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Doctor Birth Surgery Simulator 1.5
The siren is screaming everywhere. Theambulance has mommy in it. What has happened to your mommy? Is sheexpecting a baby right now? Oh my God!!!! This is the realmaternity surgery simulator game which is only for serious futuredoctors.Mom needs a surgery operation in the ambulance in this emergencystate. Very less doctors in the world can operate in thesecircumstances. The maternity operation requires certain set ofskills. You need to feed the mommy 1st to see is she energized forsuch a big operation. You will get all the surgery tools needed forthis surgery. Check the temperature for a light fever and then havean ultrasound to see the state of the baby.Is the baby healthy enough? Is it time for a maternity surgery? Youare in charge and as a doctor it’s up to you to take this vitaldecision. If you deem the baby healthy enough then start operatingby cutting the tummy or stomach of mommy for this caesarean c –section operation.Take the baby out and cut the umbilical cord. Wash, bath, feed andclean your baby up. With amazing new clothes and dressing fashiondesign to pick fromAfter this sew the mommy up with stiches on her tummy and stomach.Make sure pregnant mommy is fine and is able to take care of herbaby.*Features*- Feed mommy with yummy fruits- A game for future doctors- Maternity Operation that requires surgery skills- Perform a caesarean c- section operation- Cut open the tummy or stomach- Feed the baby with yummy food- Become a fashion designer by selecting good clothes- Become a future doctor
Zombies Surgery Simulator 1.3
There is an emergency declared in the city dueto a Zombie plague that has caused quite a lot of destruction andmade many people injured. All hospitals and ambulance are full ofpeople so it’s your job now to start treating patients and performopen heart surgery, stomach surgery, and ear surgery, tummy surgeryand even maternity surgeryThere are 4 patients that need your help and you can choose any oneof them and start preparation for surgery by becoming an amazingambulance doctor.Every patient has a different injury and you will have to treatthem to make them human again.The first patient needs a stomach surgery because it got rupturedwhile the patient fell on sharp objects that pierced through hisgut. So he will need a plastic surgery as well. You can start bybecoming an amateur surgeon and making incision and put stitchesinside to stop the bleeding. Make sure you do the surgery in acorrect manner, otherwise the patient might need a heart surgerydoctor as well.The second patient broke his leg and needs metal plates and plasterto get the bone fixed again, as shown by the x-ray.The third Patient is not much serious as he injured his wrist andneeds a minor ear surgery in the hospital. But still he needs aproper doctor surgeon to help him out. You will have to make aminor incision and fix the patients wrist by applying stitches andat the end finally applying bandage after he gets back from thex-ray doctor. After that, he might need an ear surgery as well, butwe are still not sure about it.Finally the fourth patient is also a bit serious as he got hiskidney ruptured and needs emergency liver surgery so that the organcan be saved. You can start by administrating an injection to putthe patient to sleep and make a small incision. To make this gameinteresting, there is a mini game included that will never make youfeel bored. After you have fixed the patient’s kidney, stitch theincision to stop the bleeding and apply bandage. You mustunderstand that the kidney is close to the liver, so perform thecorrect surgery otherwise he might need a liver surgery aswell.So what are you guys waiting for? Download this fun filled excitinggame and start treating patients.Features Include:• Be the crazy doctor you always wanted to be• Perform real surgeries on patients to make them betteragain• Operate on mommies that need maternity surgery.
Cooking Girl Master Chef 1.3
An awesome kitchen cooking game, where thereal master chef comes to life. You can play from a lot stagesthrough where cooking starts and baking ends. Make yummybreakfasts, delicious lunches and family dinners.You can surprise mom and dad with yummy chocolate and strawberrymilkshakes. Cut fruits and make yummy milk shakes for your family.You can also make awesome sandwiches and tasty pancakes. Adddifferent veggies with lettuce and tomatoes to make a healthylunch.Help Sara and Sally be the best master chefs and make from so manydifferent recipes. Be the best master chef and show the world youcan cook.How to Cook- Make yummy sandwiches- Cut fruits and prepare delicious sandwiches- Make tasty breakfasts and pancakes- Become an awesome cook
Mommy Plastic Surgery Hospital 1.4
Mommy has played a lot of games and injuredthemselves in the process. They need help from the emergency doctorso they could get their features back. Injuries in the nose, earand eyes have made mommy worry about their face.Don’t let the kids fear and play this Plastic Surgeon. In the gamewhich makes that baby dream of yours come to life by making you theclumsy doctor you always wanted to be and perform your surgery onas many patients as you like FOR AMAZINGLY FREE!!!Kick off your day by treating emergency cases that need quick help.The little mommy has a cut on her eye. It is up to the clumsy superstar doctor to save the day! Let’s get her to the surgery room andstart doing some free complete surgery and virtual operation.=== How to Operate in Emergency ===Start the game and operate the baby girl because she is in a lot ofpainLet us see what’s wrong with her eye!Put eye drops to clean those pretty little eyesCarefully clean the eyes with the towel! Don’t be clumsy there oryou might hurt herLet’s put the little girl to sleep now by using anesthesia from theoxygen maskSpray some antiseptic liquid in her little eyes.Use the towel again to clean themNow use the needle to stitch that crazy looking cut there. Becareful even if it’s just a gameNow put the bandage on the cut and VOILA! Treatment completeFinish the first treatment to unlock more crazy treatments forFREE!!!=== FEATURES ===- 4 mommy patients with 4 emergency surgery treatments- Funny Crazy Eyelid Surgery Game- Clumsy Cheek Surgery Game- Emergency Nose Surgery Doctor- Use different operation theater tools and do your stitching &bandaging like real future doctors
Maternity Baby Birth Surgery 1.1
The real deal is here where you can learn tobecome a real doctor and this operation would make you an expert inno time.The princess is carrying a fever around the whole enchanted islandthat what will happen in this crazy virtual surgery and how willthe doctor perform it and make it look easy. A game for youngchildren who want to become a doctor in the near future. Test yourskills to the limit and show the world that you can become adoctor. With so many mommy’s to select from and so many prince andprincesses to come in this world. You surely can be the best doctorin the kingdom. The princess came in the ambulance with a very bigemergency. A baby in a tummy of a princess which is royal to thekingdom.Everything is so virtual and realistic in this game that will amazeyou and will make you play even more than you expected. Moreintense operations and virtual simulation surgeries to show thefuture doctors what it is like to be in an operation theater. Workas the best doctor in town and show the other virtual doctors howit’s done.The game doesn’t end after the crazy operation. You have to takecare of the new born baby or prince. This will show how the futuredoctor can adapt to different situations.End the game with the baby properly cleaned and you making itthrough the most difficult emergency surgery in your doctor’scareer.
