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Spaceteam 2.5.3
Henry Smith
Do you like pushing buttons and shouting atyour friends? Do you like discharging Clip-jawed Fluxtrunions? Ifyou answered yes, or no, then you might have what it takes to be ona Spaceteam.Spaceteam is a cooperative party game for 2 to 8 players who shouttechnobabble at each other until their ship explodes. Each playerneeds a mobile device (Android and Apple devices can play togetherover Wifi!).You'll be assigned a random control panel with buttons, switches,sliders, and dials. You need to follow time-sensitive instructions.However, the instructions are being sent to your teammates, so youhave to coordinate before the time runs out. Also, the ship isfalling apart. And you're trying to outrun an exploding star.Good luck. And remember to work together... as a Spaceteam!Features:- Teamwork- Confusion- Shouting- An untimely demise- Beveled Nanobuzzers- Auxiliary Technoprobes- Four-stroke PluckersAwards & Recognition:* Winner - GameCity Prize 2013* Winner - IndieCade 2013 (Interaction Award)* Winner - A MAZE. Indie Games Award 2013 (The Most Amazing IndieGame)* Winner - International Mobile Gaming Awards 2013 (InnovationAward)* Finalist - Independent Games Festival 2013* Featured Game - IndieCade East 2013* Selection - PAX East Indie Showcase 2013
Spaceteam: ESL 1.0
Henry Smith
Spaceteam ESL (English-as-a-Second-Language)is a crazy and fun English learning game you play with your friendsand classmates using phones or tablets. Your team of 2-4 players isworking together to fly a spaceship. To survive, you must followthe instructions and press the right buttons on your control panelon your phone. But there is a problem with your ship—yourinstructions are being sent to your friends’ phones, and yourfriends’ instructions are being sent to your phone! This means thatif you want to survive, you must communicate and work together!How long will your team be able to keep flying the ship? Willyou be smashed by an asteroid? Will angry space dogs kill yourship? Or will you get burned up by a star? It all depends how wellyou are able to work together…as a Spaceteam!For more information visit: http://spaceteamesl.ca/