Info Vehicle-Find Address(RTO) 3.1.12
Find NAME, ADDRESS and every other detail ofthe vehicle and its owner , just by entering its NUMBER PLATEdetails. (INDIA)NOTE : Only the states mentioned in the description areavailable in the app so do not post negative comments and do notrate the app less as it gives a wrong impression to other users whocan benefit from the appInfo vehicle facilitate every user with the details of all thevehicles registered with the State's Regional Transport Office (RTO INDIA ).So that the public has complete access to the information of anyvehicle and its owner.Certain aspects how InfoVehicle can help :● Hit and run cases.● Getting address of a person who has met an accident.● People in the business of resale of vehicles can be sure of thedocuments and ownership.● People buying second hand vehicles can know who was the originalowner.● Girls can find details about the eve teasers.● tax details, insurance detail with RTO● Second hand vehicle buyers can confirm whether the ownership istransferred to their name.● The users can see every bit of detail of their own vehicletoo.And all other situations where knowing the vehicle rto detailscould be crucial, info vehicle helps you in it.Doing our bit in making India a safer, peaceful, transparent andhappier place.Info Vehicle covers MP RTO (Madhya Pradesh RTO) , CG RTO(Chhattisgarh RTO) , AP RTO (Andhra Pradesh RTO),DELHIRTO,JHARKHAND RTO, HARYANA RTO, HIMACHAL RTO (HIMACHAL PRADESHRTO), MEGHALAYA RTO, TRIPURA RTO, CHANDIGARH RTO, KARNATAKA RTO,ODISHA RTO, RAJASTHAN RTO, TELANGANA RTO, TRIPURA RTO and BANGALORERTO as of now,trying to add other states soon.its India's vehiclesearch.Info vehicle will help you to search vehicle registrationdetails, Vehicle Number Plate details, name of the owner ,fathersname, address, purchase date, type of vehicle, color of thevehicle, brand name, fuel type, registration authority, year ofmanufacture, class of vehicle, fitness, tax, insurance, RTORegistration details etcOfficial links :facebook - - - [email protected]