Ice Candy Maker 1.0
Kids are crazy for Popsicle and ice candiesHere you go kids, have awesome Popsicles and Ice Pops! Create icecandy that make your taste buds go yummy.Refresh yourself with nice cold juicy yummy ice pop candy. Learnhow you can make it at home!Crush some fruit and ice. Mix it, shake it, pour it, insert yourfavorite wood stick and freeze it in a custom mold shape. Coat itwith different toppings, sprinkle, put on some decorations withpaper umbrellas and other little toys for your young ones to playwith.And in the end get ready for the fun part - eat your ice popcandy!!!!This ice candy maker includes: 6 types of flavors in differentcombinations and more coming soon- strawberry, cherry, lemon,orange, banana, kiwi, watermelon and blueberry. Sandwich your icecandy in tasty toppings and decorations.Make someone smile today - Create an ice candy pop and share withthem for their Happy Birthday or other occasion. Show off your icecream decorating skills to your family and friends.Fun ice cream sundae decorating game for kids of all ages. Withthis free ice candy maker app, everyday can be an ice candy day -go wild!-Features-- Select from awesome designs and create the perfect icecandy- Pick from some yummy colors that you want to eat- Show your creativity to your friends and family- You can eat from so many different flavors
Circus Day 1.0
Amazing scenes in this carnival circus. HelpCharlie the circus master to be a circus stylist and see all theanimals and clowns perform.The show is going to be great, get as many tickets as you can fromthe ticket booth. Select from different levels where you have todress up all these awesome characters. Help Charlie the circusstylist and dress up animals and celebrity dancing models. Fix thescrubby clown with a big red nose, so he can entertain people inthe circus.Get ready to be a circus master and make the best show happen.Features:- Help the scrubby clown, so he can perform.- Dress up the dancer with celebrity like clothes- The pet lion needs a makeover, Become an awesome stylist
High School Clinic 1.0
Do you love high school games? Presenting highschool clinic, where you play the doctor who cures, heals andnurses girls, boys and friends as they live their high school life.Perform body examinations, mend broken limbs, dress wounds, repairdamaged tissue and stop bleeding for school boys and school girlsthat battle at dates and play professional sports. This is a casualgame, fashion game, girls game and kids game for children, studentsand adults alike!
Newborn Baby Sister 1.0
Baby sister Needs help from her big sister.Select from four mommies to help you with the little newborn babysister.Start of the game with taking care of your mommy during herpregnancy. Feed her with different fruits and food.Give your mommy an ultrasound to check if your newborn baby sisteris healthy and sound. Take care of the baby in the best waypossible by feeding him and washing him when he’s dirty. Usedifferent products and accessories to dress your baby up and makehim play with awesome toys.Your baby sister will love you after this. Learn from this game andtake care of your baby sister in real.*How to Play*Help mommy during her pregnancyFeed her by using different eating productsClean and feed your baby to make him look cuter.Use different toys to make your baby smile.
Knee Surgery Virtual Doctor 1.3
A clumsy kid has crossed the speed limits andhave got himself into a very bad accident. He has fallen badly andhas fractured his knee very badly. Luckily an emergency ambulancewas nearby and luckily saved. It's up to you to perform thisultimate virtual operation.Get your patient to the right doctor and hospital and solve thisemergency mystery.Ever performed the most virtual emergency knee operation on yourpatient; the emergency ambulance has brought your patient to thehospital. His knee, leg and foot are badly injured and they need avirtual operation straight away.Wipe of all the germs and dirt on his arm to operate and cure hisinjuries. After that you would have to work with a lot of machineryand surgical items to perform this operation. You are the expertdoctor in town and it’s up to you to operate his knee, leg andfoot. Use amazing x-ray machines to check that where the bones arebroken and injuries have occurred. Now you would have to perform asurgical procedure depending what the injury is and where they haveoccurred.In this great surgery game you will also learn how to make asupport machine for your knee. You want your patient to use theirknee straight away after their injuries are healed and drive thatheavy bike again. Tight screws and decide where to place theappropriate items to create a knee support machine.Little scars, ripped skin and unremoved tattoos can be cured easilywith bandages but make sure about the germs here and how can theybe cured. Zoom into your patient’s knee and check that are therestill germs there? If not clean them up by shooting with the mostamazing laser ever, this laser is used by every surgeon intown.Now that your knee, leg and feet are cured, place your patient onto the stretcher and find her a bed within the hospital and treather nails. O yes her nails are all chipped so you can also treatthem and give an amazing nail makeover.**Features**- Ambulance scene- Take the kid to the hospital- X ray scene- Check if there are any broken bones- Virtual Surgery scene – Operate your patient and sew her up withstitches- Surgical machinery – Use different surgical machinery and openher knee, leg and foot- White blood cells – See the dead white blood cells kill thembefore they cause more harm.- Nail Makeover – Treat chipped nails and give them amakeover
Open Heart Surgery - Heart Doc 1.0
Want to be a heart doctor? Open heart surgeryis a casual game that allows doctor kids to cure heart diseases.Become a heart surgeon as patients arrive in ambulance for heartsurgery. Be an anesthetist, perform heart transplants, check health& fitness using heart rate monitor, prevent damage to patientshealth at your clinic. Enter the operation theater in this girlsgame and cure sick patients using a pacekmaker in this surgerysimulation. Open heart surgery - Heart Doctor, a kids game thatyour children will love!
Ice Princess 2 - Frozen Story 1.3
Its time to live the life of an ice princessonce again, in the frosty winter with this ice princess game! Dressup with enchanting dresses, beautify yourself with stunning creams,eyeliners and flawless makeup, decorate your royal pet for thesweet sixteen dance ball! Bring out your best winter gown andfrosty, stunning accessories, beautify yourself in the ice princessspa and salon, n pose for amazing photos! Once youre done, headover to the dance party to meet your prince charming and become hisIce Queen!
