Hillbillies Apps

Watch Ads 1.0
This app uses unity ads, to get the bestuserexperience without delay.Features:- Unity Ads- Attractive User Interface- Video Ads- Fast and responsive- Videos play in any orientationIf stuck loading an ad please restart the application.
Bottle Flip 1.9
Waste your time even more by doing theBottleFlip challenge on a mobile!This game allows you to sit back and relax and carelesslythrowaround a plastic bottle.and yes, this game was entirely created based on the bottleflipchallenge.NEW UPDATES:- Completely remade from scratch.- Optimised well with the 2D interface.- New scoring system, high scores too!- Ads won't pop up whilst your are playing.- Cheat blocker feature.Features:- Enjoy wasting your life on this game- Watch ads that you love- No other features because the game is pointless.