifferent bonuses, which you can useto improve your score.At the moment there are 4 bands avaliable to play, StillStrangers,rebel inc., Facelift and Panic Sate(if you want toknow moreabout them, you should read their descriptionsingame).As mentioned before, when you acquire enough points on a song,youunlock the next song.In the future the game will contain more artists andmorevariety.(If you are an artist and you want to be part of thisgame,dont hesitate to contact me!)Good luck jumping!