Lips Surgery Doctor - Pouting 1.0
With so many Surgery games. This is therealsimulator!!Give your beautiful model a whole new makeover with thisbeautifulDoctor game. Become the lime light of the party orweddings, oreven make your little patient become a prom queen. Shemust looklike a gorgeous prom queen, with stylish hair, amazingnails, greatface makeup and last but not least, her lips must be soattractivethat everyone would want to kiss them.Her lips are all torn apart and a surgery with drasticmeasurescan save her lips. This emergency requires a person withdoctor andmakeover skills. Do you have both to cure her lips and atthe sametime make them look beautiful.She might need stiches in this emergency surgery and evenaninjection to cure the pain. Select from various lip styleslikeAngelina Jolie, Chloe Grace Moretz or even Kim Kardashian Pickanycelebrity you love and make your lips just the way you want themtobe.This emergency doctor game will make you play more and more.Trythis awesome game and let us know.Features> Selection: Select from the four emergency lipsurgerypatients> Clean: Make sure the lips are properly clean for thisemergencyoperation> Makeover: Choose from various different lip styles to makeyourprincess look beautiful.> Surgery: Use different doctor tools to perform the surgeryandmake them look beautiful
Newborn Baby Sister Mommy Care 1.0
Show your love for mommy with Newbornbabysister - Mommy Care! A beautiful baby sister is about to beborn,and your mommy needs your care! Dress up your newborn sisterwiththe best clothing, decorate her room, change her diapers, giveherthe best birthday party ever. Be you a brother or sister,playingwith mommy and your newborn baby sister was never this fun!Carefor mommy as she is pregnant, spoil her with delicious treats,giveher a massage, an ultrasound and much much more in thisnewbornbaby game. Its time to celebrate the arrival of your littlesisterwith Newborn Baby Sister - Mommy Care!
Nose Piercing Salon 1.0
The girls are in need of a nose piercingandthey have chosen you to help pierce their nose andeyebrows.Amazing jewelry and makeover options are available to makeyourclients look pretty & hot.Nose piercing Salon is the next big thing on Play Store. Thistrendygame will let you choose clients so that you can give them anoseand eyebrow piercing. You can start by cleaning the nosepimples andpop them. Apply bandage on them and make them prettyagain. Aftercleaning the nose, make a dot and sterilize the areato bepierced.Remove unwanted hair and pop pimples to make your princess looklikea beautiful glam doll. Your princess doll is beautiful andthesefashion accessories will make her look beautiful. Nose andeyebrowscan be pierced by using a gun followed by cleaning. Afterthepiercing is complete, a wide variety of jewelry is availabletochoose from to place on the nose and eyebrows. After completingthefashion design piercing, you can give your clients a glammakeoverby choosing different eye shadows, lipsticks and Blush.Yourfashion makeover will be completed after a piercing session onthenose and eye brows.Features:• Nose Piercing• Clean and pop pimples and remove unwanted hair• A wide variety of jewelry available for your beautyglamdoll• Make over kit available for clients• Select from different characters to perform piercing on
Ear Salon Makeover Spa 1.0
You are a grown up girl now and needpiercingin your ears in the ear piercing salon. With amazingoptions andfashion designs. Pierce your ears and nose for fun andamazingresults and the hottest look ever. From tons of earrings andnoserings. It’s up to you to choose the best and even help yourmommypick the best piercing.You can select from 2 characters on which you can performearpiercing. With so many uncountable fashion design options it’sveryhard that you get bored. Your mommy’s ear is badly infected andyouneed to become an ear doctor in order to save her and popherpimples. Remove her ear wax and hair, pop her pimples to haveabeautiful look.When the wax and piercing give you the eww, select frombeautifulearrings to make your mommy look wow.Check from different color lipsticks, eye liners and blush – onandsee you’re before and after look. With ear piercing done youcanshow off to your friends and show them how good yourpiercingselection is.# Features #| Ear piercing| Pop pimples and remove unwanted hair| Become an ear doctor and remove wax from ears| Beautiful make-up products for your mommy| Check out the before and after looks of your character
Princess Fashion Design Tailor 1.4
The grandest ball has been announced by theKing, where there will be dancing and singing and all thefestivities.All the princesses are tensed as they have to choose princecharming. Prince coming from all over the world are making theprincesses more nervous. You are the Royal Tailor and now it is upto you to make the most amazing dress for the star princess to makeher look like a princess in this fairytale. It’s time to get busyand design beautiful dresses! Design and Decorate between lots ofclothing design, match colors, create prints, patterns textures andmuch more and bring out the hidden artist in you.You can add laces, colors, pockets, flowers, belts, buckles,buttons, badges and hundreds of other add-on’s to make beautifuldresses.You can also make them special by using more accessories like Hats,Shoes, stickers & belts.Now select from 4 star princesses and choose quality fabrics anddesign the perfect clothes for a perfect makeover.There is a lot of unstitched clothes with different colors whichwould need a lot of creativity from you. Use your scissors and getready to make some amazing designs for her makeover. You have tocut along traced lines to make the beautiful & creativefashionable shirt or skirt in your boutique. Stitching has neverbeen so much fun, now make star celebrity shirt the way you want itto be. It’s up to you where you will place your buttons and use theneedle to even stitch them. Be creative and decorate & designthe shirt of your dreams, with different laces, buttons, pockets,belts and stickers make star celebrity shirts. Select frombeautiful add-ons to make your clothes awesome in yourboutique.Now try the clothes and shirts you make in your try room. Dress upYour princess in your boutique, where she can become a real star.Use more accessories like hats, mustaches, tiaras, turbans andshoes.===== FEATURES =====- Select from unstitched shirts and trousers- Cut your shirts & trousers the way you want them to be andcreate different styles in your boutique- Pick from a wide range of shirts & trousers: Use Laces,buttons, pockets, belts, stickers and different patterns for yourmakeover- Select from beautiful princesses
Prom Salon - High School Ends 1.1
Prom is here and you need a makeover. Thisgameis super fun in which you can prepare models so that they canlookbetter in this high school event. With fashion stars, topmodels andfabulous celebrities like makeovers, you have a specialmake-up andmakeover game. You have so many wonderful accessoriesfor yourmakeover that even the queen will be surprised to suchbeautifuldresses and makeovers.All you have to do is choose your prom fashion model and give heraproper makeover. After choosing your model, you can give her aspatreatment that includes cleaning pimples and even poppingthose,threading eye brows, face scrub, hair wash, face wash&steamer. After your princess model has come out of the spa,sherequires a makeover for high school. The makeover sceneincludesputting blush on, eye liner, changing eye color, variouslipstickcolors available, a wide variety of ear jewelry and tiarato makeher look like a princess. Select from an enormous range ofhairstyles and hair designs. You can also choose from amazinglipsticksshades, find the color that suits your lips best. Justwait, we arejust getting started. Your eyes makeover is the mostimportantpart, with various eye lens and eye shades. Princess willsurelyget jealous when she sees the collection of your dresses andhowbeautiful they are.The final scene of this game is the dress up scene that includesawide variety of dresses, shoes, bags, necklace &bracelets.Features Include:• Choose and design the most beautiful model and make her looklikeprom glam doll model• Give your prom models a spa appointment and take care oftheirfreckled and pimple skin• Makeover and dress up scene is included with the most awesomeandbeautiful dresses• Add accessories that include shoes, bags, jewelry andtiara,everything a princess needs.Probably the best makeover game out there. Do try out thelatestfashion trends and make this fashion doll wow.
