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Tic Tac Toe 2.9
Tic Tac Toe (Noughts and Crosses or Three in arow) is free for Android!Spend unforgettable moments playing this entertaining boardgame.You can play against another person or module ArtificialIntelligence (Ai).Ai this game is not predictable as in other games.Operation:Tic Tac Toe or Noughts and Crosses, is a pencil and paper game (nowon your Android device) between two players, O and X, marking thespaces in a 3 × 3 board alternately.A player wins if he can have a line of three of its symbols: theline can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.Players begin their matches in rotating shifts.Available in five languages:-Spanish-English-Català-Portuguese-ItalianTic Tac Toe is a game for all ages.
CrossWords in Spanish 1.99
Thank you for downloading CrossWord inSpanish.Practice your mental agility and your vocabulary with this classicpencil and paper game.If you are studying Spanish, you will absorb vocabulary like asponge.Features:-You can request word and letter clues.-Earn new clues by solving words and letters.-Ask a friend for a word.-You Can solve the whole puzzle with a button if you want.-Complete the puzzle in the shortest time-Great List of meanings and words.-use the AlphabetPowered by HarokoSoft 2016
Word Search Puzzle 3.3
Thank you for downloading Word SearchPuzzleFind the words hidden in the puzzle . The words are wovenhorizontally, vertically or diagonally in any respect , both fromright to left and left to right, and both top-down and bottom-up.Encourage your children to find words, select smaller sized puzzlesfor them.This is one of the best Word Search available in the market :A) The word search are endless :They are automatically generated by a generating AI according tothe settings you can find in the preferences menu of thegame.B) Playing:To mark the word, slide your finger in the same sense that the wordappears, drawing a line. When you have completely covered , liftyour finger to remove the tape and continue playing. The game is automatically saved when you exit the game. When youreturn , you can continue where you left off , so you can take asmuch time as you like to solve the puzzle . You can also start anew puzzle without finishing the previous one.At the end of the game, the actual time it took you to solve it andmade ​​the best time in that category will be displayed.C ) Here are the settings:Difficulty:- Selecting multiple grid sizes- Selection of the density or number of words that appear.Appearance:- Background- Size of text font- GridAvailable languages:- Spanish- English- French- Italian- Portuguese- German- Russian- SwedishIf you're tired of Sudoku and crossword puzzles:Word search Puzzle by HarokoSoft 2014
Four in a row (4 in a line) 2.7
Thank you for downloading 4 in Raya (Four Online)!Four in a row for Android is free!Spend unforgettable moments playing this fun game likeConnectFour.You can play 4 in a Row (4 online) with another person oragainstthe module Artificial Intelligence (Ai).The Ai of this game is not predictable as in other games.Operation (Connect 4):4 in a line (also known as Four in a Row, Connect 4, and Fourina Line) is a two-player game in which each one chooses adifferentcolor for your card and by shifts launches one at a timein a panelof 7 columns x 6 rows.The chips fall piling up in his column. The objective of thegameis to connect four pieces of the same color forming alinehorizontally, vertically or diagonally before youropponentdoes.Connect four in a row to win.4 in a row players start heading in rotating shifts.upcoming improvements: Online gameFour in a row in 4 languages:-Spanish-Català-English-PortugueseConnect 4 and win.
Checkers All-In-One 2.6
Thanks for downloading 'Damas' - 'Checkers' -'Draughts' - 'Dama' - 'Dam' -'Dames '-'Warcaby'Enjoy this traditional game. Play with your children or against themachineand its improved artificial intelligence.Characteristics:- Quick Download- Menu preferences- Capture animation- Undo last move- Displays the pieces you can move- Complete capture is displayed- Sound- Vibration- Demo mode (CPU vs CPU)- Very versatile when selecting rules of the game- Great design- Great fun and a challenge when you play against the machineIt allows selecting the following rules or variants ofcheckers:- Custom (play as you want)- Spanish;- Italian;- International;- Brazilian;- Old English;- THAI;- Russian (shashki);- Portuguese;- Pool Checkers.I hope you enjoy and do not forget to rate *****, that will help usto upgrade frequently.Thank you