Skin Doctor - Pop Pimples 1.0
A wonderful princess far far away has lostherbeauty and is counting on you to make her beautiful.You have to become one crazy surgeon to take care of herbeautyand master the art of skin plastic surgery. She got badlyburnt sotake care of her legs and arms, even make thembeautiful.Running your own clinic isn’t easy and these princess alwaysneeda before after look from you. So you need to make herbeautiful withmake-up and other cool products. After all the skintreatments makeher beautiful and show to everyone in that kingdomthat this is theway to do makeovers.The princess after the plastic surgery is counting on you forthebest of makeovers. So she can attend the royal party andimpress theprince and live happily ever after-----FEATURES------ Chose from 2 Characters with Skin troubles and pimples- Apply Facial Tools for beauty enhancement- Fight with Face Germs with Lasers!- Pop Pimples- Become an expert at plastic surgery and show how it works!- Beauty Treatments for those little improvements- Amazing Hospital environment- Give sparkling facials!- Cute little bandages- Treat arms and legs as well!- Loads of facial fun!
Fashion Doll Girls Makeover 1.0
It's time to makeover your fashion dollwiththe best girls makeover game - Fashion Doll Girls Makeover.Dressup your doll princess with beautiful dresses, bracelets,earrings,eye makeup and much more as you style your doll as afashionist. Amakeover game like no other, where you facialize yourdoll with eyemakeup, chic creams, pimple popping, hair plucking andspa salontreatments. If you like makeover, makeup and dressupgames, yourlittle girl will definitely love Fashion DollMakeover!
Long Hair Royal Princess Salon 1.0
Interested in being a barber? Head over toourHair Salon & use your hair cutting skills to satisfy allthecustomers in your hair salon. You can cut hair, comb,shave,wash,style and color them the way you want. Everyone wantstheir haircut and they want you to be their barber. There is somuch that youcan do to help your customers like, cut, shampoo,wash, dry, andcomb them to make them look perfect in this kidsgame. So startyour own hair salon, and start giving your clientshair cuts andmuch more.-Features-* Amazing long hair of so many princesses* Cut them, comb them, clean them and be a barber* Awesome makeover scene* Enchanted castles* Make Magical potionsAbout HoneyBadger AppsA quickly developing Kids Brand recognized around the worldforproducing exciting and addictive mobile applications for kids.Wewant to educate kids, so we aim to produce educational gamessothat all the kids can learn something daily through our games.Wewant our kids to think out of the box and be more creativeandimaginative so try out our games and start having fun!Like us: https://www.facebook.com/Honey-Badger-Apps-1688648091389013/CONTACT USLet us know what you think about our apps. Need to giveanysuggestions? We would love to hear from you at [email protected]:All our games are totally free to play. Just click on theinstallbutton and start having lots of fun!
Knee Surgery Doctor 2 1.4
Performing the most virtual emergency kneeoperation on your patient is a hard job; the emergency ambulancehas brought your patient to the hospital. His knee, leg and footare badly injured and they need a virtual operation straightaway.Clean all the injuries off the knee to have a safe operation. Afterthat you would have to work with a lot of machinery and surgicalitems to perform this operation. You are the expert doctor in townand it’s up to you to operate his knee, leg and foot. Use amazingx-ray machines to check that where the bones are broken andinjuries have occurred. Now you would have to perform a surgicalprocedure depending what the injury is and where they haveoccurred.In this great surgery game you will also learn how to make asupport machine for your knee. You want your patient to use theirknee straight away after their injuries are healed and drive thatheavy bike again. Tight screws and decide where to place theappropriate items to create a knee support machine.Little scars and ripped skin can be cured easily with bandages butmake sure about the germs here and how can they be cured. Zoom intoyour patient’s knee and check that are there still germs there? Ifnot clean them up by shooting with the most amazing laser ever,this laser is used by every surgeon in town.Now that your knee, leg and feet are cured, place your patient onto the stretcher and find her a bed within the hospital and treather nails. O yes her nails are all chipped so you can also treatthem and give an amazing nail makeover.**Features**- Ambulance fiasco- Carry patients to the hospital- X ray problems- Detect where the bones are broken andinjured.- Virtual Surgery – Operate your patient and sew her up withstitches- Surgical tools – Use different surgical machinery and open herknee, leg and foot- White blood cells – See the dead white blood cells kill thembefore they do more harm.- Nail Makeover – Treat chipped nails and give them amakeover
Scooty Girl! Cupcakes Shop 1.2
A game where all the fun begins, where youhave to make yummy cakes and deliver them yourself! This bakeryneeds help and wants that you be a part of this cake makingexperience. Here in this cake cooking game you'll be able to workwith us at our restaurant, you will be the one who delivers cakesand certainly customers will be very pleased. Have you seen yourmother prepare cakes and therefore we know that you can handle thiskind of cooking.This kids game gives you the opportunity to drive a scooty in atraffic jam and dodge them to reach your destination. You willenjoy the cooking as well as the driving part of the game. Thekitchen is very nicely decorated and has all the equipment requiredto bake yummy cakes in this bakery. We'll help you with whateveryou need to make the best cakes in the city.You can show your mom your awesome baking skills and the differentkind of yummy cakes you can make. Also show them your drivingskills and how manage to deliver cakes in the right time.Awesome things you would have to do in this game.- Manage a kitchen- Make Yummy cakes- Choose different sizes and flavors- Coat the cake with deleicios chocolate- Drive a cute scooty- Manage the traffic to deliver on time- Chose your delivery clothes for the cake delivery- Make Yummy Birthday cakes- Create awesome wedding cakes- Choose from chocolate cakes and other flavors- Add cream and make art on your cakeHave fun and manage a bakery in this food maker game.
Dirty Naughty Kids Makeover 1.0
Get ready to clean up all the dirt and messinthis addictive kid’s game. In this awesome cleaning game, youhaveto clean all the dirty kids and give them a proper makeover.Putsoap on the dirty kids and clean out all the dirt there is andwashall the dirty clothes with a shower. You can put shampooandconditioner and get rid of any lice there is to make kidssqueakyclean. Once the kids are all cleaned up, pick clean clothesforthem from the wardrobe and choose from a wide varietyofaccessories to make the kids look super cool.Features: Clean up all the dirt Use shampoo, conditioner & soap to make the kidssuperclean Pick the best outfit for the kids Awesome accessories to make the kids look super cute.About HoneyBadger AppsA quickly developing Kids Brand recognized around the worldforproducing exciting and addictive mobile applications for kids.Wewant to educate kids, so we aim to produce educational gamessothat all the kids can learn something daily through our games.Wewant our kids to think out of the box and be more creativeandimaginative so try out our games and start having fun!Likeus:https://www.facebook.com/Honey-Badger-Apps-1688648091389013/CONTACT USLet us know what you think about our apps. Need to giveanysuggestions? We would love to hear from [email protected]:All our games are totally free to play. Just click on theinstallbutton and start having lots of fun!
High School Hoverboard Parade 1.1
The High school hover board parade is herewhere everyone wants to be the coolest and impress everyone. Theparade is filled with awesome activities, where you can have movienights with friends and dress up for the occasion.Upgrade your fashion diary by dressing up your Girl for the parade.Pick from the best hover board and design it with your liking. Thismagic school is filled with awesome fun and students here are verycompetitive about their hover board designs.Wake up and get ready, if you are smelly quickly take a shower andget ready for the biggest parade and party of the season.After dressing up and designing your hover board it’s time to jointhe parade.Features.- 3 girls to pick from- Design from various hover boards- Text your friends- Be the most popular girl in town
Super Model Fashion Star Story 1.0
Welcome to the world of Fashion. This gameissuper fun in which you can prepare models so that they canlookbetter. With fashion stars, top models and fabulouscelebritieslike makeovers, you have a special make-up and makeovergame. Youhave so many wonderful accessories for your makeover thateven topmodels will be surprised to such beautiful dresses andmakeovers.All you have to do is choose your Super fashion model and give heraproper makeover. After choosing your model, you can give her aspatreatment that includes cleaning pimples and even poppingthem,threading eye brows, face scrub, hair wash, face wash&steamer. After your model has come out of the spa, sherequires amakeover. The makeover scene includes putting blush on,eye liner,changing eye color, various lipstick colors available, awidevariety of ear jewelry and tiara to make her look like aprincess.Select from an enormous range of hair styles and hairdesigns. Youcan travel around the city with so many shops to go to.You can goon a shopping spree and see what you love to do. Getgreat newclothes from awesome boutiques. And a great hair cut fromtheprincess’s barber.You can also choose from amazing lipsticks shades, find thecolorthat suits your lips best. Just wait, we are just gettingstarted.Your eyes makeover is the most important part, with variouseyelens and eye shades. dolls will surely get jealous when sheseesthe collection of your dresses and how beautiful they are.
My Boyfriend Returns Makeover 1.5
The whole world becomes dark when you have abreakup. This pretty girl had a breakup and now she wants to changeherself. Can you help her out? You can cleanse the girl's face sothat she can look fresh and her skin color improves. Face is wherethe beauty is, so work on this girl's face so that the boyfriendcan take her back. Make her workout to lose that extra weight shehad put on recently. After the workout, use shampoo &conditioner on her hair and shower out all the sweat.You can give the girl a makeover on her face and pick out trendyand fashionable clothes to make her look better. With a new lookand pretty face, do you think the boyfriend will take herback?Features:-> Awesome makeover tools and accessories-> Make the girl look pretty so that the boyfriend can take herback-> Great graphics and gameplay-> Workout, select fashionable clothes and make her lookhot.About HoneyBadger AppsA quickly developing Kids Brand recognised around the world forproducing exciting and addictive mobile applications for kids. Wewant to educate kids, so we aim to produce educational games sothat all the kids can learn something daily through our games. Wewant our kids to think out of the box and be more creative andimaginative so try out our games and start having fun!Like us:https://www.facebook.com/Honey-Badger-Apps-1688648091389013/CONTACT USLet us know what you think about our apps. Need to give anysuggestions? We would love to hear from you [email protected]
Lipstick Maker Makeup Game 1.9
Need a perfect Makeup? Head over to our salonfor a facial followed by a stylish makeup. We bring you one of thebest lipstick games where you can decorate your model in style.It's your chance to be a makeup artist and use your super amazinglipstick skills to make these girls look beautiful and stunning atthe school party. Give these girls a relaxing fashion makeup, maketheir skin looks fresh for an awesome photoshoot.This lipstickmaker game will give you perfect makeover skills, so apply aperfect lip color and become a world class popular lipstickartist!