Hangman in Italian Wiki 2.8
Thank you for downloading Your Hangman inItalian.Fill out the term, phrase, series, word etc, before the man dieshanged. Unlike other hangman, the words you're right they do not come, sonoboring or monotonous. Also, you can look in the encyclopedia and /or dictionary eachterm hits. You can also check your progress in each category.Do not hesitate, download and enjoy learning from a hangman game inItalian.Here's the list of topics:-World Countries-Male and female Names-Dictionary-Car Brands-Actors and Actresses-Italian Cities-Singers and Bands-Chemical-Elements-Animals of the WorldPowered by HarokoSoft 2014
Hangman in Brazilian Wiki 3.5
Thank you for downloading Hangman in Brazilianor Jogo da ForcaFill out the term, phrase, series, word etc, before the man dieshanged.Unlike other hangman games, the words completed will not appearagain, so noboring or monotonous. Also, you can look in the encyclopedia and /or dictionary eachterm hits. You can also check your progress in each category.Powered by HarokoSoft 2014
Brick Breaker 2.49
Thanks for downloading this Arcade breakoutgame. It will drive you crazyOperation:Your goal is to break bricks, destroyed by impacting the game ballagainst them. Now, you can also fire missiles at right andleft.Collect items for more destructive power or new ways of putting theship under attack them. Watch out!! not all items can help you !,some even make you lose one of the three initial lives.
Kakuro Cross Sums 2.8
Thank you for downloading Kakuro Puzzle -Cross sums, a brain booster.A Kakuro puzzle is a variant of Sudoku and a extremely addictivefashion game. The Kakuro is a crossword puzzle that uses numbersinstead of words. Search them.Operation:The clues are in the small triangles. Answers (white squares) mustcontain numbers whose sum is equal to the given clue. Possiblenumbers are 1 to 9. You can not repeat numbers in the same answer (row or column )This simple game is one of the most addictive puzzles in themarket, even more than Sudoku. So if you're already bored of Sudokuor crossword puzzles, you must try this hiper-addictive game.All puzzles have solution.The puzzles are generated automatically, and you can choose threelevel of difficulties, as well as three sizes.Enjoy Kakuro Cross sums, a game to boost your mind and entertainyou for hours.
Bubble Pop Mania 1.97
Simple bubble popping game.Select 2 or more adjacent bubbles with the same color and popthem.With hundreds of levels and puzzle challenges. You can share yourscores and achievements with your friends.The more bubbles burst highest ranked.features:-Bulb button: this button allows you to completely solve the level.It shows the group of bubbles you must exploit every time.-Undo moves-Levels Packs-Challenges Packs-Excellent music-Share with friendsThank you very much everyone for your opinions andvaluations.Also it called Bubble Pop Mania, this game is a free jewel,developed by HarokoSoft 2015
Hangman in Spanish Wiki 3.4
Thank you for downloading Hangman(Spanish)Fill out the term, phrase, series, word etc, before the man dieshanged. Unlike other hangman games, the words completed will not appearagain, so noboring or monotonous. Also, you can look in the encyclopedia and /or dictionary eachterm hits. You can also check your progress in each category.Do not hesitate, download and enjoy learning from your hangman inSpanish.Here's the list of topics:TV-Series-World Countries-Fruits, Vegetables, Vegetables-Male and female Names-Spanish Dictionary terms-Cars-Actors and actresses of Hollywood etc-Mexican, Argentine and Spanish Cities-Singers and Bands world widePowered by HarokoSoft 2014
4 in a Row (Four in a Line) 2.99
Thanks for downloading "4 in a Row" also knownas "Four in a Line".