Liposuction Surgery Simulator 2.1
Mom was pregnant for a long time, so shecouldn’t notice how much weight she has gained and now she hasbecome very fat. After a long maternity leave, she has decided totake a liposuction surgery doctor operation. After a very difficultdoctor birth surgery it’s very important to operate now and leavethese maternity days behind.Liposuction is a very technical operation where you can take outall the fat from the patient and make her very slim again. Usefancy tools and become one of the best doctors who can play thissimulator game.Want to become a future doctor then this game might get youstarted. Real operation theatres, amazing real simulation affects.And it’s what a doctor’s life is like.Make patients happy with removing fat and showing them their realself. You can select the mommy you will start treating first fromthe selection scene. Once the mommy is in the operation room, giveher a thorough checkup if she is healthy and not suffering from anymedical disease.After the lab results are out and the mommy’s health is good youcan start with the procedure. You can first start by marking on hertummy so that you can start melting the fats. When all the markingsare complete, you can use a laser to burn all the fat from hertummy and use suction to suck all the fat for a slim waistline.Finally the mommy has been treated and she’s very excited for a newlifestyle. Now she can be confident while she carries herself. Sogive these beautiful mommies slim and smart waistline by givingthem the best liposuction treatment ever.Features Include:• Operate after maternity surgery• Treat these obese mommies using the best liposuction treatmentavailable• Play amazing mini games that will never let you feel bored• Become a real doctor and cure these pregnant mommies
Maternity Pregnant Surgery 1.4
The hospitals are full and this mommy needsemergency attention. Become a crazy doctor and perform this awesomeoperation. New born baby is on the way and it’s up to you to saveher by playing this amazing surgery simulator game.You are the leader in this surgery team and doctors want you tolead. Use the latest surgery tools and learn what doctors feel likein an operation theatre.Using these surgical kits is hard and you can show what kind of adoctor you are. This operation will test your skills and show whatkind of a doctor you can becomePregnancy is a hard thing to operate nowadays and you need specialskills as a doctor to get yourself a chance of having to see anewborn cute baby. Play this amazing surgery game which beats alldoctor games by far. Become the ultimate doctor and show mommy andbaby you care.What to do- Pick from various patients and show what you can do- Get familiar with the medical and surgical kit- Become a real live doctor, who’s performing a virtual surgerysimulator- This game is nothing short of reality.- Save mommy and baby, show them you care- The best virtual game you would play
Pregnant C-Section Maternity 1.1
Mommy needs a quick surgery on her tummyforthis awesome operation, where you might get a baby boy or ababygirl. Take mommy to the hospital for this awesome experience.After the trip to the hospital, mommy has gone intopregnancy.Doctors have no idea what to do and how to perform thispregnancyoperation. They want you to be their leader doctor andperform thisvery difficult surgery. Do you want to become a futuredoctor? Doyou have what it takes to save her in this life savingoperation?You will have all the nurses and assistants around theoperationtheater. You will use the latest equipment here inthehospital.Do you even know how to use the medical and surgical kits? Nowisthe time to see what kind of a doctor you can become. If yousavemommy and baby in this maternity operation, you surely are therealdeal to become a future doctor.Pregnancy is a hard thing to operate nowadays and you needspecialskills as a doctor to get yourself a chance of having to seeanewborn cute baby. Play this amazing surgery game which beatsalldoctor games by far. Become the ultimate doctor and show mommyandbaby you care.How to play- You own the hospital, so you get to pick your own patients- Get familiar with the medical and surgical kit- Become a real live doctor, who’s performing a virtualsurgerysimulator- This game is nothing short of reality.- Help mommy and baby, show them you care- If you want to become a future doctor, this is the gameforyou.
Face Painting Salon 1.5
Ever thought of being a face paint artist? Nowis your chance to be one and fulfill your dreams. Design your owncool, adorable doodles and make the model's faces look pretty. ThisKids face paint game will keep you hooked so that you can paintusing different colors and themes. Get your models ready for asplendid face paint party using your creativity & colors. Givethese cute beautiful girls a makeup followed by awesome face paintdesigns.
Hair Salon 2 - Chalk my Hair 1.3
Its time to cut, style, trim, color and chalkyour hair at Hair Salon 2 - Chalk my Hair! The latest free hairsalon game, hair salon 2 lets you comb and curl your hair with acurling iron, straighten hair using a straightener, cut n stylehair with scissors, make mustaches and mohawks, chalk hair intobright red, pink or blue! Put on amazing accessories and flauntyour hair styling techniques to your friends!
Bathroom Clean Up & Makeover 1.9
Mommy is out for her baby birth and you needto clean the bathroom. The bathroom should not be dirty as it isfull of filth and germs. Hygiene is necessary so this game allowsyou to clean all the dirt and filth there is for a hygienic healthylife. The bathroom is very dirty and full of germs, and you’re theonly one who can clean up all the mess. Even if you have the stargirl princess Emma, she still has to clean the bathroom.There are a wide variety of cleaning tools available at yourdisposal so you have to select different tools and clean out themess. In this fun filled game, you can clean the toilet by using asponge and brush, making the toilet germs free. There are differentscenes available that requires your help in cleaning them. Scenesinclude Toilet, shower, basin, tub and floor.The bathroom is a disaster so everything is out of its place andmommy’s going to be home very soon. It is your task to placeobjects at their places and make the bathroom clean and tidy beforemom finds out about the mess.To make the game challenging and entertaining, mini games have beenadded to get the game going with fun. So don’t miss this game andbe the best bathroom cleaner there is.Features:• Clean your princess’s Emma Bathroom• Quick shower scene cleaning, don’t let mommy find out• Tub and Floor scene cleaning• Place objects at their places and keep everything organized• Mini games that you won’t find in any other bathroom clean upgames
Pizza Delivery GO 1.1
Hey hurry up! Customers are waiting for ayummy hot pizza, drive and rush to their location. Beware of allthe hurdles and traffic to reach their in time. Pizza Delivery GOmotorbike simulation game where you become the ultimatedriver.Are you bored by playing some police, racer motorbike extremedriving 3D simulation games with jumping over roof and ramps? Doyou want something more fun, where we can test your driving skills?Pizza Delivery GO offers you to driver some real cool bikes in atraffic jam on the city streets. Takeout order for American pizzaswith pepperoni in town, you drive a mini scooter bike for a fastfood family restaurant. Play as pizza boy and show superb bikerider skills to make all order delivery on time to earn tips alongthe way by collecting gold coins.Hurry and reach your destination with hot cheese pizzas for thecustomers. Enjoy a traffic jam where you can’t stop or make amistake.Show your pro racing moto biker skills and watch out for the policecars, which will chase you and, sports cars heavy duty trafficvehicles in the city. The real challenge is to drive against fastpolice cars and not getting caught. Your aim is to reach differentcustomers and in the specific time. Deliver hot Italian pizza toget a good fat tip from the customer. You may have played many cityrace simulator games with quad bikes or as stuntman jumping crazytaxi. But this is the real deal where you have to escape theclutches of the police and deliver a hot pizza to yourcustomers.Download Pizza Delivery Go and help your customers with a yummypizza.
Arm Surgery 2 Doctor Simulator 1.7
Time to be a crazy surgeon once again in thisblockbuster surgery simulator "Arm Surgery Doctor 2". You canperform a number of crazy surgeries on your patients. There are somany patients they require surgeries and they want you to be theirsurgeon. Diagnose and start treating the patients by performing armsurgeries and much more. Your hospital is very busy and somepatients require new organs and emergency surgeries. There is apatient that requires an arm surgery, wrist surgery, leg surgery,so be the crazy surgeon you have always dreamed of and be thedoctor and start treating your patients right away.Features:- Time to be an arm doctor again and perform surgeries- Realistic surgeries with real surgery tools- New patients requires so many surgeries- Exciting game play and graphics.About HoneyBadger AppsA quickly developing Kids Brand recognized around the world forproducing exciting and addictive mobile applications for kids. Wewant to educate kids, so we aim to produce educational games sothat all the kids can learn something daily through our games. Wewant our kids to think out of the box and be more creative andimaginative so try out our games and start having fun!Like us:https://www.facebook.com/Honey-Badger-Apps-1688648091389013/CONTACT USLet us know what you think about our apps. Need to give anysuggestions? We would love to hear from you [email protected]:All our games are totally free to play. Just click on the installbutton and start having lots of fun!