Four in a row is free!

Spend unforgettable moments playing this fun puzzle game

.The matches are fast y funny. Very realistic game.You can play with another person or against the ArtificialIntelligence module(Ai).
The Ai of this game is not predictable asin other games.


This game is a two-player game in which each one chooses adifferent color for your chips and by shifts launches one at a timein a panel of 7 columns x 6 rows.

The chips piling up in his column.The objective of the game is to connect pieces of the same colorforming a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally before youropponent does.

Players start playing in rotating shifts.

Upcoming improvements: Online game

Four in a row in 4 languages:

Tic Tac Toe Classic 1.9
Thank you for downloading Tic Tac ToeClassic.Also known as Noughts and Crosses or Three in a row, Tic Tac Toe isa paper and pencil game between two players marking the spaces in a3 × 3 board alternately. A player wins if he can have a line ofthree symbols: the line can be horizontal, vertical ordiagonal.This variant works with three chips maximum per player. Once eachplayer has alltheir chips in play, they should change their position to keepplaying and get three in a row.You can play with another person or against the form on ArtificialIntelligence (Ai).In seven languages:  -Spanish  -English  -Català  -Portuguese  -Italian  -French  -ChineseTic Tac Toe is a game for all ages.
Matching Game 1.8
Thanks for installing Memory Match Game.Match card images:Remember where appeared and get open all the panel withthe minimum possible clicks. Train your memory every day.This game helps you to exercise and train the visual and spatialretention. Train your memory letting it to retain the pictures likea sponge.This memory matching game has 10 difficulty levels, you can playany of them at any time.features:- Scores- Sounds- Time left- Adorable Pictures- For all ages
Hanoi Towers 2.2
This is a game of a group of discs which arestacked increasing radius inserted into one of the three batteriesof a board.The objective of the game Towers of Hanoi is to move items from onepile to another of the remaining two, following some certainrules:1.-You can only move one disk at a time.2.-A larger disk can not rely on one smaller than himself.3.-You can only get the disk that is above all.To play, touch a battery or industry to make a record of it. Touchanother stack or to add industry.Easy has not. Dare with 10 discs?
Math Puzzle 1.7
Thank you for downloading Math SquareMath Square is a set of basic arithmetic operations.It is to find the hidden numbers that solve the puzzle; operatingbetween them according to the result.Try this math game to regenerate your brain cells. This game willyou handle the brainsince first day.Select the level of difficulty from:  Easy: 4x4 with addition, subtraction andmultiplication  Medium: 5x5 with addition, subtraction andmultiplication  Difficult: 5x5 with addition, subtraction, multiplicationand division  End: 7x7 with addition, subtraction, multiplication anddivisionNow you no longer have to buy the newspaper every day to solve theMath Square, a gamesuitable for all ages.Powered by HarokoSoft, 2016
Arka Master II (Brick Breaker) 2.51
New levels to get you completely crazy.Operation:Your objective is to destroy, to break bricks making impact theball of game against them. Now, you can also fire missiles rightand left.Collect items to obtain greater power of destruction or new formsof attack placing the ship under them. Watch out!! Not all itemshelp you! Some may even cause you to lose one of the initial threelives.Developed by Harokosoft.Levels designed by the great SuperHerny
Loko Brick Breaker 1.55
Operation of Loko Breaker:Simple.You have to break the bricks with the balls before theyhit the ground. Each brick indicates a number, which is how manytimes you have to hit the balls against it to destroy itcompletely.When the ball returns to the ground, new bricks appear and theremaining ones descend a position. The number of touches needed todestroy the bricks increases.During the game you can collect different elements:Collect the ball Each collected ball increases in one availableballs by throwing them against the bricks. Up to 50.Collect the fireball to break the bricks with a single touch,regardless of what the brick indicates.Collect the bomb The bomb contains a number. If you pick it up, allthe bricks with a number equal to or less than the one indicated onthe bomb are destroyed.Collect the star The number of stars you own remain betweenmatches. When you have ten or more, you can redeem them forcontinuing to play if you are about to lose the game.... we are working on incorporating more elements !!The game ends when the bricks touch the ground. Look for your beststrategy to prevent that from happening.Download this game for free and have fun !!!Game developed by HarokoSoft, 2017
Word Search 1.97
Find the hidden words in the word searchpuzzle, up to 20 packs of puzzles per language. Up to 4000 wordsearch puzzles in this first delivery.PacksYou can play any puzzle. No wordsearch puzzle are blocked. They'reall for free.The games are saved automatically showing the progress you have inthe game. There's no save button.Time control .You can see the time you have been playing, as well as the recordof the best mark. You can repeat the game once finished to surpassyour record.Puzzles are not randomly generated. They are setted levels.You can challenge your friends to see who finishes the gamebefore.There are different difficulties, from small puzzles to hugepuzzles.Challenge your friends to play the same word search puzzle. Checkthe marks and tell them that you have won!Supported languages-Spanish-English-Russian-French-Italian-German-Portuguese-Swedish-Dutch-Catalan-Turkish