Leg Surgery 2 Doctor Hospital 1.6
It's time to be a crazy surgeon once again inyour hospital. So start preparing patients and give them propertreatment and perform awesome leg and foot surgeries at thehospital. You are the doctor in this game so it’s your job toprovide treatment to all your patients. You can perform basiccheckups and diagnose what the problem is. Later on you can startthe treatment and cure your patient. These kids were playingtogether and hurt their foot & legs requiring surgery, so givethem proper treatment at the hospital and make them walkagain.Features:- Perform real time surgeries on your patients- Start treatment and make these kids walk again- Be the doctor you have always dreamed of becoming- Use doctor tools to perform realistic surgeriesAbout HoneyBadger AppsA quickly developing Kids Brand recognized around the world forproducing exciting and addictive mobile applications for kids. Wewant to educate kids, so we aim to produce educational games sothat all the kids can learn something daily through our games. Wewant our kids to think out of the box and be more creative andimaginative so try out our games and start having fun!Like us:https://www.facebook.com/Honey-Badger-Apps-1688648091389013/CONTACT USLet us know what you think about our apps. Need to give anysuggestions? We would love to hear from you [email protected]:All our games are totally free to play. Just click on the installbutton and start having lots of fun!
Little Tailor 2 1.0
Lets sew, cut, stitch and iron! WithLittleTailor 2, little kids tailor and dressup their characters totheirhearts' content. The best little tailor game of 2016, whereyourbaby can make clothes using colorful fabrics, cutest buttonsandlatest designs. Your little tailor will open their own boutiqueandsell amazing accesssories, earrings, necklaces handbags,sunglassesand shoes, along with skirts, sweaters, t shirts andtrousers.Satisfy your customers in little tailor 2, as you openyour ownfashion tailor shop and have hours of family fun inthisfashionable little tailor game. Dont forget to take a pictureandshare with friends and family!
Ice Princess Grows Up 1.3
In a frozen world, an ice princess is born.Her birth is celebrated across the kingdom, as everyone will dressup to meet the young ice princess. Our latest casual game featuresfamily fun as you raise your own ice princess, live her life, feedher to grow up, take her to school, dress up, make up and finallymarry a grown up prince, get pregnant, become a mommy and givebirth to her own little princess! Ice princess grows up - afavorite kids game, girls game, casual game and fashion game fromHoney Badger Apps
Twin Baby Grows Up 1.1
In a decade a woman grows in to a mother&being a mommy is full of excitement, fun and fatigue.Thisbeautiful mommy has had twins and needs help to take careofadorable twins babies. You can feed the babies, play with themandeven bathe them using water to make them squeaky clean. Twinbabiesgrows up is an amazing game full of entertainment andexcitement.Twins are always a joy to have, so take care of newbornbabies andhelp mommy ease up a bit.Share their experiences in the house with playing the dogandeven painting your own house. You will have different stagesinlife and how the lives of these young girls evolve withtheirtimeline.Enjoy high school, college and even their professional job attheHospital.Twins want to become a tattoo artist or a tailor fashiondesignerand want a degree from college. Help them achieve theseawesomedegrees. Design fashionable clothes as a tailor or makegreattattoos with these twins.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------About HoneyBadger AppsA quickly developing Kids Brand recognized around the worldforproducing exciting and addictive mobile applications for kids.Wewant to educate kids, so we aim to produce educational gamessothat all the kids can learn something daily through our games.Wewant our kids to think out of the box and be more creativeandimaginative so try out our games and start having fun!Likeus:https://www.facebook.com/Honey-Badger-Apps-1688648091389013/CONTACT USLet us know what you think about our apps. Need to giveanysuggestions? We would love to hear from [email protected]
Supermarket Girl 1.4
You are going to the market where there is afun filled ride waiting for you. You are the manager now for asupermarket shopping spree. Get a lot of veggies, sweets, fruits,cakes and groceries for your family.Go from shop to shop and manage your budget. Go crazy with thesupermarket mania.Get everything and become a shopping expert and buy groceries likefruits, vegetables, cakes, sweets and Have a fun filledevening.
Magic Princess Spa Salon 1.1
In a land far away, there is a magic kingdom.Where two siblings live. These sisters are two teenage fashionicons of their land. With all the teenage girls wanting a fashionbattle, they have to look awesome at all times.The magic kingdom has a cool high school where the two teenagemagic princesses go. Recently there was a twist in the story. Emmawas called ugly and she came back home running and crying. Can youhelp this ugly teenage princess? Make her beautiful again!!The high school consists of a fashion battle which these twoteenage siblings have to win. Travel the magic land where fairiesare everywhere. Ask there help and guidance for a uniquemakeover.She lost her away while coming back from high school and needs yourhelp to go back to home. With so many evil and good creatures inthe way, the kingdom has so many secrets.You will be amazed at the make-up products and how the teenagestyle guide is these days. Use some cool and different make-up tocompletely change the look.An awesome facial spa where you can completely transform the sisterprincesses into awesome fairies. And finally the castle is readyfor the ball and the princesses should get ready and follow theteenage style guide!!! Find their prince charming and live happilyafter in the magic princess land.*Features*- Siblings makeover- Teenage princesses- Enchanted castle- Awesome high school fashion battle- Pick different make-up & spend a day in the spa- Attend the royal ball in the castle
Pool Party - VIP Girls 1.3
Its time to throw out the hottest ever VIPPool party, girls! Put on your best bikini and enjoy the summertime as you cool off at the poolside in this pool party game forgirls. Have a crazy fun time with cocktails, fancy drinks, hot,glamorous guests, manicures, cute waiters and much more at theluxurious pool party! Its time to splish splash and spoil yourguests and friends as they make it through the waiting list whileyou RSVP your pool party invitees!
Top Jewel Design Girl's Shop 1.1
It’s time to visit the best jewelry shop inthe city! You can design Jewelry as you like with so many differentand awesome options!You can also try the jewelry before purchasing. Be the part of thebeautiful shop!Design these beautiful gems to create your own styleTiaras, crowns, earrings, necklace and so much more!Pay your bill at the counter and purchase expensive jewelry incheap prices.Use machinery to make awesome jewels and gems. Clean them and shinethem to attract your friends.Product Features:-Design and Personalize your own unique Jewelry-Choose from tiaras, necklaces & earrings to decorate and blingup-Use machine to shape the glamorous queenly tiara-Customize your own unique rings - shape, color and shine all up toyou-Makeup ready with your designed gorgeous jewels-Take a picture of yourself wearing your creations-Don't forget to pay the bill before you leaving the mall-Wrapped the free gift in the counter and take it home
Kids Teacher's Classroom Job 1.3
Ssshhhh The teacher is here. Let the fun andlearning begin. This is no ordinary school or classroom, here welearn and have fun at the same time.Start the day of with the best school clothes you have. Dress upthe teacher in some awesome skirts and dress up all the kids inthat fab school uniform.But wait the classroom is all dirty and is a mess. Who will cleanthis mess up? The whole students have to come together and makethis awesome effort to make the classroom presentable for theteacher.Be a fun teacher and meet your new students. Rate them on how theylearn and dress in the class room.Design the classroom in the best possible way ever so kids learnfrom your artistic side. After the cleanup and dress up, it’s timeto focus on the kids learning. Help them in matching games anddifficult puzzles. Make them learn different musicinstruments.Make colorful notes for children so they have a wonderfulexperience. Style all the kids and get them ready for selfies anddifferent class photographs. After all the fun you can use theprops in the classroom which are awesome for learning. Use stufftoys and class pets, cute bunnies much more!!Make a school band and take part in contest where you can rock theconcerts and show your music skills to the crowd.There is also a paint competition in the class room. Draw somethingcreative and win the class prize and make your parents proud.After all the painting and enjoyment it’s time to eat and have agreat meal in the school cafeteria!!. Make awesome friends thereand show what you like to eat!!
Tooth Fairy Sweet Princess 1.3
The Tooth fairy princess wants your tooth soshe can give you gifts instead, but for the first time you canselect your very own fairy princess and give her a makeover thatyou want. Play this amazing fairy tale games for kids!!The daily life of this fairy princesses are full of fun andadventure. You can help the fairy princess in this la la land, hereyou can find the tooth fairy at her house, she is so tired and willneed someone to prepare her for a new wonderful day, her hair looksmessy and dirty, so play an awesome mini game where you'll fix herhair with a brush, than use it to style her hair, wash her teeth,prepare her something delicious to eat and get her all dressed upand ready to go!The next adventure in the la la land is the gift that you can makefor kids. You will have to make awesome and cute gifts for kids inexchange for their teeth. Combine different combos to makesomething new every time. After making the gift you can wrap itwith the most cute and beautiful wrapping papers. Cut them andselect cute colors to surprise your kids.After some time you have to be a good tooth fairy and go todifferent houses, where you have to find good children, and giftthem with beautiful gifts in exchange for their teeth. See who hasput their teeth under the pillow and replace it with gifts. Prettysimple isn't it?Magic wands, toys, fairy princess tiara, special gifts andaccessories, awaits for you here! Hilarious animations, roleplaying games, sound effects and there are also lots of funeducational activities that you can take apart of!Features:- Simple and fun to play- Beautiful stories and role playing games- Catchy music, Awesome Graphics and lots of animations toenjoy- Fun and various educational activitiesBe the best fairy princess and help children with their teeth andgive them gifts.
Pet Vet City Doctor Clinic 1.1
How about playing some pet vet doctor puppyandkitty games? Begin a crazy pet vet adventure with careactivitiesand fun-filled games! Rescue adorable puppies, treatinjured dogs,give them healthy natural herbs plan and so muchmore!All the cute baby pets are ill and you can be theirprofessionalskilled pet doctor to help the furry cute animals.Discover yourpuppy and kitty's secret life!Play with professional medical instruments x-rays, stethoscope,ECG,tweezers and much more.* Treat injured puppies and kitties.* Clean up messy pets & paws.* Give your pets Bathe like so bubbly.* Dress up your in most adorable outfits and royalfashionitems.Hurry UP! Download now be the pet doctor like you dream for.
Kids Emergency Rescue Guide 1.1
It’s a Kids Rescue emergency game! A fire hasbroken out and many people and kids are injured. Can YOU help thembreathe properly and save them from the hot fire? Overcome TONS ofrubble through the way and challenge yourself with differentmedical equipment. Play awesome levels as you make your way throughthe Big City! Make your own character, fix the broken houses, helpother kids and be on a successful rescue mission!Rescue Mission!Your favorite characters from the city are back with an all newawesome adventure in the Big City! Join this group of young andbrave kids on their mission to rescue people who are in trouble!Use different medical equipment, avoid unexpected road blocks andmeet new kids, adults and people you save. Are you ready for themost breath-taking adventure ever?!Features:> Treat brave kids with the X-Ray machine, surgery andmore!> Style your kids - choose from loads of rescue shoes andclothes!> Decorate the brave kids as you like!> Prepare the Fire Truck!> Play awesome mini games like Tapping the birds and Matchgames!> Unlock different tools and so many awesome levels!> Take Selfies with people and kids you save!
Crazy School Kids Doctor's Mania! 1.3
Kids have a problem with tummies, legs, armsand skin. Become a crazy doctor and help patients to cure all typesof injuries and perform tummy surgeries. These surgeries can cure alot of illnesses that have caused a lot of pain for the kids.Each illness gives you different results and different mini games.Give therapy and different foods to your patients so they can becured.Make your own food, make burgers that are hygiene and give yourhealth a boost. Try eating clean and natural. Save yourself fromthese illnessesTummy allergy: Play a mini game, find a way in the tummy.Build your own burger: choose from ingredients and make a yummyburger.Surgery: Perform surgeries on kids to cure themHelp children with their skin allergiesFeatures:• Become the best doctor in the town• Perform surgeries• Use different medical tools• Play different mini games
Science Lab Star! Experiment Tricks 1.0
Time to do some awesome scienceexperimentswhere kids will learn different experiments and havelots of fun.Try making an electric motor car, other awesome gadgetsand an ovenwith pizza box at home. Try with this latest educationalgamescience tricks & experiments in Science College & youwillget full of interest in science experiments with lots of fun.Learninteresting science facts from experiments with differentmaterialsthat react in such a surprising way. You will also findlots ofscience activities that can be done using simple materialsfound inyour home.Features:- You will learn a lot by doing the science experiments- Perform different experiments that have never beendonebefore- Use different accessories to learn and performscienceexperiments- Do step by step procedures and make sure you conduct aproperscience experiment- Get good grades in your science experiments and impresstheteacher